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th (2)On Sunday afternoon, at St. Sabina Church in Chicago. Dr. Cornel West grace us with his presence. Who do you honestly know on this planet that is so well versed in intellect, spirituality, and don’t forget his ecliptic funk style  in nature! What areas  he cannot cover I have yet, fail to see.

I consider Dr. West our annual travel member. When he returns to St. Sabina he  comes home every year at this time. He expressed as usual his distaste for the lies told in government and even in at own back door! He isn’t intimidated by haters but insist we must “sound the clarion alarm” on ignorance that is fed to the people! He sets the tone to let you know who he is  particularly  concerned about.He also dispel any lies regarding why the American government does what it does and feed it to the masses!

To hear Dr. West is an experience by itself nothing can come any closer than the truth the way he expresses it!  How many more like him left?That question still remains left unanswered.  He expressed deep concerns about “PASSING THE BATON”…To our next generation for Social Justice and the Civil Rights Mantle. Who will tell the truth without selling out. He didn’t limit himself at exposing  some of the elite who doesn’t care about the least of these. And expressed his outraged at why many of the criminals of Walk Street still walk among us without serving their debt to society for the criminal acts of and greed!

Like all ‘Generals’ who begin to discern that his time is limited on so many spectrum’s. Its time we step our game up…and prepare the next generation to fight even harder because many of our people dropped the ball. Through financial gain, power and popularity… He knew many have sold us out and hide around titles , power and persuasion!

Dr. West delivers his best each time I am in his presence whether it’s at St. Sabina or any University! What can I say …A Government Prophet has delivered once again! We love you and respect you Dr. West  “thanks “ for a job well done!