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Who hasn’t dealt with this problem? Whether it’s on your job, in your family…All of us have encountered lies being told on us or to us.  When you meet with someone who lies  compulsively remember he or she is often carrying  deceit!  

A fact is… that I can’t seem to escape no matter where I go. Low profile or internationally known… I deal with liars… and lots of them.  There is no cut off point for this kind of madness… It stems from a pulpit to anyones’  purpose… I am met with the challenge of being confronting liars and deceivers.  

Let me first shed some light on  some  personal matter. As private as I have to be… There are times we have to put it out there to help others from pits that they don’t necessarily have to be in.  I have seen some of the biggest deceptions in ministry and in my own family… Nothing has beat this odd yet….  Deceivers can often be  one who you might consider one of favorites or your picks!Too many times I have seen leaders thrown to their knees by not paying attention what lack of character that is being careful hidden! Don’t get it twisted… some folks are arrogantly displaying their monsters because they know he or she just might have a covering that they shouldn’t have… In others words tell all you want they stay and destroy… all the while bitterness and distrust is being birth!

Let me  first put this out here … this is for all those “self-righteous” wanna be’s that want everyone to think the their church is the darn exception… I doubt it ! And let me also  warn about the dangers of coddling the church troublemakers and  nonsense , as well…There are some questionable individuals that may sit among us… including in pulpits! Something is wrong when a leader can’t handle when truth is not only given but enough evidence to have questionable people removed! What kind of ministry are being introduced to this generation? Are we saying that certain picks have better opportunities? Some unacceptable sexual deviants are okay? 

There are some good leaders who mean well but have questionable circles and no one challenge the ill behaviors?  I have no business defending the any TRUTH especially when there is a history of  bad behavior!  And what saddens me the most and seems to be onslaught of problems today…

When our people come to us … We must be objective and take it for what it’s worth and tell people the truth.  I know that many of you would like to think you chose good people for your staff, inner circle, positions, and ministries…. but often time we don’t make wise decisions when it comes to  people you make like ! Being liked doesn’t mean that they have integrity or character!

There are those the church hide who are a danger to all of  us and to the world… Exposure is going to come more rapidly to the church because  our standard and bars have been l lowered considerably.   What is almost unbelievable…  There is process even with God., and and some church opt on  being  wise about personal choices.

Today we stick people in different ministries or positions without sincere wise counsel  and better yet without consulting  or asking God.  Many times people get out of the will God doing something God never orchestrated. And when it does go south… people tend lie because now the results of bad decisions are overwhelming!

The most dangerous stand the church can be is getting into “SILENCE” ABOUT THEIR EVILS and   compromise with personal monster picks! 

I NEVER advocate that I attend or go to the perfect church…  There is no such thing…there is something in every church…that’s the real problem…and it comes when Christians has to now display the God  that “they say” they have! There are some very “special” individuals that make sure they can tear  people down t’s not this  elaborate scheme to do it because they have been allowed to terrorize the church and wherever they go! Until someone has enough courage to say… its wrong and challenge everyone who feeds the monsters!

 COWARDLINESS  AND TOO MUCH QUIETNESS ON THEIR MONSTERS…The church has a lot of monsters and don’t you believe that no matter how much word they “spit” how unified we are… Some members are proven to be  venomous…Don’t you dare be duped into anyone’s linguistic abilities.. and smooth hermeneutics…We have “whores”,monsters, liars and deceivers among us!

Personally, I refuse to sugar coat the situations… Its  time we go for the jugular of the liars in our midst! I have dealt with these  issues in my life and ministry…with   ruthless family members and some cut throat church members!  Denial isn’t going to rid of  the monsters.

More  importantly I am the “whistle- blower” about some serious issues that came abreast through my personal experience with them, although  many others have experienced the damage that these people have caused… and yet,  I question why are they still around, and why are they accepted in the “BELOVED”?….

When there is a history of being twisted and wicked… I had to question those who kept them around while they murdered folks with their deceit and damages! One thing that I found all too common with most liars and deceivers the folks that “love them” coddled them… and protect them instead of pruning away their craftiness by exposing them! 

My personal story starts with something that was  introduced into my life… I knew that there was another side… but not this dark! but I knew were troubled souls.   These two individual wreak havoc in my life… Tearing and destroying without a conscious of how it will affect me and others I loved.  Let me ” also”  both  rode the lines of being criminals…

When I believed some banking information was tampered with.  Both individuals made claims of being “Christians”… I might  add one had finished “graduate” school…. Like I have always said… Poverty isn’t a precursor for evil…and that is also might be a factor but not entirely the truth.  These are two individuals who served as professionals… to our people!

The lies got bigger and bigger and so did the situations…Even lying to a point of telling others that they had “cancer”… And let me warn it has gotten darker  without me coddling how “crazy” it was!  

When you find people who lie to this degree… Trust me there is something more sinister than you can handle… and there are bigger forces you wont even imagine… The truth is Christianity is taught today with a too much sugar for my taste… We got some monsters in our church… and mines included….

Yes, the world is supposed to experience God  in places of worship but why are so many sensing and experiencing  more evil inside the church?… Who wants to go from a frying pan to more fire? I challenge that evil and God comes against it…so why do many nurse bad behavior? Some of us know when someone is a little off… Most mental health facilitators…say you can’t see mental illness…  I don’t’ totally agree…  God gives us discernment when something is off… our westernized customs teaches us to dummy down….and the church is on this program…I don’t care how much good is anyone if he or she is bared to be watched!

As long as I have breath in my body… I got common sense…and the wisdom of God rest inside of me… I can clock madness when I see it… This might not be your gift… but its mines! I am seeing too many “crazy” folks being unattended and are allowed to be in ministries…

I will put my name on this “YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE”…. People get angry with me all the time… I tell the TRUTH… There is just too many dangers inside the church today. Leaders ignoring the problem with what  combats the  rules of engagement for folks who are concentrated with evil. You can push your “Jesus button” until it falls off…We got some dangers lurking in our pulpits and pews. Honestly, the world can’t trust your church… and I definitely don’t trust it…We are getting too many red flags in our places of worship!

Too many things are being ignored and slipping through the cracks… I DON’T FATTEN FROGS TO GIVE TO SNAKES…  People are really afraid because those who have the power to do something fail to do it. My experience is with  liars up close and personal… I saw the damage and the lives  of these individuals destroyed…Not to mention who has not only put my life in danger… but has put me in harm’s way quite a bit… And now I am going to have to flip the script and expose everyone’s monsters… Some folks might have some good in them …but you better dig a little deeper… God has mentioned the wicked ones in his word… and for some reason the church has an issue with dealing with some demonic activity in our midst… and I am sincerely concerned about the safety of our churches…. I am not going to keep quiet and I am going… CRY LOUD AND SPARE NOT!

 We need people with guts and some integrity! We got some evil lurking among us and no one wants to speak about it… This isn’t God at all! Something is terribly awry when… the church has more  perversion than deliverance! Something is wrong when more criminals are apart of ministries… More nut cases are in ministries! And the purpose of this nonsense is what?  People like myself intimidate many ministries because I am not desperate for my name to be in lights… I have to be honest with God’s people!  We have a lot of deceivers and liars in our camps that need to be alleviated in more ways than one!  

How are you a Christian impregnating half the church  women and not marrying or taking care of all of your illegitimate children? How are rapists and child molesters considering being men of the cloth? Yeah right!   And how are you mentoring our children and can’t keep your pants zipped and dress down?    And what kind of mentoring are you really doing? How are you a drug dealer and you are called radical? Who are you really radical for? Is it the Pharmaceutical Industry?  

People of God… when will we confront the lies we have embraced?… Quantity doesn’t qualify as quality….The inflated “egos” of the church is about to blow me!  Yes, I am more involved with the truth than the church…Some will get this, some will hate it! God loves when we stop telling lies and he loves when we stop co-signing on this foolishness! This is one reason why people adopt the world’s system because the church standards are no different from theirs. Where is the true light and the salt of the city?… The church is embarrassing to me! When there is no standard why come? Somebody isn’t a walking Epistle… let alone being a witness…The biggest deceit of all…. is when we are not confronting the lies we are faced with on a daily!

Yes… its hard but why are you in ministry if you are too afraid to say… YOU GOT TO GO WITH THE CRAZINESS AND MESSINESS! Another sad truth… how so many Christians lend an ear to lies but wont back up the people who have the courage to call it out? Do  you have to wonder why you have “faithful deceivers”?

Instead the  truth  tellers … are  generally ostracized by  their  own…quietly shunned by members and leaders!  I know the dangers of allowing liars to sit among you… Its going   eventually  set in motion something that you will never be prepared to deal with…being embarrassed is one thing … but when lies are brought to the forefront… OPEN SHAME… is a different story! It’s at this point your ministry  reputation is on the line!

Out of all the human  characteristics people can be… liars and deceivers rank the lowest with God! Jealousy and envy are gravely behind.

 Why do we accept anything in leaderships and ministry and then long after scandal disrupts our lives.

Remember in  leadership in the church    there is supposed to be a STANDARD…. NOT STATUS!  You lose respect when boundaries are not in place and we busy bodies and trouble makers because of what?   I am not understanding  why many  keep  inviting trouble based on the foolish reasoning even if they are personal!

Janky folks shouldn’t even be governing our children or anyone else for that matter… Destiny and dream invaders may often be the very people we should have gotten rid of long time ago.  Its  terrible when we equate comfortability with evil people we know well…Eventually wheat and tares will be separated even on the watch of those who are supposed to be watch… My concern will you be burned alongside the tares?