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On yesterday, I attended the funeral for Chicago Police David Harris… I didn’t know  Mr. Harris personally. I was acquainted with him  only through some of the Chicago Community marches  or  other Chicago events! He and I would periodically acknowledge we are there!

He would always find me to make the community marches a good physical workout! We wanted to sweat!

And you have to ask how would someone like Mr. Harris be that impactful in your life? Reasons being, … I sincerely believed people loved him because he was “genuine”  had a very attractive attitude, quite professional and polite!

 The Police Departments all around this country doesn’t always get good press. I wanted to do something for my ” marching work out buddy”.  And yes, he believed in staying physically fit! The oddest thing was that whenever he was on duty to monitor the marches… He found me to get moving with!

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Sadly my  heart was broken what tragically had taken his life so soon.  I wanted to support his wife and adorable  sons by showing them that he was important to all of us knew him for his service as  a Chicago Police but I was so elated that everything that I believed about him was confirmed even by his colleagues, loved one and including his Pastor.  



I enjoyed Dr. Bill Winston and my spirit lifted, who delivered such a simple, powerful word for all of us who grieved but also celebrated his life. Dr. Winston did a wise thing he asked that we cover the Police in our prayers off duty as well. I respected Dr. Winston wisdom to ask that we make sure our spiritual houses are in order. He offered Christ!

 It was at home going service for sure! Although I had to travel a great deal and wasn’t feeling my best… I had to press my way to celebrate  my marching buddy! As much as I wanted to grieve I prayed quietly for his wife and sons. 

I also asked that you keep his family, friends and loved one in your prayers because he was truly one of the “Good Guys”!  When I heard everyone who felt the same way about him and how he wanted us to be physically fit… We all laughed because that was apart of who he was. He belong to a wonderful place of worship…and good ground! I am going to miss Officer Harris because he brought life… Again, I express my prayers and condolences also to Chicago finest! Thanks for getting it right when you chose a man like Officer David Harris!  I will miss you “buddy”!