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When it comes to the  gun violence in Chicago… I am not so much taken back with the level of violence but I am taken back with the lack of major concern that it is happening.  

Gun violence is wide spread…Its not limited to “Urban America”  but it’s hitting Suburbia as well.   The gun violence in Chicago is more expensive but its overwhelming. Can you imagine the “trauma units” or the city hospitals who are dealing with more gun shot wounds  than ever?

This past Thursday was quite disturbing to me because it seems like the violence is non-stop.  As I recall an incident when I was leaving church one night from a program.  Out of no where … A some guys  came across our car firing away… It was only the grace of God… that a bullet didn’t hit me or my family that was in the car.  They were actually shooting without regard to what if…  

I can recall that night I knew that my coming and going through certain areas was my new reality.  And I am more than aware it can happen anywhere at anytime… I remember that night… How angry I was… and how I thank God  that no one was killed that night.  

As I watched news that came across my cell phone yesterday…My faith was a little shaken…because  I wanted to know it why it’s all going wrong and what are we going to do to stop it?

Although, I hear the pleas for Martial Law… but I want to people to really study about Martial Law… it’s no joke! and nothing that can be taken lightly.  If we all pitch in to do our parts and that might be stepping up and policing our own blocks.

It will take simple steps  to a much more complicated epidemic in Chicago. It wont solve the problem entirely but we have to curb it!

 On the home front we must first and foremost…Get back to basic parenting . I know that there is no magic pill but prayer changes everything.  We must annihilate generational curses… by getting back to hands on parenting with our young… and for some… community surrogate.  It might not offset all the issues of violence but its a start.

Something is terribly wrong with this generation  along with our society that has this fascination with guns.  Many of our children  prefer  playing hard, being hard and being a shot caller. All this media hype with violence influence them more than ever!

There is nothing more despicable than how the murderous demons on a rampage to take lives and to purposely and senselessly destroy lives out of sheer hatred and  ignorance!  What a bloody Thursday!