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What an extraordinary human being! On last Friday, evening Pastor Pfleger had invited history to St. Sabina of Chicago for his Afro-American Speaking Series!

Dr. Bernard Lafayette, laid out history on himself, his purpose and the Civil Rights Movement. He shared his heroic but challenging  experiences and his faith  responses to hard displays of life with sheer love and non violence rebuttals!

I was deeply moved at his sheer honesty, practical teaching and methods of being a non violent society. He was no doubt one of the best speakers I have heard at St. Sabina with accountability and transparency. 

I was more enthralled at is gifted ability to captivate your attention! Although, I prayed for numbers but when I realized that he understood “perception”. I was good! There was no way you left unchanged with all he has stood for. Also explained the purpose of being trained… and knowing what “devils” you would face!

He has book that I wish that we could all read together. IN PEACE AND FREEDOM.. MY JOURNEY IN SELMA.

Our sincere thanks to someone who is practicing what he preaches… He  demonstrates character and integrity in the “True Movement” of Godly wisdom, practicality, common sense and Love!