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Karen Clark Sheard… the daughter of the Late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. th (3)Someone who was instrumental in my life and beyond mentoring. She was a Mother of Zion.  There was order!

When I see how far all of her family has gone.  Someone knew what a “Praying Spirit” was all about… I’d asked this question…Who do you know sings better than their own records?




thPhyllis Hyman

th (3)Rachelle Ferrell,

829bfdb2-0c5c-36dd-bae2-bd51ed76148dAlicia Keys,

th (1)Aretha Franklin… 

There is no other sound, no one can imitate or duplicate their unique voices… and style… Recently on her sister’s talk show DORINDA… I had a chance to listen to Karen Clark Sheard… It brought me to my knees…What anointing and what a voice!!!