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How many times have I seen the disrespect and people ignore “ill” behavior thinking its cute or a rites of passage? We got everyone telling us how to raise our children, children have more rights than the parents, or better yet people let their children disrespect others thinking that this is how a child should express themselves. When a 3-year-old can out cuss “LIL WAYNE”… Houston we have a problem? The “ignorance” that flows in this country is absolutely unbelievable not to mention damnable!

If I hear one more speech how we should curb violence and yet, embrace the disrespect… How can we really put an end to rebellion,when we have a nation that introduce more craziness than ever! The  continued unruly behavior are seeds planted and throwing shoes is only type of violence! What are you giving birth to?

Is it me or does this country always want to appear one way and say another? It’s not okay to disrespect anyone and that means from the President to  former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton… I must commend her on her composure! 

Throwing a shoe is serious to me! When we think that throwing a shoe is a “freedom of expression”… Is this not sending the wrong message? No one seems to care when the President of the United States is called a liar! This country is more than lost without a cause!  Some might think she deserves it but what message are people sending throwing things and having tantrums in the name of justice or for your cause.  I don’t respect anyone who is advocating or provoking violence as a form of expression.  And the individuals that have done such things should be behind bars!

 I have been at community meetings when the people just lose it.Screaming, cussing and hollering does what actually?  Where is the fair compromise?  We should be able to disagree without someone’s life being threatened?

Whether I agree or not… We are not to don’t throw things! Do we have to wonder why this generation is so wayward? What have they been taught and what is being promoted on a regular? This country doesn’t have a clue what to do next? This is truly what happens when there are no boundaries!

Many of  our children are already “trained” liars. What do I mean? Charity begins at home.  Adults need to show themselves as being nothing but! Too much is at stake and we have grown folks throwing shoes! What freedom of expression had that shoe hit her in the face? This really angered me… not to mention its plain old stupid!