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Forming a opinion 

 Preconceived Usually  unfavorably judgments toward, persons because of…



Social class





Political views or opinions

 Other personal characteristics…

I recently went inside a store on the South Side of Chicago, predominantly all Afro-American…  I was short on time and I was more than 60 miles away from home and I wanted to get in before dark so, I shopped in the city to cut back on time.  

A family member and I coax the aisles quickly.  An  Afro-American woman approached me Asked can she help me?  I asked her about an item I was purchasing  and I wanted to do a comparison on my item.

She had no clue about the product but then she rudely interjected with some nonsense. I mean it was so off the wall. I politely had spoken the King’s English, which terribly infuriated her greatly.

I was “basically” on the wrong side of town shopping to begin with…   But, I  let her know who I was and ran circles around her ignorance which made her that much more angrier.   I was a little taken back but not really because yet, lately these are my experiences with some Afro Americans!

But  relentlessly I “stood” my ground and let her know who I was! Because attacks like this had become more frequent towards me in Afro American neighborhoods and  I have my own theory about being in certain areas to begin with!

 She went from 0 to 16 over an item “I was purchasing”… I let her have it!   She looked me up and down as if I disgusting to  her. Can you imagine that?… And I knew… Here we go again!

She then went on with all these stories as if she was rebuking me for being in the store.  My family member couldn’t believe that I  was the one being “racially attacked” right in front of her… Who happens to be Afro-American.  

And it wasn’t that long before I had just wrapped it up for the lady and got her together… Another young lady witnessed the whole ordeal but remained polite towards me… but I knew this was about something else…

In my heart… I knew this wasn’t anything new for me… I have had this experience many, many times before especially with women!  It wasn’t reverse racism just plain old racism… It was the same thing I had experienced before more recent than ever… prejudices, racism or discrimination!

When you find many “insecure” women… they can be treacherous and dangerous no matter what race they are.  Unfortunately because I am in the inner city and doing community involvement….

I have personal dealt with many “ignorant”  Afro -American women and some were suppose to be “CHRISTIANS”… “Educated and uneducated”… There is no place off-limits for their  evil, hatred, jealousy, prejudices… and  or racism !

In actuality what has become frequent… was now becoming more and more my “reality”. My experience within Afro-American community was no different…The woman wanted me out of the store because  looked too Spanish….  

More than ever I have encountered prejudices and deep-rooted jealousy and hateful women no matter where I go… And don’t think for one minute church is off limits…They are the worst!  

Many would like to ignore that racism is going on right under their nose with people they favor, love or like…

We would like to think that we are  not being racially profiled or people have preconceived ideas about who you are … and they take on this attitude of ” HOW DARE YOU BE HERE?”… It’s in the forefront of our churches especially…  Afro Americans are not exempt from being “racists” !  

My experiences for being a woman of mixed race… the troubles are becoming more and each day!   Sadly, I have been hurt by my own who I have been quite open about how racists one side of my family was.  

My family “honestly” looks like a the United Nations… many cultures and ethnic backgrounds!  I can’t really recall if I was being discriminated against when I was younger because I was always surrounded with other human beings from all walks of life and cultures…

Until as I grew into a young adult woman… I had begun to see the prejudices even in my own backyard… I was called “different”… on the Afro-American side of my family… I knew exactly what it meant. I wasn’t black enough!

I do have a name… and Spanish lady… isn’t my name…  It’s the  “tone” in which things are being spoken!  And why do we continue to ignore when someone is racists is a mind blower for me.anti-racism-campaign-color-small-19948

Its funny when someone else say that I ran into some Afro-American who  happens to be racists…watch reactions as if  black people can’t be hateful!

 No matter how black my mother was …My Latin roots are showing up strongly as I get older  and because of it… 

I am still not accepted and it  didn’t bother me then and it doesn’t  longer bothers me now! I am who I am…  This is idiotic behavior!

Unfortunately, the mixed race have even more greater struggles to be apart of  many arenas. What isn’t talk about is just how nasty we are being treated . Yes, it’s easier to not address it and smooth it over… among our own.  I do not dumb down to blatant racism, discrimination nor  disrespect.  When you h ar comments and  things being said…

We know she isn’t really black so why is she here? Or when I am being labeled as a Mexican jumping bean… Miss Taco Bell and Miss Burrito…Or go back to Little Village ( Spanish community in Chicago) And if you think  some  of the churches aren’t heavy with   prejudices…think again! I have been ostracized in the so-called Houses of God… hmmm?

I have been “hated” and discriminated for being first… A woman… A woman of a mixed race…. a minister too. Believe it we have undercover chauvinism.  It fronts but it’s there. .. and its in more in places of worship than anyplace else.  

But hear me!… I find myself going more and more where I belong and without all the hassles! How true this is for many of us who have had negative experiences….I purposely,  go on the other side of town because I am accepted there  and it’s safer….

I don’t condone,ignore or co-sign on  any of the behavior . No more than any other race… saying “I have some black friends”…the rebuttal would be hilarious but its dangerous living! Preconceived judgments about anyone isn’t wise! No more than all black folks eat watermelon.  Many people who don’t consider themselves prejudice or racist… Listen to what is coming out of  your mouths!

Many leaders today  are afraid to address ” racism and discrimination”… It doesn’t take a lot of guts to say its wrong!  What is even sadder many continue stand behind people who are full of this kind of ignorance and hatred as if this behavior is non-existing! When you are not being confrontational on real issues… who needs you? We need people on the front lines of telling the truth first of all… and character with integrity should be the first order of business… I have very little respect for  hypocrites …. saying on thing and being another way when they are confronted with this kind of hatred. 

Lets ask… What atonement is being set in our homes and especially the church house? 

Honestly what has ” really” changed?…. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!