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And the madness continues! Lord help, if another “sex tape” comes out! All the filth in the world and with the music today  do we have to  wonder why are our children so disturbed? People fail to realize that music is more powerful than one care to believe. Have you ever seen such nonsense in the music today? Is this art or a subliminal demonic messages?

 In my day…. David Foster and Burt Bacharach.  There songs made LOVE AND NOT WAR!  I don’t have to be on an upgrade with  the buffoonery! Nor do I ignore the cries of the streets of struggling!  In  my case they would call me ” old-fashioned”.

Freedom of expression with no boundaries…Sounds pretty foolish! Violence is a way of life seems like for the American people. What’s the fascination with the ignorance? People want change without changing… And the other excuse… It’s not my problem!   

Yep…Everyone has something to say but it doesn’t mean it’s always  right. In fact some of the music today is chaotic!  I know the genius juices of those who can flow in spoken word with music.  But I have to ask? What are you really advocating or expressing. Glorifying ignorance is what I see at best!

Since when the “rites of passage” is going to prison and glad about it! A mug shot is “Honorary Degree ” in the  hood….Give me a break! Pumping up a 187(code for murder) doesn’t prep our children  for college!

I can understand when people like to tell their stories in a positive influence…but that’s not what’s happening!  Violence pays! Whether you are on the flip side of it or not. When you say it’s not your problem … It really is.  It will cost all of us … if we don’t stop the  ignorance that flows so rampantly in this world.  Being “gangstafied”  suppose to symbolizes power  in the hood!

Okay , some does  the power of a library card!

Educating the mind with positive ways of change…Will bring the greater good to this world.  People we must stop making excuses and allow others to tell us how to reason with this stupidity!

 Many other factor might contribute to when, what and why?  But I am speaking the power of influence whether its good or bad! Yes, I understand the social, educational, economical barriers. But is this a prerequisite to usurp authority and murder in the physical as well as the spiritual!

This nonsense doesn’t represent the intelligence of brown people nor the black people. Certain women exploit themselves to get attention or to get paid… That’s a cry for help! This is a major problem for a lot of women. The craziness of trying to out look another one. More boobs, more raunchiness… And some actually believe they  are doing a great good and being role models by sliding shower rods. Come on!!!  I am not one to put others down to make myself appear larger but this foolishness is getting so far out of hand!

I have to speak up to represent the majority of us who still believe that class is still greatest eye and heart catcher. Looking a certain way and acting!  Children are texting sexual content and this is the norm for the day!

Since when do anyone really need to see just how sexually acrobatic you are and think you are just hot stuff? I have to go here because too many of our people have dumb down to the ignorance of the day! Yes, I said it! Dumb!   

Teenage girls think its okay to perform oral sex on the Internet to appear alluring or sexy!  Where are the parents? Let’s keep it real! I don’t laugh when it’s not funny nor more than I scratch if doesn’t itch.  What in the world have we become? Where is the moral compass?   God help us…When people are actually posting their ignorance live and in color!  

I get to experience  certain  worlds when I hit certain parts of Chicago.  Being told you don’t belong because you don’t go  along with craziness of the day! Being told  you are not black enough to be around us… Really? Being told I need to go back to Puerto Rico or Little Village in Chicago…Wow! And it doesn’t stop there! Racism is high powered among Afro Americans too.  I am not afraid to say that! 

Racism and ignorance are  best friends. They stick together no matter how much “wisdom” is given! You want to see how nuts someone can really gets… Let him or her be filled with “hatred”.  Being called Miss Taco Bell…because my hair and skin doesn’t reflect  the hood… Hmmm? Oh , it gets better!  Extremists are just that…Extreme on steroids! At the end of the day… I am just human!  

People actually get up and purchase more ignorance everyday by putting on facades of trying to be something that you’re not!  I think many times a lot of our community leaders…kiss too much tail and fail to step up and say …Enough of already!

Who are we really being sensitive to? We can’t spare the truth towards any race. The truth is the truth!  Some of the madness in the inner city… is not a police problem!  When we can understand out the “barometric demons” get their swag on … then we are spinning our wheels!  Being in poverty isn’t a precursor for violence… nor more than being wealthy means you can’t be classified as criminals.

In the United States we have personified the ignorance by co-signing with the morons that feel like expressing themselves with holding guns and money. And waving demonic behavior like its the norm of our community! Too  many of your young think that being a aspiring rapper is the only profession! Yet, some of the so called “Rappers” have gang ties and affiliations! There are no pretty names for the “Urban Terrorists”.  They demonize themselves with the wrong  choices. Struggles already existed…before they were born. We had less money then…Were we killing each other?  The answer is NO! We stuck together!  

The money s in the music industry is absolutely unbelievable to just sell a record on what goes on in the “HOOD”.  

When I was growing up Mr. Rogers was as tough as they got.  What a difference a day makes! And too  many in the “HOOD’ Mr. Rogers was a lame but he yet  sold a  lot of his mannerism! His nice cardigan sweater and soft voice didn’t fume us! His music had a quietness!  People, there is nothing honorable about being ignorant.  Ignorance has no limits  or barriers! You can be very well educated and endowed in ignorance! 

The only way to combat the sloppiness and the mishandled is to confront vileness and lack of moral understanding! We must get ready to take it back with an authority!

 Dr. King stated …” th (1)