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Deuteronomy 28: 1-14  gives the blessings but if you read a little further Deuteronomy 28: 15-64 it gives us what brings on curses. And there is this “slight” annoyance with me lately… Its called… Disrespect!

If someone could please “counsel”  me about  this nonsense that  I see today among our youths and adults who lack respect for others as well as themselves!

I believe that we have dropped the ball. We are not saving the villages… I believe that this society is burning them down. Our children were led without boundaries! Why are parents making excuses of what they have allowed to breed under their roofs?

Yes, I am called “old-fashioned”… But since when is being respectful and with some manners out dated.  Yes, I believe in open rebuke…God said its better than “secret love”. As many Christians  like to quote scriptures about who they are… and that  we need to just embrace everything today. I DON’T!

 Last time I checked, I have never read God allowed everything.  I must represent the life I speak about! I am not an advocate on perfection but I am an advocate for perfecting the Saints!  We all mess up in some way! Yet, the difference is that a Christian is that we have a comforter to assist us and guide us into deliverance! And we need to be more transparent and a less superficial. I realize that man has made a lot of rules that they fail to follow. Although God knows the nature of man he still loves us and tell us “get up” you can do it! 

I do not believe in being a passive believer no more than I believe in a mean Christian. We must go back to basic by laying a stronger foundation for being connected first as a family. I strongly believe it is when the Father’s can take their rightful position we can recapture that pattern God instructed for the family to be. 

I Timothy 5:4 But if a widow has children or grandchildren these should learn first of all to put their religion practice by caring  for their own, and so repaying  their parents  and grandparents for this is pleasing to God .

Disrespect has no face and will resurface. What wasn’t’ corrected will appear just about anywhere. That is why it should never be allowed! We need to prune this world by first being living Epistle ourselves! We need to take care of the least of these,  our children and our Elders. We need to honor them with our time by being more patient, more caring for them and assisting them!

When I see that people are doing away with our Seniors. I am asking for us to take the time and help our Seniors more! There is no need for our Seniors to honestly be without and struggling!

I think what pangs me more is that what is supposed to be their best years are now boggle down with more responsibilities along with a lot of disrespect! Their golden years should be well spent with being mentors of wisdom to coach the next generational. Instead “our walking history” books are not even well adjusting into going into the change of life but full of even more relentless challenges.  It wont hurt if all of us could pitch in a little bit more and sit at feet to hear what their past experiences were and what can we learn.To get this next generation up on its feet!

Too often our Seniors today are dismissed and cast aside as if they don’t matter! Take the time and be more aware that they need us to step up and step in! Let please God by passing the baton of love and care for our history and for our Elders. Bring “the Blessing” to your bloodline by establishing the love and respect that God said he HONORS!