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Honestly, how can we say thank you to “Pastor Pfleger?… Who has kept the torch alive! He has worked tirelessly to keep the momentum of the Civil Rights and Social Justice moving forward. My personal observation is that … Pastor Pfleger  has to know sometimes when we do our best sometimes “people” don’t always get it”. Who will really understand but God?  Even if its one person you have reached and change their life… your job is done! 

Of course, we love affirmation and appreciation that is our nature as human beings.  When we began to get sincerely mature in the manner God wants us. What will matter the most is not the opinion of man but the sincere nod of God’s approval.  That is something that might hurt a little. Just when we think we have arrived… we feel that shaken in the spirit… which  might take us off our “square”…Remember those “prophetic words”… by Kenny Roger… ” We got to know when to hold them, know when to fold” and know when to “walk away”… 

“Yet, when a call and commission is on your life, you are going to be misunderstood and ostracized. What leader hasn’t had opposition or Trojan Horses within his or her camp?Jesus was faced with “betrayal” among his own. That is why I personally “can’t” understand why people get carried away with other people. People will love you today and criticize you tomorrow!  We must learn to keep things in their proper perspective.  I have summed it up in this manner…   You are looking at different varieties of dirt… No one is more supreme than God and his purpose over your life! Its doesn’t mean you are exempt from attacks but you must learn to discern the seasons of shifting. All of us are still learning this!  As people we must learn the stillness of God even in the dead end of   a harsh winter! “

 Although, one might tend to think all because someone does something a bit different… he or she is then  labeled as being “crazy” … I say welcome to ministry! You must know that as “simple” as many would like to think…you are a “crazy white boy”… You have to assure yourself that is merely the beginning to something must greater that the human mind can’t grasp.

Many ask how did I wind up in a Roman Catholic setting? As if God doesn’t come to the Catholic church.  A “real reason” why so many take offense.  St. Sabina…is like Heinze 57,..LOTS OF VARIETY.  Which I know God welcomes!

Man has his way… and then there is the WILL OF GOD”.  If St. Sabina seems odd to many… it is! The church isn’t full of perfection but always a work in progress.  Maybe it’s me… but why do we think God always give us a bed of roses without the thorns? 

Unless, someone can prove to me that the Catholics are above rebuke, God’s correction… I say why not a Roman Catholic Church! Coming from strong Apostolic and Prophetic background… I am suppose to be in some other church.  I am not disillusioned when they see a Priest on my blog.  And many prefer not to stop and read or judge us from afar.

I am to understand  that I should be able to walk in any of God’s House’s and be welcomed. If “God “is truly what you worship.  I learn through the “school of hard knocks”… The church need just as much work as the world… might be even more!  Hatred, bigotry, self righteousness and personal ideologies is not a place for me or God!

The harsh reality is that  churches today are FULL OF IT!  You want to see the most prejudice places in the world… Find a church without God.

 But if we were all sincere to what we think we understand about God… then one would know… ITS ONE LORD, ONE FAITH AND ONE BAPTISM.  ( EPHESIANS 4:5)

My hearts cry is that we get it! Racism, sexism, class, and every other “ism” is in the church house today! The wake up call is that  man is with the rituals and with religion!

Even God warns us to “beware” of people who can only speak well of us.  I am very leery of those who can’t speak the “truth” to me either.  The oddest thing is although you might be somewhat seasoned in your vocation. Remember there is no “graduations” in heaven. We are all God’s children! 

It might not always be in numbers but then you have to ask “What God has required of you?”. I know that when its a plan and a purpose we might not always understand why so much opposition. We still must stand sure and “flat footed” .  

Courageously and boldly the enemy like to peel your head until you say uncle to make you feel shame and embarrassment… Instead you continue in fierceness and full of purpose.

You might seem foolish to many but you have to remember what this is really all about! I believe you are in another season of shifting…and that might require that you embrace the change. I am not always in agreement with my Pastor  as long as he sticks to what God has to say and live the truth and be the truth! My opinion is other non or limited. I know but when it comes to bringing concerns and educating us he does his best!

 I appreciate dining with the meals of a champion for your leadership !  I love you Pastor Pfleger, thanks for standing on the wall for social justice and change! I know your labor of love wont go without rewards!