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THE LETTER X  IS…. THE 24TH LETTER IN THE ALPHABET.. and in English orthography is considered the “voiceless” consonant when its followed by a stressed vowel or consonant. Not to be confused with the mathematical “X” which is the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE  OR UNKNOWN VALUE!

Just think about that for a minute? Depend on where the X is located… there is a certain position… stressed!  Yet, in math… NO ONE KNOWS THE VALUE …UNLESS???

For many of you who don’t know I love me…some X-Men. When you are considered “eccentric” … or above average, extremely powerful and gifted in certain areas… This is an X-factor!

The X-factor doesn’t necessarily mean you are better than someone else, neither does it mean you were born a “freak of nature”. This is why so many people who are extremely “gifted” are often left out of many circles … because the person doesn’t appear to be normal to “them”…

I related so well with Super Heroes!  The X-men has more spiritual connotations that people tend to believe. I love the cartoons and I own basically every last Marvel Movie about them.

In my day because when you are considered … “different” and or “exceptional”…This was my way of expressing who I was. These fictional characters may not be a light-bulb moment for some of you… but those of us who have something that many fear, but they want it and can’t handle it!

God had given you this or these gifts. Because some of us are “exceptional” in more than one area. Which is something that people envy immediately because it can’t be emulated nor duplicated…

People have a tendency  to do  a few  things…

1) Abuse you…because they can’t explain what it is that you possess, it oppose a threat in someway to them. So you battle against jealousy and envy and any other negative spirits…

Some people hate you because of the way you see life even if it’s in another dimension and with different powers.  How many times I have been called weird or ostracized by my own…because I was  born with the gift foresight!



The character that most identifies me. out of the Marvel characters…Was Jean Grey AKA the PHOENIX(Redd, Ms. Psyche, Marvel Girl).

The “Phoenix”  is my spiritual name which has loads of fire power and telepathic abilities. The danger is  YOU MUST  be mature enough to handle them.

Love you , hate you at the same time.  They know you possess a “uniqueness”!

2) They want to capitalize physically and or spiritually… If it’s a money-maker, crowd pleaser, a movement for popularity… they will downplay you while getting all the accolades off of your gift(s).

 Sometimes people with the X-factor become defective because of  being mishandled… some place in their lives. When X factor.gifted people are not nurtured properly they have a tendency to draw THE SAME OR MORE  dysfunctions and other people like themselves.

Misery loves company!  Everyone that is gifted doesn’t necessarily mean  they possess… the X-factor…

I often tell parents with children who are “exceptional” … You must exercise a personal and another careful watch because they are different. It can be graduating from Harvard at 12 years of age or being a musical genius…

Today’s society is so strange to me because  many have a tendency to embrace the right things for the wrong reasons…  We love animals and belittle humans!  We let our children be in the company of messy mentors…

I don’  think so!  

I rather have someone with character to mentor than someone who is exceptionally gifted… this is why we have some of the most gifted people with a lot of emotional baggage and damaged because parents allowed anyone to sow into their lives.

The X-Men might be fictional but I dare you to start watching or studying the characters… When we learn the lesson in each movie…I come away with a lot!

My point…

GIFTS… is freely given to you  by God… its, in your DNA you know you possess. The values is never known… it is determined by what you want it to be and that’s the UNKNOWN! Gifts are without question… Its undeniable

TALENT… is something you work at  with the question if its stressed it might work for you it might not .. It all depends…. like in the alphabet.  Neither gift or talent work against each other… but when the are together… Results of who you are and what you are.. are amplified. If  what you do comes natural its a gift!

Talent comes up tricky… because talents are often “seen” or determine on one’s perception  but not necessarily the truth.  What some call talent sometimes might  be disasters! That’s why its tricky! 

Each and everyone of us possess something that they should proud of … Some of us just have that little something special and a little something extra…It doesn’t mean God can’t use you… But he knows who will go that extra mile and that is why many of them have extraordinary staying powers… to possess their journey and accomplish their destiny!

Yet, I want us to learn that both needs to be nurtured, care for and looked after… and without proper protocol and discipline they are BOTH easily lost… if they are in the wrong hands, and mishandled!

When you have a the X-factor be prepared…although you might  possess this or these natural abilities… Persecution is also  amplified! The X-factor will face much opposition and many challenges. We are born with another level of endurance that the average person might stress out over!  

Please remember there is always variances and differences… But there is something that God deepens the X-men and women with! His EXTRA…ordinary on your ordinary!