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This is my spin(Writer65) on those who are running for  Chicago Political Offices…

Well, for starters…

th (4)As many like to  take their licks at Chicago’s  Mayor, Rahm Emanuel… for being in your face… At least he wants to go get in your face! He answers questions and he’s not afraid to go toe to toe with Chicago’s  Goliaths…

I saw the difference in Mr. Emanuel’s political  machine in comparison what was honestly left behind on his watch.

 I respectfully disagree with Mr. Emanuel on certain issues but other than that…Considering all that he had to endure…He had to be tough and do what many didn’t want to do. Face the TRUTH ABOUT CHICAGO  MESSES….

CHANGE for people is difficult… dealing with his straightforwardness… Many can’t handle… Either you want Chicago to get on its feet or not! Change will begin when the people get their head out of the sands and STAND!

As much as people say they cared in Chicago… I heard a lot of talk ,saw hidden agendas, and questionable actions. Sadly many feel like the Mayor Emanuel needs to come to their homes to fix generational dysfunctions. In fact the people  must take control before anything else get out-of-pocket. I have seen this disaster too many times…


 Some people have a tendency to want a lot of coaxing and hand holding about inside generational issues. I personally have seen what has happened because many looked away with many community functions!  

The blame game  is so unnecessary… Yet, look at how many before him did nothing for Chicago… And look at half of Chicago and State of Illinois politicians…Sitting in their new “orange fashion” gear!

What a crying shame it is…That many shifting blame all over the place. Many tell the public what they want to hear only to see in mid swing they are either dumb as box of rocks… or they really don’t care. Mission accomplished they got in office!

The story of Chicago had begun long  before Mayor Emanuel had taken office!  Although many cut throat, opportunists ride him over a lot of nonsense! The truth is crimes and corruptions was called on the “last administration” … but the FEDS HAD THE FINAL SAY! THE TRUTH WAS THEN PUT IN OUR FACES!

Undeniably the Chicago Educated went to jail… Money and greed are their gods! 

I stand corrected… But what amazed me is, when I saw Chicago being mishandled by leaders and voiced my concerns…I heard nothing and I saw nothing!  I saw how people were in bed with their picks and choices!  I saw people showing up at marches as long as the media was there and cameras rolling… How pathetic is this? How many use this Anti-Violence platform for cheap shots including gaining leverage for political offices?…YUCK!

Ask them to show up for strong educational purposes… No  one to impress so nobody shows up!  Many that claim they will help the community and want to curb the violence in Chicago… but hardly ever show up unless it’s apart of their phony resumes, photo opts, and media social networking!

I have witnessed the craziness first hand…Certain individuals come to events to appear like they care… When the turn out was low they  will signed their names on on the sign up sheet and when they realize there was no  horse pony show… so they split! Chicago can’t afford to deal with anymore opportunists and the phoniness! What expense when there is a enormous lost of lives…


1)When they are NOT smarter than a 5th grader or too educated to come down to earth…NOPE!

2)When all they can see is dollar and no common sense…NOPE!th (3)

3)When they are already bona-fide liars… NOPE!

4) When people vying for political offices for  popularity by playing  games in the church. All because you are actively playing church doesn’t mean you are actively in God…NOPE

5) When people know  you are  already  perpetrator…NOPE

6)Vote for people you know who has the experience keeping it 100 hundred. … Hanging out with folks for a title position doesn’t qualify you! NOPE

7)When they have substance abuse problems, physically and emotional abusive to their spouses men or women. Signs of some more deeper issues…NOPE

8)When you so darn arrogant and believe you are a people person. Somewhere you will forget what you were hired to do. This happens a lot in Chicago….NOPE

9)When you are hanging around “big wigs” waiting for your opportunities to seize Chicago with more ignorance…NOPE

10)When  you want to impress others with all that you do…and it doesn’t amount to ANYTHING! Many that run could care less about the people but more of a status move…NOPE

Chicago needs a serious awakening when it comes  to politics.  The truthful ones are considered too radical.. and the liars are embraced quite easily. They don’t rock the block,  nor the boat…let alone the vote!

Being in every community march doesn’t mean you even care about what goes on in Chicago. If God was to put what the agenda was on a movie screen… I honestly believe all of us will be embarrassed about who “we” think might should be in the political arena!

Watch “especially” those who claim to be Christians… they can and will be sneaky devils!

If  Chicago hasn’t got enough political junk in office…Be Smart Chicago! Stop going along with the losers… being a chess piece in checkers games!