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Psalm 23…The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…  

I grew up in church believing that this particular Psalm was for the dead at funerals. Never had I actually equated this chapter in Psalm with LIFE… I learned, later that it also meant peace, prosperity, protection, and and the promises of God.

This particular passage let us know who the good Shepherd really was.  Yet, when I got to the 23: v 4… YEA ,THOU, I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE  SHADOW OF DEATH … I WILL FEAR NO EVIL…I have to be honest this made me nervous as a child.  When I finally got some understanding and maturing in my “walk “with God… I knew that we were walking near death everyday just as much as life. As morbid as it sounds…

Did you notice I said walk?  Walk is something that is at our pace. Walk is something of a process before a run. Those of us who “run’ or work out know about warming up! I believe in my heart, the walk allows me to steady myself before the actual run.

I also believe as you begin to walk at a certain level… you might want to kick it up to run!  Some are following, but some might haven’t gotten a little lost…I will explain!

Walking allows me to grow… to the heart rate of increase. When I say increase… the level that life and this journey will consist of.  Mature and seasoned Christians will know when to pace themselves… and when all else fail  and it gets a little rough, they will pace themselves back to what they can handle so they can always walk!

I use to get sick to stomach when I thought just how close death is always eminent. It was at this point I asked God why aren’t all of us protected? I knew that their was a gate being opened an unattended.  It was then and only then I learn the power of life and death with the tongue… and in my actions. Yes, evil is always present but so is FAITH! 

 During prayer this morning… my  heart was heavy because I watch how the numbers are steadily increasing in gun violence around this country.   When this particular passage “dropped” in my spirit… I knew that there was something being awaken within my spirit to do convey!extralarge (1)

As I read the Chicago Tribune this morning … My heart tanked when I saw another ” young man” lying in the streets dead in the   daylight hours all for many to see. As a mother I cried… but as a minister I weeped because I said…

God if this was my son… lying in the streets like this… How could anyone handle this kind of pain? I have lost too many to gun violence in my family. Many people think that this is someone else’s problem… but I beg the differ!  

Also in the Chicago Tribune there is an article called “Chicago Under the Gun”…  A must read and eye opener  about the violence that goes on in Chicago!  To capture some of the pain is reality check for even myself.

I quickly had to face what  no wants to really confront … That is… this could have been me or this could have been someone who I love. No matter who they are, what they are, or what they have done. To see a human being lying in the streets like a dead dog… brings me to another level of consciousness that is frightening.

All because “this shadow” hasn’t arrived near your door doesn’t mean it can’t and that the shadow of death isn’t there through some other means. The power of God keeps me even in the bad!

 Guns in the wrong hands are bringing more chaos and more discord. I am not advocating removing guns all together.  There should be a system in place for a level accountability in our states and including  government.  I  personally see too many mentally ill evil… and some people have no business even with a  water pistol!

To sit and listen to what people are calling now “killing fields”. You would think that the  communities in their  comatose state will be awaken with all the noise and the plagues of violence! Yet, the blinded eyes remained closed… ignorance run a muck among the people… Whatever reason you think this couldn’t happen think again.  We must re-think poverty, the uneducated, racism, inequality among race, creed, status, and challenge the inner prejudices that we might have!

Murders among, Afro Americans  is nothing normal but demonic and its over the top. We have fail to recognize that there is an epidemic and something dysfunctional and systemic generational curses and alliances within the Afro American community.

Poverty is nor more than being rich is a precursor for someone to pull the trigger on a gun or unload a clip… It’s a mindset! You have more millionaires in the music industry still riding along the “gang violence” craziness.  They have more money than ever and they are still riding the lines of “wanna be thugs and gangsta”… Give me a break!

If we don’t stop telling lies and making excuses… Setting this in motion for being poor is a reason to kill or be killed… Criminals are criminals. I am never in agreement…that poverty is a reason many turn into killers.  I strongly agree that the dysfunctions that run rampant without boundaries, pruning or correction will lead to greater troubles. If you “allow” your son or daughter to raise themselves or be allowed to do what they want without consequences… chances are you are raising something that might bring a boat load of heartache in long run!  

Babies having babies is a “serious problem”.  I dare anyone to do a personal survey. Check out the mentality of  children  that are trying to have children. They want the child to hurry up an grow up because they are not mentally prepared nor handle the struggles of being a parent let alone  in this life…

There are no children adequately prepared to be a parent. We struggle with it as adults. What reasoning skills does a child have?.  Some of you see the bad behavior and wont correct it in  properly fashion neither do you want a village raising your children. If I mention this at a community meeting watch the crazy responses…Damn if you do, and damned if you don’t! Honestly, how do you really want it? You can’t fight crime harboring criminals… or ignoring them!MET-AJ-2-CHICAGO-HOMICIDES-1220

People have made excuses with the inbreeding of these self-induced and homemade monsters, terrorists and  or killers! What am I saying? We need to get back to basic and teach and raise our people to be productive human beings. And let also go here… Parents, friends and family… stop co-signing on ill behavior.  Ignoring the  questionable antics  doesn’t free you but makes you an accessory to it!

Being broke isn’t’ a license to kill either… Poverty is merely and might be a symptom of why the trouble can start.  Stop expecting the Chicago Police to babysit your homes and communities. Some  Chicagoans seems to have a problem with every Police Superintendent there is. But where was the noise and funk when people were unjustly abused, murdered and maim on other watches? Its only when someone finally institute corrections and challenge that old regime people then get worked up! Where was the outrage that many political figures and law enforcement leaders abused their positions? There will be a silence… and more haters after this!

th (3) Yet, when former  Chicago Police  Supt. Jody Weiss was on the post… still more complaints. He too stepped up but not fast enough according his critics.   He wasn’t good enough or moving in the arena they thought might be pleasing to those who are always complaining…

th (4)Today, Chicago Police  Supt. Garry face more opposition because has to courage to stand sure and flat-footed about the nonsense that many never confronted until his watch.  Here comes more  whining and complaining bringing their other  maladjusted friends  along as well. Lets tell the truth and stop discouraging the  good cops please…  Mr. McCarthy,  who has been outstanding  in his performance to at least get this situation under control.

He has even more critics and people actually want the man to sit at their front doors with every cop on the force.  I have witness countless time … people who would love nothing more to discredit… what he does best. He is in my opinion one of the best Chicago has seen.   It’s sure a testicle buster for those who seem to fly high… on getting their back scratch when it doesn’t really itch… He can’t be bought….and that’s a problem for most of the troublemakers! Okay… He does the number thing… that drives people nuts. But who can complain… because the last complaint when Mr. Weiss was in charge… No one called the police… Hmmm????

Some Chicagoan are  very confused.   Mr. McCarthy  enforces the law… Need I remind people … Policemen are supposed to be men of God and they are called ministers. Hard to believe… Read  your bible…  That’s it and that’s all!

The jealousy, the egos… is why I can’t handle too many more media marches , pissing contests…and fake missions. Everybody isn’t participating because they care… Some are have gotten enthralled with lights, and cameras.   Children are dying in the streets and I see the nonsense on a regular basis! I do my part and then some …no cameras are around because no one wants to really see my “reality show” of being called to the dirty work its not exciting and I can guarantee it wont bring in ratings! I am not in a contest to be popular but to ensure God’s people are being served sincerely! Some might have started out doing the right things but soon got caught up in themselves!

God knows who heart is pure in all of this. Power has tainted what might have been good deeds… but are very misguided when the blame game starts and the new Sheriff arrives!  Its time Chicagoans grow up and tackle these problems…. I can’t wait until summer and could care less if a camera is present. If all that people have done and it still NOT working …Guess what we might need to do? Change or challenge strategies without being mean-spirited to one another! 

The Police plays an intricate part but not the part we all got to play.  Tell what’s in your HOUSE, IN YOUR CHURCH, YOUR COMMUNITIES! This requires a spine to expose and put on front street. I know that the people like being popular but even Jesus wasn’t popular among his own.  So,  many would like to re-think if they are a disciples for Christ or and advocate for the devil…

 I have been at the foolish community meetings when people are too afraid to get to the root of the problems. They surface over things to look good… never telling it like it is. Which never goes over well. That is why I am careful at attending all this “do good and making folks” happy with appearance.  Wont you please go somewhere with that ignorance!

 Its more than the lack and  under economic development. It’s a  mentality!  Why some and others don’t is thought-provoking in itself. There is place and position that all of us might have. But we have to know when to let others do their jobs  and exercise some “common sense ” to do ours!

Yes, it might require that we nudge each other!  We  have to stimulate the mindset of those who are “stuck” in their arrogant and antiquated ways of thinking and believing.  Unity can bring violence to a halt or at least cripple one knee.  I like to ask for  all of us to  just take a moment to evaluate and eliminate.

We must first recognize it will be God and God only that can navigate us through this  shadow of death. No man, nor organization or community activist can lead us through it. It is God who will give us instructions on how to execute on the matters at hand through these vehicles of persuasion! I know that people believe that leaving God out will alleviate these demonic entities… I like to see you try! Prayer changes things… But your actions will speak that much louder with them!

Don’t you fool yourself if  you think we can handle this with shuffling  folks around whenever something isn’t fixed in  a micro second. Politics weighed severely heavy into  Chicago and the former  Police department that is why so many corrupted people slips through the cracks and many went along with it!  Mr. McCarthy is challenging…and that bring so much  upsets!

I know that this post will cut  through straight with no chaser! What I witnessed that  some who have lost loved ones tragically through gun violence has lost focus and vies for the spot light while grieving. Folks I see through this nonsense.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than to watch those who don’t have the media attention to work behind the scenes tirelessly to end this violence.  

Too many people are allowing satan to make a nest in their heads about whose loss are the greatest… I say… We all have great losses. The challenge for all of us… is to stay focus on the truth and the travesties of gun violence! 

 th (1)The violence in Chicago was here when Dr. King came to Chicago back in 1960’s… He saw the hatred and the means of being even more violent if certain conditions weren’t under control and ignorance seem to be a mainstay especially in the hardest areas of living!


The worst thing that people can do is ignore the obvious…We must start at home!  We know the bad houses on our blocks… We know who is dope dealing and wont snitch! People got so bent out of shape… over people who make comments that are mostly true about what we fail to address courageously! There is no one fit for all situations but we must honest without ourselves why what we is barely touching the surface. If we don’t stop this foolishness and get on the same page,  we are going to see another level of violence. 

 Chicago… summer is coming… so what? Lets not only start saying and praying Psalm 23… but let every Christian be a Psalm 23… PEACE, PROSPERITY, PROTECTION AND LET US KEEP OUR PROMISES… To be an advocate for the least of these!