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During some of the hard core presses in life…You will be be attacked in some shape form or fashion…including betrayal! Its our human nature to do “something”! Just a simple word from God… Let God fight your battles!  How many times people have experienced hurt, pain or disappointment from a someone you love the most? It can happen and keep living!

No matter how seasoned you are as a Christian…There will be  times when you are confronted with the unlovely things in this walk. Keep God’s words hid in your heart for matters can arise out of no where. I learned very early that no matter how seasoned you are….the devil can come down your street even if the bible is under your arms!

Being mature wont lessen the pain of  attacks… But it will teach you that there is place you can go, and his  word you can rest assure… that he will fight for you! God can heal everywhere you hurt! God wants us to forgive but please do not “allow” yourself  to become the “door mat” or the whipping post for  anyone!

Many folks “dumb down” when they are experiencing abuse of any kind. I am not advocate for being a “fool”. Being silent when  you should speak up is not holding your peace…but signs of being a “coward”. Too many claim they are Christians and yet remain without a spine to stand up for the TRUTH AND BE THE TRUTH! 

Some people actually believe that God wants us to get beat up… Wrong! God wants us to exercise “sound judgment” during any situation! We are warriors! Remember man makes its own rule. God is not mentally ill. That is one reason why the church isn’t respected…Too many rules and regulations about …NOTHING AND NOT STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

God is all about RELATIONSHIP AND NOT RELIGION! Unfortunately “religions” are really not God answers… but it is man’s answer to manipulate or control!  Too many sign up on this foolishness and fleshiness  of the church … and they have a tendency to lie on God… and say… “God said”…

Learn God for yourself…Some of these leaders and Pastors are not coming “biblically based”. Conducting business as usual out of the flesh instead of handling matters the way that God intended. Please don’t get it twisted… I am not one for being tested for getting beat up by bad decisions of anyone including myself.  God doesn’t have us ignorant! And when you see dangers or any kind of “spiritual abuse”…  What word do you need from God to just LEAVE…

Lastly, what I have learned as a minister…Watch people that make up their own rules as they go. But when it comes to making basic choices… they use God in their personal nonsense to justify why spines are advocated!

I sincerely believe to seek God in anything that we do but we are not to  abuse or capitalize on your personal agenda  our of fears!  Even when you are faced with the ultimate challenge of not forgiving, nor is God happy when we fail to “confront” certain things that we “should”.

Even when we see injustices from the very ones we know better..forgive as many times necessary to free yourself and to stay open to God.

Forgiveness is powerful and weapon  even when others like to dog God’s people!  I have to be honest I am not readily available to “allow the devil and or his foot soldiers” to hinder my walk with God nor allow them to destroy me either… The enemy can’t knock your down if  you are on your knees! Prayer will annihilate the plans of the enemy! Even when they are coming for you… No weapon formed against you shall prosper and the other part…Even if their tongues are incorrect with lies, gossip or ill speech . Hold your peace… and let God do all the battling! God will raise a STANDARD AGAINST THEM! What does a standard means… A boundary or guard! Remember God will shut it down and shut it up!