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I love me some “Andy Griffith” and his side kick the almighty and all knowing stupid Deputy Barney Fife. I do lot of articles one this mentality because we have people who have this “shot gun” mentality” in the physical as well as  in the spirit! It was always Sheriff Taylor that would have to clean up Mr. Fife’s mishaps and his screw ups. And furthermore, the silly man thought he was all that…Even after he has created totally havoc on MayBerry with his simpleness! Yet here is my point… ” Mr. Barney was “allowed”  one “BULLET” because of his over zealousness to practice “his” way of enforcing the law. I believe Mr. Barney was just like George Zimmerman and Micheal Dunn…who seem to  get carried away all because they carry a gun.

But the  irony of it all… They stay on their jobs,their sins are justified and are allowed more than one bullet to keep their guns!  Wow what an insult! Hatred is real mother for ya! Hatred will fuel your insecurities and further anxieties. That is truly what racism is.

Who can downplay Florida’s Antics….playing Sheriff Taylor? It is what it is…A total “screw up” ! You can’t clean up”Stand Your Ground” with the blood of our people. Each and almost every time with senseless acts of violating others there is a price to pay!

People continue go along with this very soft approach by the government and state about murder by race and standing with your gun!

There should be great care and concern by the masses of the latest atrocities in Florida alone. Florida is not Mayberry but May Vary. The laws only work for those it in favors and its certainly not for the Afro Americans!

 I have heard many say that when they “retire” they would like to reside in Florida. But in these last and evil days I have to ask what race will you be since their seems to be “open season” on Afro Americans in this state on a serious note! I have to ask why are Afro American treated so unfairly in this particular state. Doesn’t matter what area or aspect there is. If you have any kind of consciousness we must begin to question Florida’s method of operandi . Why aren’t we asking question and disrupting Florida’s business as usual  with inquiries especially “Standing your ground”?  Standing your ground is based on perception and never precision.  That is why when guns are in the wrong hands we continue to come up with dead Afro American teenagers.

ImageTRAYVON MARTIN can’t be forgotten no more than this country is and has set the progress of violence to seize this nation physically, economically, and spiritually.  Why money? Violence keeps a lot of wallets fat.  Obesity  in the violence industry … Violence is a spirit that has its corporate identification and tax number. Don’t you dare think that many things don’t contribute to violence. Violence is breastfed in ignorance… and the vitamin supplements of  evil into this craziness… Is ignoring that is travesty to each and everyone of us.

 And violence is expensive people no matter what race you are. Did s should given the  folks who likes to murder when something dreadfully disagree with their lives like “playing loud music”.  In other words if any individual has a bad day where guns are allowed to stand ground… it might be your son or daughter next lying in his or her pool of blood. Lets be honest the mentality of racist is “catch a N….. by the toe”.  But today its “puts some lead in his head”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Yet another Afro American is murdered JORDAN DAVIS, because folks seems to stand their ground when its a person of color.” Why are we not outraged yet again on the foolishness and the excuses why one is standing their grounds especially on Afro Americans? Image  Something is terribly wrong in Florida. What internal investigations are being done or given when we continue to see murder by race? Lets not stop here. I continue to see this country in a comatose state with this cupcake rebuttals. This is serious!

Racism is alive and well.. whether folks want to embrace it or not. The state of Florida is “jacked up” and we know it! Business as usual will continue with Florida until their a uprising of  challenging this law of perception… If if operated seriously on precision then would d only law enforcement would be allow to carry guns. And even then we must stay watchful because of the continual brutality of “those protecting and serving”.  No one is calling Florida’s on its license to”kill” murder card!