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On yesterday, a story broke about two twelve-year olds… who plotted to kill another young girl. As the story went on … it was planned by who she “thought” was her best friend!  

When the story came across the screen… I knew that the girl who  had been attacked…will have to deal with the psychological damages and will need a lot of prayer and counseling to get through such a horrific ordeal.  

It brought back to me a terrible experience I had when I was in  my twenties…

A “so-called ” best friend and I were going to watch a Chicago Bull’s game… So we planned that we would get together.   I didn’t drive, so she picked me up.

A very close friend to me  and we called Auntie had been warning me…that the person  was jealous and I should pay attention to her.  Something in me clicked…Well… in my gut, I knew something wasn’t  quite right but foolishly I ignored it anyway to some” degree’!  

That Saturday, evening I was getting myself prepared because I was determined to go to church on Sunday.  And I knew whatever I did to  not consume  too much or any alcohol. I didn’t even eat what was prepared for snacks. I was on the edge and I didn’t know why!

Oddly, when I got there … she had a friend that just hated me and I had no idea she would be invited  because I would have declined. But I “quickly”  discern  the set up. This woman didn’t know anything about me but I knew she   hated me and my so-called best friend knew it! Anyone could see her strong dislike for me  and the jealousy…

Now, in my mind… I have dealt with this crap much too often and determined to enjoy myself, but I paid attention…  I saw the two women go in another room… which something in my gut…which I knew was God… Let me know to get up and prepare to  leave and I hadn’t been there that long.

As it grew dusk and the  two women continued to consume their alcohol… The  courage to maim me grew stronger and their attitudes became nastier! I was sober “thank God”…. because I knew by now I would have been well on my way of being inebriated as well…At this point I knew my life was in serious danger!

But I felt that pull to start contacting a guy that I  was dating at the time.. to come get me… I was feeling more than uncomfortable… I knew I had to create a disturbance so that the neighbors in the building would come and see something went awry!But he worked nights and fast asleep!

It was if … I heard them talking through the door… The woman had a straight razor and was going to cut me in the face… My “so-called” best friend made a statement that was  “devastating” She said…Don’t cut her in her apartment …She actually told her to lead me to the hallway… and somehow we would end up stabbing me in the  woods that was  located in the  back of her apartment building!

All I could think about what my Auntie had warned me about. I was so hurt but I knew I has to either get bold enough to know if I died… Someone would know who did it.

 Before the woman could pull the razor out that she kept  in her bra.  I told her if… If she even think she is going to cut me … I told her I would rip her head off… It frightened her because she was trying to figure out how did I know…My “so-called” best friend was instigating the assault for the woman to cut me with the razor was so shocked and embarrassed seems like.

At this time… my “so-called” best friend was so taken back she got up and took me home immediately! It scared her… she knew that I knew she was in on it. My view was… She saw me call someone so she thought that I warned people what was going to happen.  I did however call my Auntie, to let her know they were going to kill me.  My Auntie stayed in city at that time… so she wouldn’t make it to me in time enough to stop what might happen. She would call the Police…

This happened to so many years ago…but just to write about  it,  the pain returns of what I felt was more than the ultimate betrayal, I knew that someone wanted to bring physical harm and on purpose! Mentally it took me a minute to recover… My words against hers but I was spared but I remain on guard!

The story doesn’t end here…  

Wait…There was another part to this story… A few days before a girl my age was murdered in the woods by her so-called best friend and another girl plotted to kill her for months… that was my last warning!

God sends us warnings all the time but often time we prefer looking and listening in the opposite direction.  For years I was always dealing with a lot of hatred and or jealousy.  No one could answer why I experienced this attack so relentlessly…  As I grew from some dangerous and painful seasons in my life… I knew to learn to pay attention!  I know now in this world…Everyone isn’t playing with a full deck… and bad behavior exist whether I choose to accept it or not.  

In ministry” back- stabbers are definitely in the  church… I have honestly seen the cruelest…people claiming to love God or lovers of God…  I knew my calling was to do thsomething  greater and I promise God… I would watch over his people….

Watch Christianity  and other religious group. Going to church is no more of an indication that anyone loves God. Some of the worst experiences in my life came out of a church! Although people pretend and role play… from the pulpit to the pews… WATCH!

There should be  a level of seeing God and feeling God near them…Love is essential. NO LOVE IT AIN’T GOD!  As simple as it sounds people tend to ignore all the troublemakers in the church. As if God would somehow “magically” removed them…When he as given us dominion! ( Genesis 1:26 ) We must take authority! 

Unfortunately… I offend a lot of  “so-called” bible believing, devil stomping Believers… When one is offended in church … that kind of pain isn’t that easily dismissed because many have a”false sense” of the real reality… Evil people go to church… Satan loves church… The greatest weapon of destroying a Christian is offended them with what they believe in… God will get the blame all the time for what we ignore on our watches…

Many pedophile Priests were ignored… with some that are rightly convicted… there is a sense it’s off. I know that God gives us this inner knowing… that we have a tendency to get away from… Yet, it is weapontry that we love to downplay because we don’t people to think we are weird…so we go unprotected… I warn people about the church not because I despise the church… but because I don’t want the people to get wounded with the lies that many churches today represents.  I tell the story of my own experiences to shield God’s people by sending off the clarion alarm… DON’T BE STUPID TO THE PLOTS AND PLANS OF THE ENEMY!  

If you  are armed with the truth…you are not taken completely off your position to fight and be prepared to fight back.  My heart was filled with the pain of the little girl who thought one  was her friend…

Trusting people will be no more and that might be a good thing… but there is the wound of being hurt and or betrayed by someone you thought cared or loved you back…  I have been here before… And it hurts!

I know about this all too well… People say one thing but then you see or experience another… I learned so much even out of the pain…I saw my own progress… You don’t need to be trusting everything and everyone… I advocate this immensely even in the church… We are still human beings!  

The human heart is deceiving and tricky… Evil spirits need a willing participant and often time you can’t believe who really shake hands with the devil under any kind of light!Remember “betrayal” often starts with trust and can be silence in your stand. We must teach our children and ourselves to not ignore warning signs.  Some people have history of being deceitful even in their stance!

Red flags and words of caution always proceeds first… but we must pay attention…  You hear someone “loves you” and experience the total opposite… We must all learn when to disconnect from people, places and things! I have seen so many get betrayed because they ignore the signs thinking they will never betray you.  Some see the tricky behavior and make excuses for it because that is who they choose to favor.  I know that this will be the greatest pain because one ignored what was obvious in put in their face!

Christ experienced “betrayal” many times… but ultimate kiss of death…came from someone near him and close to him.  Being a little paranoid wont hurt you because you must learn to discern the climate of people even if you like them.  The pain is deeper when it comes from someone you love or who you thought was a friend….Betrayal is something serious and it can be hard to deal with and to  get over…

Although, I understand and experience  being betrayed many times…by colleagues, loved ones and even family members…The pain is in a place only someone that has experience could actually relate. I don’t ignore people when they reveal to me … how dirty they are or how low they can go! Stop making excuses when God is showing you something is off…Follow the trial… it wont be long before “true colors” are revealed!

Betrayal begins in the end the mud or thick of things but even the manure you rise again to the top with new heights and growth….No matter what , I choose to forgive but leave messiness characteristics alone.

Regardless, of what the situation is…  I refuse to let that person or people have that much ” authority” over me…  You have to know there are bad people in the world even in the places we believe to be sacred…

Pay Attention! Get rid of negative people  all the signs are there!