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archbishop vernon ashe-sanctified church revolution

When I first heard that Archbishop Veron  (Mar- Enoch) Ashe was ill.  I was deeply concerned.  I remember this “powerhouse” that rocked the  Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries and churches  around the world! Who was now facing some serious battles!

The man of mystery but of great study.  He knew ministry no matter what denomination. He loved learning and praying!

 I knew he had some struggles that disturbed me personally and I went publicly to blast all those he helped but they abandoned him.  And I mean he faced something that the average person would have died just from the stress.  Bishop Ashe… struggles didn’t start when cancer hit his body but long before then!

Some of the most popular names I wouldn’t dare mentioned “turned their nose up” without getting a complete understanding of what happened  to him or who he is was.  I know many want me to get over him but it’s not that easy for me…especially for someone who won my heart with his love for God! I don’t think anyone understand this man’s love for God, his uncanniness prophetic abilities to see, sense and discern the Spirit of God!  He like many of us face persecution from those who can’t understand the gift of foresight and the Office Of A Prophet! Bishop Ashe went through! 

I ask God to help me to forgive all that abandoned him in such great time of distress.  For myself, personally this was one death that hurt me terribly this year! Every time I think of hardships he dealt with it still troubles my heart and it hurts! What could I do today that would make a difference?

…For myself it was to just simply call us out on our messiness… to say we are Christians is one thing…but I continuously to see… something totally different from the walk! I suggest that we learn to be so less self-absorbed… stop trying to be the next American Idol… I’m speaking leaders.  Too  many of us are sold out to nonsense and could care less what you have done to others! I can take this platform to say…We really need to get our acts together!

I don’t want to ever hear of another brother in Christ suffering and some looked away! Yes, I do understand many will forsake us… But does it always have to be that we fail in the love department! I have seen people neglect their true responsibilities to address and attend more foolishness… People have a tendency to dismiss people based on their own prejudices. And yes the church is full of this craziness!  

I miss Bishop Ashe today more than ever… and I am still in the grieving process because he suffered greatly!  There were so many people he touched… I was one of them… I knew him to be one of the smartest, intellects in my life!  I know that there will be no other “Prophet” like this… when God made him he broke the mold! What a diamond he was to me… and to all of us who loved him!