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Let  me share something that might be relaxing for those of us who need a little  “Tender Love and Care”… and some  “ME” time!

Generally on Thursday for the last 15 years… I do something on Thursday’s that prepares me for the weekend! 

So allow me to set the scene for Jazz Thursday Chicago… and I include the weather or the mood of Chicago…  Like today…” Happy Jazz “Gorgeous” Thursday Chicago”!  For the people who don’t know… Music  is my passion and my gift that comes so easily and  secondary… I adore percussions… so Jazz Thursday is apart of my “Chillax” (Chilling and relaxing) and regroup day…

This might include  candlelight dinner and bath… Spa treatment… and some oldies, I love dinner and classical music along with my favorite smooth jazz! And  the day  might include a trip for lunch and shopping in  New York… or somewhere  around Chi Town for me to relax!

 So one particularly  summer afternoon in 2001… on Sound Stage” on PBS… I stumbled upon something I absolutely can’t seem to get over.  Burt Bacharach and Ronald Isley singing some oldies that Mr. Bacharach had written for famous artists like the Fifth Dimension,  Dionne Warwick… and many others.

I was hooked! To this day I have no idea who came up with the idea of this wonderful collaboration… but the  CD… was simply off the meter! I honestly believe that this CD… slipped pass so many years ago! Who do you know that write like this musical genius and croon like Mr. Isley…

Revisit the PBS Special and tell me what you think and what is your favorite song! I love the entire CD… but here are just two of my favorite Bacharach songs!