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Have  you ever encountered an individual that you know has questionable behavior and a bona-fide liar?

Here is the real skinny on a person whose words are smooth as butter when they are delivering  lies, wrong information, negative speech, gossip and they have “self” on their mind all the time…

There are many types of liars and many degrees of telling lies…But I will deal with only the 7 that I encounter on a daily and what I consider to be “armed and dangerous”.

1) Fantasy liars(Exaggeration, embellishes the truth for a fake reality.”)

2) Chronic liars ( Lie about anything … can’t seem to stop lying is addictive)This liar is a danger to anyone including themselves!  Pathological.. is more deeply rooted look around dangerous behavior follows this individual)

3) Compulsive liars ( Out of sheer impulse a lie is driven… If he or she feels defeated… when all else fails… Lie and keep lying until if actually might feel good to the person.  A false sense of accomplishments

4)Denial  liars ( Refusing to acknowledge the truth no matter what is apparent) 

5)Protective liars (Avoid confrontation so they lie to keep down) 

6)Fabrication liars( Make up any story as they go) 

7)Smooth liars  (Crafty, quick and experience with connecting their lies. This liar I believe we all much be more careful about….Many people take their guards down and completely tackled or blindsided with these type of liars. Can’t see it coming! Lie well to you and about you!)

The hurtful truth is that lying destroys people lives. No matter how big or small. Lies always have a way of coming out and spreading discord!  Watch a gossiper…If they bring destruction to your spirit they will take something back to destroy even if you haven’t said a word. Messy people have a tendency to fit all categories of lying. Yet, many encounter unskilled liars… they tells so many lies there is record of what they lied about , so they are instantly caught.  

Often times when you find a gossip or messy people … You will find a more grief in the person with deception on all levels. Sooner or later they will involve you with or without your permission.

All churches have busy bodies, troublemakers and gossipers… But all churches don’t continue to breed them.

You breed them by listening or partaking in the messiness!  Notice when you have them packed in a huddle like wolves.. seeking to destroy marriages, maim reputations, set traps… or seek opportunities by telling lies! This is the part that I truly loathe! There are some people who could care less of who they destroy because they are “self-seeking”.  When we are in a place of business, employment, or even organization…

Get away from negative people… Get away from people who bring a lot of garbage to the table…. When I see the influx of a lot of messy people there is  clear indication… a lack of character building, and very low self-esteem…Becoming a liar and being liar means  you represent deception.  Isn’t it funny they get so easily offended when they are confronted? Or…When they are the ones finally being lied on?

Ministerially  I find myself very stand- offish  and I am very selective with the labels of being called “my friend”, and with people who are about self and don’t care who self arrives to a position, place or power!   Being a liar comes with a lot. I don’t care who favors you or you think likes you. Liars will weave you into their world.

I am mindful of tricky people trying to attach themselves to my camp. I keep my inner circle small because it’s easier to pin point the messiness. I am determined to stay away from negative people period! With liars I understand boundaries more than ever! Be mindful of affiliated with those who have a habit of being dishonest. Sooner or later either you become part of their lies… on eventually the lies will be told on you!