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Going through the change of life… I noticed different  weird things going on in my body at the very  beginning of  menopause. Coming of age was not a real discussion nor going through that middle life dilemma. I  had some existing health issues and along with battling issues with my gums and teeth.

 I had went to a new dentist from the “bowels of hell”… She was “suppose” to be a Christian???? I have never been afraid of going to the dentist because it was so common in our home. When I started having sensitive gums and developed allergies…

She  then told  me  my gums were terribly infected and never tried to explain to me what can I do differently…She really didn’t care!  And this alone  angered me that she chose this particular profession  and she was in my mouth. I was told she was one of the “best dentist” to see in Chicago… Yeah right! I mean absolutely hateful!  One of the worst dentist of my life. Practice or bedside manner!

During this time of my “horrible”   health crisis…Going to a bad dentist wasn’t a positive impact… Let me tell you that! This  was the  next step and the beginning of learning more about my “own” body and pay attention what “any” physician tells me.

I have always been interested in “HOLISTIC MEDICINE”… I was in love with the Health Food Stores! As I begin to educated myself about going through the change of life I had to dig a little deeper when doctors wanted to pump me with more medication with textbook symptoms of this or that. I had to study “Nutrition”.  

When I began to seek more understanding about the body and what can help me live a healthy lifestyle. Oil Pulling is something that grab my attention!

Oil Pulling is safe, simple, and effective. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice for oral health and detoxification.

Although, there has been claims of removing impurities and toxins from  the body I have no idea how effective this might be. I am not in total disagreement with the claims considering the mouth carry a lot of germs. If the mouth is together… I believe so could  your body!

You first, start with an oil that you are most comfortable with.  Coconut oil is the one I choose. You can use olive oil, sunflower oil  or sesame oil. I then swish around in my mouth for 10 or 20 minutes.  I then spit it out … And I then use an oral rinse to make sure all bacteria is removed.  I then brush my teeth with non fluoride tooth paste or brush my mouth with non glycerin soap.

I do know it  wards off plague and bacteria off of gums and teeth and improve great oral health…  Not to mention it improves my skin and I get a lot of compliment on my teeth as well.

People ask me all the time how do I stay so youthful looking. I do not over indulge in salt, flour, or sugar. My meat intake is very limited… I love water!   I do work out  5 to 6 days a week, which includes weight lifting, circuit and aerobics training.

When I tell people of simple lifestyle changes they think everything has to do with plastic surgery or very costly methods of staying healthy and youthful looking! 

Of course you will find critics in everything or any arena. I stand by that  oil pulling does wonders for me! I have written about “oil pulling” years before… You’d think by now people will try alternative medicine due to side effects of many drugs today. 

I do understand why many might take whatever approach necessary to be healed but sometimes those so-called “old fashion” remedies hold some truth. So instead of being critical … Investigate!

My advice is to take charge and educate yourselves  on all these prescriptions that seems to do more harm than good! Yes, I believe in doctors… but I am more informed about alternative and healthier decisions regarding  my health!

Oil pulling isn’t harmful.. so why not give it a try!