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A taste of bad medicine from police brutality to sex abuse in the church. Where is the true accountability to ever get  justice?  What does it matter if  the nation saw it all? Isn’t it amazing when we see the wrong and its never corrected. I warn even in ministry the practice of looking the other way. Who is better?  Everyone likes to blame but very little step up and say its wrong? How can you be the same knowing that your loved one died at the hands of power  tripping police… or sexually abused by perverted priests?

Open up your eyes… This country talks and protest moral decay but so many still gravitate to more show than tell! th (19)

What can anger a person more knowing that they have abused, maimed, killed one of your loved ones and they are “allowed” to draw pensions and run free to hurt another? This fuels me on a daily to watch the people who have hurt you stay in positions or to watch justice fails us again!

I remind people think about every time you have to relive the person or people who have hurt someone you love walk free? What temptation to become bitter or full of rage?th (28)

The gnawing when you look at someone who is lying and the others stand in agreement as sign of solidarity and you or a  loved one is violated or dead?

I know what is more than a challenge when the truth is present, the evidence is still there and so are the cameras! And justice still isn’t being served. Foolishly people stay in denial but what about those who lived the nightmare? Sadly, our country is perpetrating it like so many others it stand for what it chooses to stand and ignore what it choose to ignore!th (30)



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There is nothing like braggart saying…they have a great job but never works! Yet, many say they go to work everyday and get free pay checks. I have never seen so many “lazy” folks in my life. And get quite angry when they are called out about not working. I believe in speaking with people who take their jobs seriously. I don’t feel sorry for people who spend years getting paid for a job they fail to do. I do understand when local and state government have to halt spending.

How many get “welfare checks” without going into a state agency? They parlay doing absolutely nothing all day as if laziness is that of the norm! They are last to get to work and the first to leave on time!

We really need to get our obligations together. People suffer as it is and then there is the mind of game of being depending on others to serve you and got a darn attitude about it! God forbid if they service the public serving and angry and still got a job!

Unfortunately, I do understand some state cuts because of all the frivolous time and spending Illinois has catered to for years! City workers are no different the waste of time and money but get paid anyway! When will our people take responsibility for years of abuse state, city and counties!  More and more some people have loyalty to their jobs not because they do them but it makes them lazier!  

I almost frightened even in the medical profession the bad attitudes when they have to work for real… As if your presence annoys them! We can established some good budget strategies  if we just get rid of all the lazy workers and slackers! The ones that wont miss a day of work because they aren’t working anyway and its the best gig in town.

We need to really assess what we call gainfully employed! Leaving out there doesn’t necessarily means that they are welfare recipients of another kind!

It’s time we reevaluate our priorities in the nation and in our cities. Times are getting more difficult and who is honestly paying for services we don’t get anyway! 



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Disowned means to be forcibly denounced.The impact of being disowned is more prevalent today than talked about. Don’t get this twisted people can disown  you with posterior of not saying or doing a thing.

Many have the emotional scars of being rejected and abused because of no fault of their own  . Whether its’ your family, school, society and even religious communities. Being “different” comes with a price. Being abandoned  and rejected among our “own” is more common than one would like to believe! The conflict is sometimes hidden and not so much on the surface. 

It’s when the gathering starts. There “collectively”  is an atmosphere purposely set to keep you or force you out! Unless you are familiar with being the outsider or what one might call the “black sheep”. It might not be that obvious to the naked eye!  

And because of the Joseph syndrome ( Genesis Chapter 37)the odd ball knows when they are not WELCOMED. Others ignore how bad it really is so they remain quiet and make excuses! Instead of intervening  against the behavior

The issues that comes along when one is disowned is a harsh reality about the heart of  people. From own experiences with many arenas when you aren’t accepted. The fight against jealousy, prejudices or just sheer cruelty of just not being liked. The fight to keep you out is real. And there is always a witness to do the right thing by the “oddball” and then you see for yourself that they rather not get involved… this is when anger and bitterness can set in. But you must move beyond when others wont stand by you or protect you… It’s at this point you have to decide to be healed and shake the dust from “UNDER” your feet and move on!

 I had to turn what others wanted to be negative into something positive. No one can deny the fight to keep your head above water when dealing with the negative impact of others.

So many I have already witnessed that are so messed up  and the issues are never dealt with so their “evil” is passed along! They can only relate to those who are just as harsh as they are! They never heal because the pain has become their callous.

 Some people that attend church are there waiting for that supernatural experience with God only to be met with more opposition and rejection. And the most horrific experiences that come from any church is dealing with adequate people among staff or the clergy itself who lack the compassion and the interpersonal skills to deal with hurting people. Oh we can stop the fruitless staff members who many know are just trouble makers with titles and position.

Satan keeps them in place to keep God’s people from not growing  up spiritually mature. Spiritually mature isn’t by far a definition of church attendance, how many church events you attend, nor how many years of membership. Growing up spiritually mature means that not only do I follow God but I am a lover of truth!

NO one wants to talk about the “jacked up” people who have the nerve to be in ministry and injure Gods people beyond repair. Until they don’t want anything to do with a church.  I concur! 

How can one healed after years of a broken heart? Its easier said than done.   In the ideal world we can embraced being different or who someone is. We know that’s not true because prejudices and racism is more alive today than ever before. The empowered is healing after dealing with rejection and your able to stand to tell the story. People are  often led to believe the “cotton candy”…watered down version of just how cruel and dysfunctional people really are! There is this “script” that many live by although they will “Never” tell others how bad it really was growing up in dysfunctional families. 

Being more educated  and well to do doesn’t exempt how emotionally flawed so many are including yourself. This can be very painful and you must make conscious choices to embrace the right things. Rejection is just as powerful  healing instead of moving past the pain some tend to hide among those  who are just as messed up as you are! Sometimes after being “rejected” people have a tendency to latch on to more of the superficial, this can also include, the wrong people, places and things.

So that one don’t want to seem weak so they camouflage. Misery adores company. Instead of being confrontational about the hurt the wall is build with others who are just as mean-spirited and bitter! 

There are those who may some challenges mentally on a serious level but I’m speaking of another kind of imbalances that society deemed as normal.  People aren’t that accepting and the church has become even worse. 

As if this kind of instability is somehow rewarding! I think the real shocker comes in when you live to see how so many don’t deal with how bad it is.  Some  churches has become more about money and members than being the characteristics of Christ!  The calculated, coldness of not being caring or concern. Christ isn’t concerned with how many it the pew but what empowers them after sitting in them. We see more cattiness and pettiness.

We can’t pretend we care about what happens in the world when we can’t govern ill behaviors on our watches inside the church. Some see what happens and dare not rock the boat. The fear of losing members is always at the forefront of  a leaders mind. Who cares who gets hurt as long as it doesn’t interferes with their “selfish” agendas. Ignorantly not paying attention and maybe God is testing you to stand for what is right other than SELF.

god will hold everyone accountable that gets abused  anyplace especially inside the church. When I write this I have certain people in mind. When there is no true love of God people get hurt by people who have “NO BUSINESS” in ANY ministry! Looks are deceiving it’s their actions that God sees and will judge them for their harshness.    Being disowned especially when you are a truth teller is what is hindering prayers and progress in the church. More hate is spread than love!

How can we even begin to speak to the world about “injustices” and so many get beat up mentally or become another church statistic. What do I mean?  People see when people are honest about their walk with God it shows. Not that is shows up on Saturday or Sunday with their Sunday’s best attitude that last all of 30 minutes!  

 I come to encouraged those who have  been disowned in any capacity even if it’s your fault. Forgive them and forgive yourself but don’t  “allow” people to dictate you from reaching God’s best.  The painful truth about the people we love they don’t know how or care to love you back. I understand the  fight to stay focused is difficult!

People say  “I love to hard but rather be this way than love less.  Love will catapult you in so many ways and will be ‘honored” by God especially! When you have a heart to love and rise above all the bad experiences of being disowned God will put the right people and environment after training days among those who abused you!

It can be hard and painful and you might even cry with thought of being disowned or rejected. I promise God I warn get among people who embrace you even if they are not blood related. Often times strangers treat you best! Go among people who need love it will take you mind off of those who abused your love.  Ask God for a clean heart (Psalm 51) This cleanses you spiritually from the wounds that are now scars! Yet, even the most painful experiences God prepares the table in the presence of your enemies and then he ELEVATES YOU! 



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“ATTRACTIVE NUISANCES… the doctrine applies to the laws of torts in the United States that a landowner maybe held liable even if property that  have legal permits but draws you in with its attractiveness” .

Jimmy said… I don’t feel like myself, I feel like I can identify with the Lion… so let me act like the “King of Jungle”… I am so free-spirited I  know I can go among the animals and not be HARMED…Sorry Jimmy the jungle didn’t want him and ate him. This sounds so stupid that a man felt like he was called among the wild to be one of his own. Certain things this country goes for today is unbelievable to make certain people, groups satisfied! When I have seen “neglect” on many government levels that is simple off the meter!

I can’t believe how so many are so deceived with America’s  attractive nuisances. All the signs point to other upsets in the long haul. So it gets easier to shove the mess down the people’s’ throats!  Being politically correct is one thing but entirely ignorant is another. We don’t anyone telling us which “bathrooms” are correct for us. Take one look below it answer the question. I UNDERSTAND PHYSICAL MEDICAL  ISSUES THAT MIGHT REQUIRE HOW TO IDENTIFY…BUT THAT’S IT! Why should this be going any further?  And I know I am not being insensitive but I am a little taken with just how this country goes to support this or that cause… And wont embrace that we lack more freedom than we think. Systemic poverty and hunger lack of education, violence is out of control, 

So many people are dumbing down to society personal preferences and not doing the homework on the long-term effects when we give into what people want than what is needed.  Wat is really important now says its what one might identify with. Where are the boundaries?

I can’t believe our society spends so much time finding foolish  things to embrace.  I am NOT confused where I should be even if I identify myself on other issues then what?

Once we start this foolishness it continues! America has no boundaries and its a bottomless pit of what might turn up next. At some point we should be able to stand for something. Moral decay is limitless from White House to church house.

Today people have so many gripes and have become super sensitive on so many issues which some of this stuff is sheer common sense. When people can’t discern simple things and turn everything into a fight but will look the other way with lies that are told to satisfy the unquenchable flesh. It wants!  The subliminal mind game is that we are given a little bit a time for the test the palette  to see how much  will the people  received. The dosage of moral decay is slowly given until the people start to ignore the  confusion and the collateral damages. It’s then we look up to see what was easily open is now opening doors for other things to tank this country! 



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No one wants to say it but what we want to  hold in such high esteem is becoming more and more contaminated with evil than good! The church isn’t sacred it’s what you relationship with God that is sacred. Too many rules that many don’t follow themselves. Too much god complex among unhealthy spiritual leadership. God is turned off by it and so am I!

I am not turning people on to church but I am awakening many out of spiritual stupor thinking you are led by the real thing in a church. Too many excuses are being made about all this illicit behavior! God doesn’t condone such nonsense! 

I have seen Pastor wives and mistresses all in the same church! It’s not uncommon for brawls to breakout. That is why a Pastor that has whorish ways stay nervous or one the edge. He or she knows the atmospheres that they set in motion. Playing with anyone’s heart is becoming more and more dangerous! 

I saw them play the games by leading women on flirting undercover…  Being a Pastor doesn’t means he is less than human but church is abused in this fashion quite a bit! He or she knows that stakes are high when you get into ministry. If you don’t keep a strong level of discipline you will find yourselves in some pits!

The truth is coming out about so many who use ministry as a way of advancing themselves even sexually! I have seen the games they play which has been the upper hand for me because I am aware of the games in the name of God.  I can almost smell the foolishness in what a Pastor might believe will be his or her well-kept secrets! They are sexually pursued by the thirstiest it too is a cat and mouse game for them. Women know when they have someone who can be a conquest… Even if only for the chance to  expose them to say their nothing to them and that they are fakes!It’s  ironic how the same dog is being captured with the same games and it works!  The opportunity  to show others that how “Stupid”  they are!  Egos cloud better judgment. 

And when  the church get genuine and sincere leaders  in ministry they come to grips that the church isn’t into getting themselves aligned spiritually but they are there for the hook up whatever that might be!

That is why many stay in churches for years… not a history that is full of spiritual growth but a history of manure! A church and have thousands among thousands that attend and I can give a number that only a few or educated on the things of God and rest lies tradition. 

Thing  that they have to confront and that is spiritual corruption in the church house. I know the skinny on Pastors who love the women chasing them even if he or she a tired old shoe box… The desperation of the chase as if they are diseased in the mind some how!

This keeps his or her  evil  morales in high gear and it wont be long when he or she knows who lusts after them.  They are flattered, so the lead people in th wrong direction into believing they will. be the chosen one. I get tickled because they are married, single or somewhere in between. The sexual tryst is real…are often instigated by the pastors!   

Every time something come forth negatively about the church. I shake my head for these apparent reasons BUT much hasn’t change! The same nonsense continues and without too much push back from those who are on Boards and allow the behavior continue. Many have retired from ministry because of the lack of checks and balances! Moral decay is an understatement. When someone sheds light on torrid affairs that are wide open and people tend to ignore someone who claims to speak the oracles of God. Weight heavily when we want to call spiritual leadership. What has turned me off completely is the lack of accountability and the fake transparency.

Mistresses have the ammunition whether it’s the text messages, dirty pictures or the one-sided  love letters!  Even if feelings aren’t  reciprocated it is still what builds in their mind  that makes him or feel fine about themselves! Mistresses keep the world informed that the whole church thing still comes up janky whether we have good leaders or not…its all the bad apples that make us lose credibility!

What is supposed to be kept real is becoming more tainted and haunting.   What gives me divine anger is that so many are fakes in the pulpit and the people are easily led astray and then very good leaders have to deal with the aftermath once exposure of the church cover ups!  They stand flat-footed and say what the Lord has to say…and it’s no wonder why so many are coming forth and putting their business on front street!  Its’ embarrassing to say the least.

More people are coming forth about serial molesters who have been allowed to minister knowing that rape, and sexual assault are criminals and the church still remain silent.  And it always has to take that one to tell you where his mole is located and then the church becomes abusive because someone is exposing what they should have stood against! Of course, these are not  CHURCHES OF GOD… they are just churches.

Unfortunately I had to back up and reexamine my call to ministry and  fairly keep my distances especially with those who have no character or integrity.  All you have to do is see what surrounds that leader and you might have a snippet into their world. No man or  woman of God is isolating themselves with questionable things…It wont take long before you see his or her demons fully embodied! That’s why  I stand back and see the madness for myself, so that I can get a clear indication of where a ministry actually about. Sadly, more than ever …GOD IS USED IN THE GAMES!

You may not  know everyone’s spiritual resume’ but I better not find out  its tainted either! Spineless but sinful dominates many of the materialistic churches! If it takes the mistress to expose dirty Pastors… So be it.

I have a difficult time believing that so many so-called men and women of God are always aligned with devils. How can you preach against devils when you are one them? A lot of Pastors being murdered for outside extracurricular activities straight and gay!

That is why so many can’t handle when lies are exposed anything where light is exposing cockroaches they scatter to run only migrate in another hiding place. When  someone comes full throttle about a Pastor I am not shocked at the behavior but more and more embarrassed that we have sometimes once respectable leaders falling prey to the enemies traps!



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Have you ever wondered why some children were out of control and then you see their parents?  It explains it all. Many people have different parenting skills  but why so many children are buck wild when so-called structure is in place.  Children today are running parents and when it’s all said and done children respect people to keep them in order!  Whether we agree or disagree we have to be on the same page w hen it comes to nipping ill behavior before it goes too far! Bullying is terrible! 

Being politically correct people didn’t want to say some children are bad. But the reality is…some are bad seeds and history has shown that we can have a batch of children that were just born bad. Whatever you psychological take on parenting…A  Wisconsin town is kicking it up another notch…

Parents will be ticketed if their  child is bullying  by police for municipal code violations! First time offenders…$114.00  Subsequent  offenders…$177.00 each this includes cyber bullying as well!

I was proud because this let me know that Wisconsin is taking bullying seriously… And I want to be the first to applaud them!!!!



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What does it matter if one makes a statement about certain people and where they need to go. The Presidential race is dangerous on so many levels and the people who actually follow the nonsense have found ways to justify when one is  mentally unstable, see it and vote for it!

Illinois is ran so poorly and each day is fewer opportunities to do anything positive is becoming that much scarce!  What has been going on for years is not playing out in front of us!  

Illinois  political priorities have always been messed up and  mixed up. Unless you are in a certain category you might be considered salable. We are so focused on how to pay our bills and more or less how not to be shot going to pay them.

Yes, I have grown weary and discouraged with the community and government politics…. I saw what appeared to be commitment for change…Tank!  That’s why many have   fouled out on civil rights and many others movements… It has become so warped until we can’t trust even those who protest! One minute justice the next minute they are doing injustice!

My commitment for living the best life is still advocated even if I am not always visible. I learned that what you  visibly stand with can do more harm than good.  Today, good old common sense, and serious discernment is required. Too many wolves in sheep clothing!

DIRTY POLITICS…One minute they slam each other, pull out dirty laundry, then let you know they are liars…And then words of comfort when they beat them!  With all the political shenanigans you’d think by now we have more educated voting than emotional voting! I have heard enough and I am quite disappointed that how so many are not even focused on any major issues…just going at it AND THEN SAY WE ARE UNIFYING THIS COUNTRY!

How does mud slinging make one dignified? How can someone who disrespect differences can be viable leadership? Its getting scary for me… When people show you who they are and you still make excuses for them. Certain qualities I believe should be given when picking a decent candidate for Presidency and community leadership! I am amazed at how so many still choose things with fickle emotions! If they have some fancy slogan or give some stupid jargon against their opponents, or have certain alliances. I don’t give a rat behind who endorses who?  People have agendas and sometimes only “self” is in mind and no what is best for the people as a whole!

All because I like a person doesn’t necessarily means that they are leadership material. And oh boy have I seen, how easily people are suckered in by just sheer emotional highs on this! Dirty politicians know the meaning of “Gas lighting” situations! .

I had to teach myself listen to what people  are really standing for? I have had my share of disappointments when people say one thing and then you see what they are honestly about and surround themselves with.

Emotions will help you make a quick decisions with  devastating and lasting results. I let people  talk and become informed instead of fueled because I like this person! 

Lunacy, and bad attitudes is not on my list. A bully is definitely a no, a no…What is defined in this country and still reigning supreme! Voting with the main strategies… how  one feels instead of the real deal!



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No one wants to talk about human sexuality and the church and the part it plays with positions and who’s who.  People honestly  choose people based on what their common goals, interest or evils might be!  Some chooses the word mentor for what is just being an idol.  What mentoring-ship many offer is almost insulting to me. If you are not a female or isn’t clawing or sleeping her way to get what she wants.  Lets be real some women will sell themselves to get to the top for worldly success!

Its my mission to talk about things that we ignore because of what many think should be kept private although it plays out in public! Having large breasts and puffed up bottom  is capital now days! 

I am a woman who is well dressed when I have to show up! My sexiness shouldn’t matter but at home with my husband.When I have to sell myself to other men to win what is that really called? When my dress is too short I should have some idea what damage it can do ? If my girls are pushed up to ceiling I better be breastfeeding. Women are still not respected and when women market themselves to get promoted? Do you have to wonder why we are still deemed upon as objects! This is TRUTH!

I know what works for ME!  I am not trying to look like anyone else but ME. However, I still keep myself together although I am with a ponytail and workout clothing  at home!

Females are taught to put on their best masks, push bra, tight thongs  to camouflage what is really hidden!  Society prefers liars to get what they want and sleep their way to maximum. They will be whatever you want them to be and the real person shows and then here comes the problems!

At this point is when you question “how in God’s name this person gain worldly success if they open up their mouths it’s not that hard to figure out.  Gyrating my private parts is then used to what advantage. I wont be known as a Lady but more or less the word TRAMP… Will viciously come out of the mouths of those  who want the same thing!

Who cares if she can sing? Sell me sex!    Some have no idea what they are doing but you wonder why certain women made it and others struggle?   Who cares if a woman if smart enough, in his century the more whorish a woman reflects she is ONLY …given temporary choices! It wont be long before someone can shake a little harder and push up their breasts a little higher!

What surprise can I give anyone when I know what makes me comfortable at being myself? The startling most men can’t handle if you are to straight up…it crushes their egos!  All that faking to climb is dangerous. What happens when the next attractive person comes along? The next proposition will come! 

Many would like to believe that when women criticize each other women it’s normally  out of jealousy,  and they can’t be that attractive. I know from my personal experiences that the cattiness of most women is when they are vying for attention  and or positions. They can be quite spiteful to make sure they are looked at. And I believe that’s a crying shame. Women who can’t be secure with themselves because they are not picked like modern-day slaves. Typically it comes down to what a man likes and if he does likes her comes the “claws”…    My experiences with this nonsense is  nonstop, I have never in my life seen so much immaturity and ignorance among women married and single! Something about a confident female that drives them nuts! 

I was told by other women when a woman is fairly attractive, she normally can’t cook, get educated on her back…All she has to do is blink her eyes and push up her bra.  This kind of nonsense fuels me.  What I learned on a real… When you can be yourself women get little angry. I just talked about when others think that calling me “Grandma” takes something away from me…but it doesn’t! I am secure in who I am and that can be quite intimidated for women who can’t hold their own.  

I haven’t sold myself for opportunities. The reward is great because my conscience is clear. Of course, opportunists don’t care about missing sleep to get what they want. And that’s who looks like “great grandma” at 40 years of age!  Ugliness comes back ferociously among vipers.

And because  I am not desperate for attention, or trying make propositions with body. I know it all starts in the mindset!  I

One of the   ABC Shark hosts of the television show ” Shark Tank”…BARBARA  CORCORAN made a statement about how women  can make it in business.  Basically saying we should use our “sexuality” for business advancement.

She said  we should wear bright colors and yank  our skirts a little… and some other “goofy” stuff. If she made it successfully with money by raising up the stakes a little I have to ask…How much is what you know or what you have done to have worldly success?   You’d be surprise how so many still feel this way.

Pimp my ride out even if she is my wife”…  I don’t understand how one minute we want our children to learn respectability and we see how morally bankrupt so many people are! I am what flatters me…in with good taste. 

 I said Oh My God…As if this can’t get any worse! Of course they put on her blast! Society influences our young too much in a negative way. Selfishness is the way to go.  Superficial is now viewed as entitlement!

When I hear women my age that speak with such foolishness. I don’t get it …one minute society wants their daughter to marry respectable men.  The next minute we are giving off the wrong messages squandering over men who we want to choose us. Women give them that power…Instead of walking in the true power! The power of knowing how to be yourself and still make it! No wonder young girls are performing oral sex as a way of being the most popular. It sounds ridiculous  when you hear what spew out of our young…it will offend any true parent terribly! That you daughter is taught that the only way she is considered valuable is with her sexuality.

 It’s no different in church…this kind of messiness disturbs me. Our girls are greatly validated with strong FATHERS…Not Fathers that run! Life was hard when you made the children yet, we find excuses for just about anything we fail to be accountable at.  There is such a double standard in our westernized customs. Unity in spirit is always broken when everyone forgets the role they play! Women believe that prettiest women get all the opportunities…I am here to tell you when you stand up for what is correct the wait for us is tougher, harder and sometimes longer!



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The cowards  tell  themselves…  I am loved and respected until they are a normally FORCED… through humiliation… and this gives them the courage to remove what blinds him or her… All of their  so-called “friends can be devils. They live a life of seeking approval. So they seek safety to hide even if it’s the midst of evil.

Its been wrong for a long time but the thought to stand up  is often ‘shifted power”  because they can’t do it themselves. Fear and  anxiety wont allow them to make a move nor confront!.  They can only be tough in crowds who what he or she believes can protect them. They can’t  often spot truth because   being mistreated is  often apart of their version of their  loyalty program! 

You want  to appear bigger than you really are but there is just one problem… the disease to please and what if they hate me disease! They want to be the LIKED parent, they fail to correct bad behavior because they rather  to be favored. They walk the lines of doing what the people want to get reinforcement even if they aren’t respected . They lose focus on what is correct because the thought of being left out takes them there mentally!  Some people miss out on the best in their lives seeking comfort of others than what is best for them! And will only surround themselves with people who they “think” LIKE them. They are often duped because they can no longer see what has “SPELL” over them! They give in too abuses even with  those who know they don’t have the strength to stand and fight back! 

 The fear of rejection is real and the culprit why so many can’t move forward or throw away safety blankets. I want to be LIKED so they live fruitless lives knowing they are missing out but they have keep their LIKES…But here is where it’s wrong and stay wrong. So man live lies because they don’t want people to know how afraid that they are…So they surround themselves with nothing that will reflect on how bad it is! So he or she  mirrors what they know instead of what the reality and the truth is! They know that their true connections has nothing to do with you  but what you do for them!

If I stand against them… and tell the truth…I might not have this or that! There stomach gets very nervous because they have no idea not stand alone so they gravitate to toxic people, places,  opportunities and things. Thinking they are actually moving forward going backwards”.

They talk tough until they are confronted with DO SOMETHING…THEY MAKE EXCUSES AND ALL SPINE IS GONE.

So one goes along to get along.  They see abuses of every kind although saying  that they are about  unifying they hide because they don’t want  anyone to know just how scared they really.  They stick with the crowds because it appears to be safer. What will they think? I have to find a side and stay there even if its wrong. ey make decisions based on what will it look like instead of what is right! They have to have a sense of belonging. This is who gangs are actually born. Stuck and miserable but they can’t make a move because fear of being rejected so they hold on the always DEAD THINGS!

I have heard it all and experienced too much. Over in this corner could be the liars of all liars and why would a man or woman of God be standing near it let alone justifying it?  They lock arms and pray for this or that.but look the other way when one is caught in uncompromising positions and justifying with biblical quotes! And then who they really are ….comes hissing!

What just happened? Blessing and curses are flowing from the same lips? People are getting more uncomfortable about telling the truth…not as they know but what it actually is. So many have sold themselves out for chicken change and other compromising agendas. Just say what? Our history has been bound with fraudulent people until someone’s exposes the truth. They will the tradition of lies! It doesn’t matter if he beat his wife, it doesn’t matter if the persona is serial child molester. They will stand with the majority just to say they are apart of a movement of any kind just don’t call them cowards.

And they look the people in the eye and  bargain with ignorance. What solidarity are we showing that we can’t stand on our own and being attached to hip with corruption and compromise! When religion, or relationships have that much power over you that you can’t make sound decisions without the thought of not being liked…Sorry, you are already at a loss!

 People who have the disease to please coward  down under pressure.  What if …is how they live! Running a race always looking to see whose looking at them and will they approve who they are running with. Many have  missed out on great things God has planned for them,  being in bondage to people .  What reputations do you really have is what you need to ask? People can be in denial for years about why the do what the do. It’s obvious to others what many  cowards have fail to see…that they can’t  stand up without a human prop …for anything, so they fall of anything!