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Perpetual is defined as continuing forever or this term…I liked… “valid all the time”.

God impressed on my heart to write about Mary, the  Mother of Jesus! I know many are saying … It’s not Christmas time…  

Mary was “valid all the time”… Let me explain! Who really want to equate violence with Jesus? His ministry had begun when he was placed inside Mary spiritually.  Oddly dealing circumspectly… I’d say this is a Word of the Day! (Study and Read ( Matthew 1:16-25) (Luke 1:26-56 2:1-7)

Now out of all the years of being in church, I had never strongly  studied Mary in this manner.  I like many others…thought of her innocence and a little mother. She  was always that sweet girl, traveling with a baby to hide wrapped in a blanket.

 As simple as it sounds that is honestly the way most people see her. When I begin to walk with the Lord more… I had to break down the dynamics of Mary Motherhood to Jesus! Mary was of Jewish descendant  of Nazareth of Galilee… Was chosen and favored by God.  And let’s be honest, her story didn’t sound so favorable but when God finally showed me another way of looking at Mary… I was more than impressed with the perpetual faith, fight and endurance level.  

Here are some truths that I believed many of us  might know but there are some truths we missed about Mary… I am paraphrasing…

 1) Mary went through… a difficult journey… As cute as we make her out to be. Here is a child carrying child….TEENAGE PREGNANCY…   She is visited by the  angel, Gabriel to let her know she will carry the Messiah…

Then, I thought… Joseph had to think this girl was lying…and we would have thought the same thing. Can you imagine how much fighting went on? Joseph then wanted to rid of the relationship. Perception was everything and Mary was either going crazy or telling some strange lies….

The Lord then  had to lay him down in order to explain… Because Joseph lost it… not to mention the “THE EMBARRASSMENT BOTH OF THEM HAD TO FACE”.   I believed Joseph…had gotten a terrible taste in his mouth about Mary…And the devil played in his ear… Mary had played around on him… and his mind she was supposed to be a “virgin” but she was liking on someone else the whole time.  

Side Bar…This is exactly why people are getting divorced… because instead of dealing with truth … satan gives you another version and take you beyond reason. so you deal with what if’s… And many will go with a lie quicker than the truth! What stress Mary had!

2) Mary, had begun a process to what was  a difficult journey. She is about to lose her man because she is pregnant and trying to explain to the fella… the Holy Spirit came upon her… Can you imagine? Yeah right!

3) Mary experienced THE HOLY SPIRIT THEN HAD TO TURN AROUND AND RIDE A DONKEY… Give birth, in  a barn… This doesn’t sound like favor… but God had her back! There was no Mercedes-Benz! A total donkey!

4) After giving birth…Mary… had to then hide her son.. because they had a bounty on the baby! Mary dealt with TERRORISM AND RACIAL PROFILING… Keep following…Generational genocide… Did history not repeat itself? 

Pharaoh, did the same thing! What about today?  Our children are hunted down like dogs and murdered like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

5) Mary then raised … her son until adolescence. Beyond this you never heard she was involved in her son’s life a lot… At a young age…just like herself…God used him!

6)  Mary …had to watch her son be unjustly accused… before there was Jim Crow …there was Caesar Augustus… You know… People that power trip in government to find a way to mistreat you to make money…

As long as money was involved… It always made Rome quite pleased. Yet, there was still the side that Mary, had to deal with… Her sons friends or the ones he did things for and she witness all what was said and done behind his back.  

Lets go here…. There is always those questionable individuals in  your life that   “mother” warned you about.  He might have been a prophet… but I am almost sure Mary asked questions… although he was about his father’s business!

7) Mary… has to watch her son suffer  all because of misunderstanding of who God had called him to be …PREJUDICES…Is this not a factor today? If someone appears different from our personal traditions, customs or culture… There is a way the evil ones that  plan to hurt, maim or put you to death!  Sometimes the death comes with the power of the tongue!

 The Crucifixion… brought more pain and more questions to God… As a mother she had to watch  the murderers who killed  her son.  They tormented him in front of her. Not knowing who he was…  I believed she saw the ones that was always in his face… and seeing all his betrayers… that denied her “son”… I am speaking like a mother…

What am I conveying?

… The power that Mary had was unbelievable! I don’t discount Joseph at all..but I am speaking about “the heartaches” of being a mother while being a woman of  God!  

We think we know the process of God. until the trials and tribulations starts.  Others that say they love you will  bail because it gets too difficult…They succumb to overeating, alcohol… sex… any addiction to take the edge off…. including church…

 Don’t you dare think… People don’t use church as a crutch and a drug…Without  God… we can do nothing… But understand the lack of transparency and truth within the church keeps people addicted to a form of godliness….and religion.  Without a true relationship with God …Many fail ! People will say they love you but all you see is abandonment during the biggest struggles of your life.

People can’t live up to man’s expectations but with God… Mary experienced that Miracle. Did you also noticed… whenever Mary came around miracles happen and places that were barren were not fruitful…

Mary had an inner strength I honestly believe all of us never paid attention to.  Mary wasn’t the Savior…her son was!  The complications that this marriage had been off the meter.  The challenges of the dealing with the sideways stories… and gossip! Is this not like life today. When life is so complicated you can’t explain the ways of God. Somethings must definitely be experienced. God puts us so far out there… We  have no idea what he is doing so …we all come off a little bi-polar!

Unfortunately people like fairy tales… They can be persuaded to be good, bad or indifferent…We look at the bible as a Cecil  B. De Milles moment but its more than that! th (3)


I had learned she was the only one filled with the HOLY SPIRIT TWICE WITH JESUS. Whatever the trouble is for those of who God has chosen a greater task… It’s a hard press… You will be stressed, you will cry… you will be frustrated… You can wear all the “Jesus buttons” and pushed them…Life can throw you down!

Death will be apart of our journey… sooner of later…Mary dealt with every level of violence… Christ died a horrible death. During this horrible time of  violence everywhere…We must have the tenacity to stand…When God places an assignment on your life… You are not always comfortable although, he had granted you favor!  

I read Mary’s story and its a little frightening!  Mary gave God consistency in times of distress!  Everything isn’t what it appears… because “Jesus” returned… with all power in his hands.  

Even in the story of Mary it was more complicated than her child smiling with rosy cheeks… It was a trouble and lots of it!  I have never seen so many people who claim God called  them… But didn’t dare have the “walk of faith” like Mary.  

I don’t misunderstand scripture… We have a Messiah… who I adore and I worship.

Each day I see another level of gun violence… I am “outraged” but I continue to be faithful in what I am called me to do. I don’t take popular stands which are often full of private and fleshly agendas.

I don’t have the “luxury” of staying in comfort…. I don’t have the comfort like many ministers today. The process is lot more difficult and don’t you dare think…many walk the walk! It costs!

During the death part… remember Mary saw all that  violence and abuse done to her son… and she had to trust God  for him to rise again…

God kept his promise… and we might know all the master strategist has in mind. But he has a plan. Shall we proceed to the “upper room… Mary had achieved a double portion because she was able to filled with  Jesus a second time( Acts 1:13)… Don’t underestimate the wind of God when you feel like all hope is gone. 

But remember God is Life! The Perpetual Mary was a pillar of faith in God.  As I looked in the scriptures… I have yet, read …that Mary has all this comfort despite…she had God’s favor. Mary…didn’t have all these private intermissions!

 The Perpetual Mary… had to keep moving because she was carrying something great! Even she didn’t know the profound greatness of her seed…and being used by God! You will lose a lot of things to maintain the favor of God.  The lie is people are out there… wrong…

Many leaders stay in safety zones and positions …too afraid of the unknown until,  God makes the nest uncomfortable… Violence is uncomfortable… it is an inconvenience, it’s not necessary… We whimper and whine about change… Real change comes when you are perpetual in the things of God!  

God’s way can’t be explain that is why many fail the process! Trying to hold on to what appears to be God… while the hands are tainting things dabbling with man!

It’s not what surrounds me… people, ego, material things that perpetuate me… It’s what inside that just might save the world… And God alone is the only one that know your greatest potential… I have NEVER  seen a coffin that two people fit in! You must go it alone! There are some who God has trusted to get the “dirty jobs” done… the lowest place physically… in God reigns high with God! ASK YOURSELF ARE YOU VALID ALL THE TIME?