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My personal story was that I had taken ill some years ago…

One morning while exercising I got very dizzy and feel to the floor!  I went to the emergency room… with  a  onslaught  of test being taken,  not knowing what was really going wrong in my body.

I was young… and with all the other issues I had… I had vertigo so terrible that the doctors didn’t understand why the dizziness and all I could explain is that my room flips. I then started to lose my balance a lot.  

I wasn’t able to stand but moments at a time and I had been facing the ground to  find a posture to stand.  Meaning I had to stay hunched over to find my way around.  All the medicine they had given me made me feel sicker.  I could no longer drive… take the stairs, or can’t hold my head down or up in the air too long…

Simple things we all take for granted! I could no longer work… and I was in my thirties filing for disability which is a fight in itself.  People had to get over the initial shock… that I was ill… at a young age!

I found myself struggling with the “wait” of being approved and out of work at the same time. Mentally this messes with your head because you have no idea… what is going to happen to you why you wait.

And if you want to see where people really are…get sick, or lose your job… A real test of who is really in your corner… I found out I had more struggles  and the burden of being ill was already enough.  The constant probing your body is ridiculous because it’s too much work just filing the papers.

I know people who pretended to be mentally ill and they got their disability quicker… by telling lies to survive.. I refuse to be documented on a lie… and the fight is still on.  I have no idea why filing for  disability in this country is so difficult. People with all kinds of serious  diseases has been denied…

It’s a pitiful day in this country when our Veterans are fighting for better health care and if you are a drug addict you are paid to be one, and or if  go on the books saying that you are mentally ill you can now get a check. REALLY?

The real issues that Americans face can’t be truly be compared to hell we are experiencing for education and health care. Who should beg a country to get paid equally and fairly… What  the really working people pay into… We don’t get it  back… I love my country but there is something wrong when people who are really in need have to go through so much havoc to be well, healthy or educated.

Personally, I am not impressed with too many of our Presidents… because all I see is much ado about NOTHING!

Someone that I know … Her mother has been fighting to receive her disability after having a successful career…She became disabled after having a tumors on her brain. After losing  simple cognitive skills and  can barely write on paper to remember how to drive herself  home is just painful to hear.

Sadly,  she tried to work at a   Dollar Store stacking cards… which took 8 hours  that should have been done all in 8 minutes.  She is now “trying” work as a janitor… and is driving on Lake Shore Drive… which I totally disagree with to get to her job because their is constant confusion.  When I write this article today … its painful to know that in this country…No one speaks out against this travesty of getting disability. th (1)

She has struggled and lost everything including her home.  It hurts me to see anyone in distress but for people like myself… who loved their jobs and one situation changed me completely….

In my own struggle I know that I know it was only God and God alone that help me through some difficult challenges in my life. Total strangers were better to me than the church, or my own family…

This trial that I am fighting to come back everyday even from all the setbacks in my life after battling many challenges. Even working as a  minister is no walk in the park. It’s a rewarding spiritual  service but physical money…especially women ministers that stand with some decency and integrity … there wont  be a lot of money! There must be other sources of income! I have to be forever learning… I am middle aged finding myself constantly repositioning myself for something better. Unfortunately when you go through many over rate support from family and others. That’s not my story! I had to fight to survive and I still fight!

Money can’t give you great health but lead  you to some quality health care… Ask people who are fighting to get their disability… People don’t understand what disability really is… Its anything that can hinder or disable you from working! And nothing… and  I mean nothing “irks” me more… than hear a bunch of patriotic rebuttals about loving the people when I am writing today about just few but I know there are many in numbers….

What is even more disturbing.. that if you are honestly disabled… you will be disabled… NOT ONLY PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY!  BUT DEALING WITH IGNORANCE AND SELFISHNESS OF OUR  DISABLE GOVERNMENT! th