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I believe in freedom of speech…but I believe in respect towards anyone! Even if we don’t agree there is ever any need for hatred , racism, bigotry or disrespect.

Regardless of race… Afro Americans are still depicted in a negative manner!

When the Police Commissioner calls the President the N…word… I am terribly offended because… 1) He is still the President of the United States! 2)He is a well-educated man 3) He has never gotten the respect he deserves as a President 4) I am embarrassed that our country still have racial hatred more than ever!

 As we can see racism seems to come out  of the woodwork…  and there are still people who feel that all blacks eat fried chicken and watermelon! It’s this kind of crap that irritates me! No matter if  man or woman achieves his or her best… I do believe the lack of respect for human beings is absolutely despicable! 

Many others  feel this way about Afro-American people… so, yet again… people like Mr. Copeland can seem to get past these ignorant stereotypical comments by deep-rooted racism!

Mr. Robert Copeland of the Wolfeboro Police Commissioner…  of New Hampshire allegedly called President Obama a racial slur and refuse to apologize.  

How far have we really come?… I am “outraged” that the President of the United States is still looked up as below average even with his Harvard Law Degree! Are you serious Mr. Copeland? 

What a crying  shame that people refuse to respect the President… NO matter what he is consider less than.  I don’t care about what race is ever in the White House… Yet, President Obama and his family have been sorely, rudely disrespected!  New Hampshire… I am expecting you to get rid of the your hateful Commissioner!

Its no surprise here since only 20 Afro Americans live in Wolfeboro,  out of  6,300 citizens…This tells me a lot!