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Here we go again… the lies in ministry and what many fail to confront! I honestly understand why people can’t stand the “church”. I honestly understand when they think all preachers are ” jacked up and janky”…

Who really have the monopoly on God? To be straight up about the matter? No one does! We have an advocate with the Father… and it starts and ends right there. Yes, I do understand why people run away from the “Jesus Freaks” or this “God stuff”. When our own can’t be transformed how in God’s name can anyone take us seriously!

I grew up in the church house… so I know what protocol is and I know about the “ostrich syndrome”.  No one is exempt from judgment of God …Good or bad. Okay… Who needs a another sermon in writing?… And I don’t care who shares my beliefs or  NOT…God is Real!

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with the masses the “world” has already gotten a glimpse of the fake glory in the church arena.When people who “claim” they know God can’t get their act together. I am bold enough and proud enough of the God that I serve.

My assignment in this life is not to convince anyone that my God is worth serving, it is  my “witness” is to be of a certain standard …Those who believe will believe and those who don’t will experience a consequence sooner or later. People will never be perfect and I am not making “any” excuses for what we see and experience today! 

Unfortunately the “love of God” isn’t taught or shown in the church. Many might say…You don’t come off that religious to me… I want to “thank you” for the compliment. I am not in a religion but a relationship with God.  I can’t fool myself with no level of accountability.  People in general get caught up in titles… and sucked down the microwave agendas without the full wisdom of God! 

Sadly, I am not even offended if you do not call me a Christian. Because being a “Christian” today really holds no weight of  truth! Anyone can be a Christian and there is no evidence that they even believe in God.  The gospel is so candied down… and it doesn’t necessarily have to be always hell fire and damnation. I advocate a personal relationship with Christ… Look around who can we trust in the Name of God?  We have so many say that they represent the God with poor attitudes and self-control. Willie can’t stay in his pants… and Matilda can’t keep her legs closed. Sleeping around in church is a “huge problem”.  And lets not mention how many Priests have raped children!

 Everything seems like it attached itself to God … without even studying who God really is. We must be honest with  when we share our faith with others. The bible “rebukes” and corrects… and this is something “mainstream” America hates!  The bible isn’t this Cecil B. Demille moments of story telling!

We must tell the truth even about our own personal struggles with God and in this life. To live my life as a Christian was to show others that God is the real transformer. Some people fake even loving God and it shows! God doesn’t advocate dishonesty of any kind. What we stand for is never to be always explained but experienced!

This country was founded with God in the center yet, everything is going  down butt backwards and do you have wonder what happened to moral standards?

I make  no qualms about being Christ like…I have a problem with those who pretend to know Christ and show anything but…Christ!  A liar is a liar pulpit or no pulpit. We have too many shenanigans in the Name of God… We have many call themselves “Reverend” and I have no idea why? We are to clean up our “own” back yards” first. 

We are to deal with inhuman acts of man and show him or her another way … The  heart is deceptive above “ALL” WHO CAN KNOW IT?…The Prophet Jeremiah…Experienced something and I believe he saw many awful things about man. I am not one to push how “perfect” any of us are. One above the other. I am making a big deal about… its time to stop pretending! Everything looks a little dark and ugly even in the church. So many have become contaminates in our field just like anything else. I speak about infidelity, and the messy church goers, not as a means of demeaning the church but a poignant state of truth that we must get our spiritual houses to together and harboring lies in ministry! We have too many leaders who lie and say God has sent them everywhere to clean up the whole universe. While his or her family suffers! Which in fact is the oldest trick by “old slew foot”… Keep the family divided and or destroyed by lying on God!

I truly believe you have people who want to be transformed and then you have those who pretend to know God but are undercover skeptics…  Lastly you have your “skeptics and critics” who want to tell you what God is and what he isn’t that have absolutely no relationship with God.

You might add…I have my “own” relationship with God. My challenge to anyone  will be … Are you really walking in the statues of God?  Are  you walking in the true love of God? And are you mirroring truly what God wants us all to be?

I found out quickly that you want to find good liars… go to church…You want to find most deviants go to church… You want to find the “biggest whores” go to church. Why the church? Well it is supposed to be the initial step to neutralizing the flesh. So, here is the ignorance about the church. It is supposed to be a place to help the soul. So you find just about anything in the church. That is the truth and nothing but…

 I didn’t say “salvation”… Church was designed  be that filling station to get you prepared for the journey of walking with God. I know that many have got pass the church going experience. Meaning… You go out of tradition only. It’s apart of your schedule to do things for the week. There is never much thought in the God thing until you have a Damascus Road experience. All of us grew up with some kind of dysfunction… And if you remotely” believe that your family had it all together… I already know your dysfunction… And that’s Denial!  

I was raised among the wolves being a sheep.  Evil folks will school you! You had to be careful and there were those who watched out for the sheep… But not if , you are mere hireling. I think we are disservice to God when we tell lies to cover up the mess we encounter in a church.

Church is place that you should come as you are… but not stay as you are! What gets me is when I see more lies than truth! … Then “religious people ” got the nerve to defend  jerks and advocate lies! That’s not my calling nor my commission… I am to tell the truth and to grow up. There are no big “I’s” and little “you’s” in the Body of Christ. Everyone seems to break their own rules and follow their own laws… I say …

Shut up already!  We cannot begin to tell people to get it together when the church is falling apart! The truth is that we have too many reprobates pretending to love God to begin with. Some of the most hateful people are in ministry which is already a turn off.. and we got the special group that distort even sin in the book to adhere and secure their agendas. These people are never rebuked… but left to God to handle…But in the meantime… we ignore what needs to be pruned… out of the church. It fester into  spiritual cancers…

I warn ministers all the time to “GO HOME”… The Bishop Timothy warns that your ministry starts at home. The lies of every minister on this planet that say…God said neglect your family… abuse your spouse… it’s okay to have two side pieces and a slice of toast on the side… If we don’t stop this nonchalant behavior… God is going to hold the bench warmers just as responsible. I don’t go along… That is why I am not that welcomed among the “Liars Club” nor …

I don’t have to tear you down to be built up! We can’t be agents of change until we first get rid of the Spirit of lying and denying!

For all of you who love the story of King David… Let me go  here… King David had a lot of issues even before becoming King!

For one he had some deviant “lusty” behavior which left him with a venereal disease,(Psalm 38:3-8) he was the first peeping Tom…And there are a few stories about his character that ministers love to brag on… But lets not forget the “Good part”… of his true dysfunction.

His Son Amnon, raped his sister… His other son Absalom wanted to murder him(Psalm 13)… He had an affair with someone else’s wife that produced a  child  that died…King David murdered to get what he wanted… Keep it Real… I don’t need all that …To come to this conclusion! We must address that we have issues and tell the truth about it. I don’t care how famous or how popular. They were human beings that love getting in their flesh.  I do not advocate anyone’s sinful nature including my own!