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Years ago… I had written an article on Haman ( Read the book of  Esther) …. Haman was in the bible called an Agagite. An Agagite  was term used as  a description referring to something Haman was? Hmmm???…My I had to ask where did this come from?

Most believe that it was equivalent to an Amalekites Which were enemies of God!  Descendants of  Amalekites and the “grandson” of Esau…  

Pay Attention to how they were identified..1)Dwellers in the valley


3)People who lick blood and were cruel.  

And remember God told King Saul to get rid of these people for good reasons…But  guess what?

The remnant of that spirit is alive and well today!( Study and Read 1 Samuel 15: 1-35)

Haman was the one who “instigated” a plot to kill  to rid of “all” the Jews!  Hmmm???  I said interesting enough… How did Haman get so close to accomplishing his mission?But remember the Holocaust still had taken place later on history!

Haman had a high power position next to the King…and was plotting against him all the time or getting in the ears of the King to destroy his own destiny in which the bloodline of David …came forth the birth of Christ.

1) Sometimes you can be too close to have  great observations skills  or be objective

2) He felt he had to play the game in order to win even if it meant killing you

3)He had to be close and trusted by leadership

I love the story of Queen Esther because it can be related in laymen’s term like no other biblical event!  Esther  is the only book in the bible that doesn’t mention God.


I don’t know but  many biblical scholars have their points of views. But I will lay mines to rest…Sometimes you can’t explain it but I knew God was with Esther and many scripture lead to  why God favored Queen Esther!

Queen Esther risked her life to save her people. She accustomed to the Persian customs in order to be seated next to King Xerxes.

 Haman was  wicked and maniacal at best, love power tripping! Everyone knows  his  position but  he’d  never let anyone forget it either! He slipped by many but not Esther and her cousin Mordecai. I honestly believe there takes another level of discernment when we are  dealing  with people we love and respect only to find out they are your “real enemies”!

My “theme” is Social Justice with a Prophetic Perspective… The bible is prophetic… and people get worked up when they hear the word PROPHETIC… Truth or False always run through their minds… But  have  you ask yourself about “betrayal” coming from someone dear to your heart or someone you trust?  

It’s amazing how we smörgåsbord emotions without shedding God’s light maturely what you dealing with! Everyone has been there, so don’t you dare lie!There is always that one that you have a “gut” feeling about but ignore those feelings entirely.

Its safe only for a moment only to discover someone has slipped past your radar… But hold up! What hurts even more is because you were vulnerable enough to allow someone to get that close and you ignored what God had sent as a warning !  

I am not that trusting and don’t want to be.  I agree, you can have your guards too high but you need to discern when something is off… Clearly I have been around the block, people are fickle they will be with you one day and hate on you the next.  

Ministry really open my eyes to how low down people can get. Church isn’t off limited if anything it turns into the “devil’s playground”. People get too relaxed in church that is why “church hurt” has devastating  results. Because it’s was suppose to be this sacred place that was violated!

Although, what should be sacred and places of safety are often  doors are  left open through a point of being weak or ignorant…whichever you prefer!  God doesn’t have us ignorant that is scripture. (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

Why people tend to believe God is always taken by surprised with ill behaviors?… Nope…that is our way of thinking. We have been conditioned by our fleshly nature to believe in what we prefer to be as  labeled good. And this is what gets all of us in trouble… Not being connected in the  Spirit of God leaves us even more vulnerable for more attacks!

That inner knowing is what preserves many of us from danger or uncomfortable situations! When we have bad people that surround us… It can be your relatives or your own child. We have a tendency to go into “denial”.  I believe this spirit connects  us also with Haman…


Now… This is just me? I am always asking questions to get an understanding? I had to ask “How did Haman get this close to the King” without anyone noticing just how low down he was? Haman was  wicked to the core!

Here is my prophetic perspectives on this  I believe all because Haman was close to the King” no one had the courage to question his true allegiance! King Xerxes consciously or subconsciously had given the vibe not to question his authority. I believe pride kept him in denial of making some right choices.

So people adapted to the “King’s” weak spot. In other word… If the “KING” CAN’T SEE IT WE CAN’T EITHER… Is this not the “sick sensation” that is taken our nation clearly off its square? Ignoring which is a symptom of troubles!


Is another Haman connector… When you are not sure there is a tendency to seek outside advice about situations!… Negative people will give you negative answers… Positive people will give you the truth even if its negative results.  Stop surrounding yourselves with people who can’t advance you. In others words if you are the smartest one in the bunch…Get you a new bunch to challenge you to grow up!

You need to find and surround yourself with people who sincerely  want what’s best for you. People like Haman know your aspirations… But will hinder you from keeping your goals by whispering the nectar of the devils deceit by discouraging your faith to think higher.

But also realize in the meantime…they are going to get all that they “feel” they have coming even if its means  stepping on you…


In Chicago,  14-year-old girl murdered another girl  and shot another girl , over a boy and a dispute on a social network site… And I don’t believe it started then…I believe other situations existed that people ignored!

The sad part about this story…The uncle “allegedly” was the true instigator to this murder.  Children honestly are open targets when parents do not  continue to drill the hardships of  surrounding yourself with negative influences.  

JEALOUS AND ENVY are Haman connectors!

My mother warned me about the “cattiness” of women. Oddly,  I have always told people my mother didn’t worry about me talking with the boys… Its was girls… Girls were more messier she believed… As I am now of middle age… Its hold more truth than ever… I have never seen so much immaturity in adult women! This lets me know some under development issues exist… Poor self esteem is one of them!

 I don’t assume anything because it is the lowest form of knowledge… We keep saying our children have more to deal with and I say …They wouldn’t  have to deal with  more if they were taught more about the truth and educate them about what really goes on in the world.

The generations of Haman of being reborn in record numbers.  We see wayward behavior in our children and many fail to nip some of the foolishness in the bud. Why are you shocked that teenage murderers are on the rise?…God spoke of the seeds of rebellion will flourish and bring destruction!


Have  you noticed “ignorance ” is readily available and poor decision making?

The culture is disastrous… teaches  no respect and pushes rebellion… Our children are in an identity crisis situation… Reality shows are looked upon to educate us in what manner? I got enough “drama” without me inviting it! We got all these “talking heads with little actions”…

I have seen well-respected leaders surround themselves with “dog breath” people… I immediately not look at the Haman spirit but what draws you or magnetically draw you to that consecrated level of evil?…

A door is open somewhere!

My thought process isn’t average that is why I don’t surround myself with people I can jerk around. It doesn’t’ help me grow…In growing there is pain because the flesh fights change in the spirit as well in the mental and physical! The spirit of Haman will ride blind spots and remember will never initiate growth in anything or anyone. Self is the motivator. To make himself seem larger than life even if it means killing you!

A spirit of prejudice is inside Haman along, with a spirit of divination.  Haman adores division… this takes away from them their own identity issues… They know they are troubled individuals so to make themselves appear larger…they destroy others!

They  fault find or focus on getting rid of anything that brings justice or good. The spirit of Haman is on your job, in your ministries, in your homes… or who you might think is your brother or sister in the Lord. These are some dangerous people!

They might have  the power of persuasion and favor especially with people they can control.  Haman loves a crowd that bows down to him, or adore them on “their” accomplishment. When they feel no one looks up to them … they must find a way to bring discord or break rank in any situation.

 Today the world is topsy- turvy with something God required to destroy. Haman is a spirit that has so much going on  all out of jealousy and lust to stay comfortable wreaking havoc in your lives.  

Misery loves company is Haman’s motto … Remember jealousy is kicked up a notch! Jealousy inside these kind of people can proven to be deadly. I speak against this spirit so often because people are in  spiritual comas when it comes to forces that we fail to annihilate.

Pruning our children productively will make our children to be less self-serving.  When teenage girls are fighting over a boy… a red flag but not uncommon.  

Where is conflict resolution in our people today?  Our society is dealing with the “craziness” because many fail to nip the crap in the bud.  I know you can’t be with your children 24 hours a day but you should be careful of what has more influence in their lives. We must still say NO… when necessary. I find it odd that “adults” are in more children’s mess than ever!  

Don’t get it twisted… Haman loves our Pastors too…

There is always some underhanded business when leaders give too much power to people who are  too immature to handle it. When much evil is present ….abuse is guaranteed.  It will spread like a wild fire…

Evil people  put in  positions of power will destroy everything in its way of being their so called “success”! They will  bring more harm and discord among people to seize opportunities to look like he or she is doing an outstanding job….While tearing  your reputation down at the same time.

 You don’t have to be a Christian to realize that troublemakers are closer to you than you think! I saw the most manipulative people being chosen without the leading of God only to bring the church to its knees!  I have seen Pastors confused because they woke up and the church was a hot mess allowing the wrong people to assist the people! Haman is working overtime all the time….

A Word of Caution…

When we  ignore the evil within others or allow some things to go on without correction  there will be some negative consequences…

I agree,  people will lie on us… Pay attention to the behavior!  We don’t want to offend anyone… so we let it ride… Only to know it winds up in deadlier consequences because our personal ties or ongoing (fake)friendships or relationships!

My prayers are extended to both families during their time of loss….Two  children lives will be forever change … one in death in the physical  and one with death of a jail cell…All because  the spirit of Haman instigated a fight.  

Let me close with what happened to Haman…

Queen Esther saw him for who he truly was… She sought wise counsel to win the heart of the King…She studied how to speak with the King… Some will get it later… Ask God about what is around you?

It’s a daring and a courageous  move and it might cause  some disruptions! Queen Esther had taken the risk of being beheaded because she  believe in correcting injustices to her people and disrupt evil with what people called  NORMAL!

Tragically, Haman died along with his ten sons but miraculously the Jews were spared! Queen Esther… took the chance of being beheaded coming in the King’s court without proper protocol. What are you willing to risk to save our people?

Criminals are criminals…and evil is evil… We must become more vigil about what we offer into our lives… whether we love them or not… Discern if there is trusting integrity and character!