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If you haven’t heard… You will all know by  tonight and tomorrow…So far, 6 or 7 people shot inside a Laundry Mat on the south side of Chicago…

Chicago has an open market for  rogues among the so-called investors of our community… Whose gaining more popularity, more political pull, power and persuasion?  

OOPS… I am sorry , because I thought this was supposed to about being agents of changing NOT EXCHANGING! 

People capitalize on poor folks and it’s not always the poor folks that is provoking the violence in our communities! Take a look at the real motives of people all in the name of stopping the violence!

God said what is done in secret he openly rewards you! Hmmm? So,when we say want media exposure what are we really asking for? I have been having those Dr. Phil moments and not Dr. Feelgood……

How is having numerous media coverage working for us? The answer is almost frightening! I know better  than to just believe that tackling violence in the open isn’t always the necessary “key ingredient” to what build or tears at the fabric of the family dynamics….Its call the TRUTH!

The blame game starts with  the excuse of what someone else has done to you… but I ask….What did you do to someone?

On yesterday… radio stations across Chicago… stopped the music to address the violence that is epidemic.  I applauded Mayor Emanuel for his efforts to get this madness under control as much as he can as seated as Mayor.  He plants the seeds for change.  I appreciate the block parties and all the things we should be able to do as a community without fear but lets keep it real!

I am not a Rahm Emanuel hater and wont be.  I know that when  you are going for change and readjusting the maladies of Chicago… It’s going to start with… being confrontational about Chicago’s history of violence…and handling what was been mishandled! How soon we forget about the Mob…who planted seeds and look at the” murderous”  harvest! … 


For those who love to bash him… Quite honestly I do understand why he has made some hard-core decisions that have some in a total uproar but someone has to do it.   I propose many questions and I want a sincere assessment how and what might work to curb the murderous demons!  Take another perspective and think about it….I don’t care per se…of who likes the Mayor of Chicago.

He had enough “guts” to take some hits in order to clean up the mess of what was left.  I AM NOT religious but I know there is a GOD and that provokes  and promotes a relationship!   I am unapologetic about my relationship with GOD and I know the moral fibers of this country is so profoundly twisted and jacked up! 

Although, many claim to have a connections with having a church for doing community services, and almost occult followings if I can say that…But I know in Chicago we still must  be mindful of the “tricky churches”… especially… There a run many a ruse in the NAME OF GOD…

So my personal warning…DON’T GET SUCKERED WITH CHICAGO  RELIGIOUS FOLKS… Stay focused on what God really requires all of us to do. Unite… No matter of race, creed and or religion. Chicago got a lot of “janky” religious leaders and organizations riding on God but want popularity and use the people as a way of stepping up their game.  


Its time we awaken from the sleeping “Giant of Ignorance”… Who has “bewitched” us into believing that systemic violence begin with just being impoverished… and uneducated.  I would like  to say we have a new cultural millionaires who I would say are not uneducated neither are they poor!

Our society power trips!

We have more media saying…Get rich and Die Trying! Okay…Wrong message!   Become a “gangsta rapper” and shoot each other! Wrong message!

 Get on filthy reality shows… make money “airing your dirty laundry” and become the next diva… wrong message…

If it hasn’t gotten dumb enough already… Are we saying we promote filthy music and videos…Keep our jobs but stop the violence…. I honestly ask God to HELP ME!   Can I go here? I applaud all of the Chicago DJ’s who have taken the time to address the violence in our communities …

No… I didn’t bother calling in  because I know what the opinions are but I am weighing in on more… forthcoming about the solutions and the  truth and nothing BUT!

I believe that violence is definitely  homegrown!  I know that many times we keep looking away and fail to address the “real issues” and it’s not always about getting money and education….

Without some sense of value ….money and prestige still have a way of bring corruption. Until we address “the dysfunctions” in our own home…We will continue to be putting people in body bags! Chicago needs to stop perfuming… the funk! We know  good and well the minute we address the “true social ills” within our community… attitudes spark!

 We want everyone to think we are more sensitive than that… Alright already… feeding the frogs to fatten snakes will not alleviate violence.  We must take off the rose-colored glasses!YES, OUR CHILDREN… need love but they also need discipline. And that might start with stronger parenting!  One thing I noticed about all the craze gun totters… they have no regard for human life including their own. Strong family components are the missing… and I don’t need be a good psychologist  for this… What   you get out is what you put into it! Now, I would have to ask…What’s the matter with you?

All situations  might not fit all but I challenge anyone to go back and see all the  killers of 2014 alone to see what criminal past and family dynamics… I can almost guarantee… they were troubled individuals from the beginning even as smaller children.   However, it goes wrong and went wrong.  

Listen to the parents about when the try to defend the “street terrorists”. They will swear before God and the heavenly host their child is a good person.  Okay… I am asking where is the moral stitching in the family? There will be a history of ignoring bad behavior, or where that extra money is coming from with no job!  Your son or daughter is running with the wrong crowd… doesn’t necessarily label them as a troublemaker.

Yet,  something has gone terribly awry…When your son or daughter is running with folks that has a history of being in trouble opens the door or initiates an atmosphere of getting into something negatively!

 I know I have people in my family… that you know has a history of being nuts and keeping up the trouble! And don’t let me start with the troublemakers in the church that instigate and incubate the nonsense as well.  We love to bash the street corners… Lets talk about the “troubled church”.

The church influence has dwindled down because it can’t get its act together either! When you have been in this arena… it wont take you long  for  you to know that the devil leads a lot of ministries!  We  have a lot of pork bellies in the church house…downright obesity on “ego” and bad attitudes!  

Many people are getting more turned off with our religious communities because they are spreading the moral funk of discord too!  I hate it… and I wont be apart of it!  It’s getting to be more about popularity than servicing God’s people… big and small!   Many prefer  building personal resume’s instead of pruning  the ill behavior  some  church hide!They begin with the true weapon of mass destruction… The Bible… constantly “quoting” scriptures instead of living them!

Transparency is quite invisible and I am personally disturbed with this! We have more leaders getting  more bacon than being a beacon.  Don’t fall for the moral compass fiasco… many don’t practice what they preach!  I know that God requires us to lift up his people not milk them on ignorance and “allowing” them not to grow or develop.

People power trip and get rich off of other folks disablement even if  it is a spiritual deficit, community deficit, or financial or educational deficit…. More sharks are in the pool instead of protecting it!

Of course they don’t want people like myself and others who are quite frank about the madness… With violence you better get in its face… because it’s in mines all the time! The fool’s paradise is  believing that Chicago  doesn’t have  enough awareness… But we  should advocate more moral solutions. 

People cannot continue to attack Superintendent Garry McCarthy and the Chicago Police Dept for what they think is a “lack of manpower” in the streets of Chicago.   That’s  not fair to th (4)ask Chicago Law Enforcement to babysit  our households! We have to take back the streets with the help of Law Enforcement.


Violence might be curbed when each individual address and prune the nonsense in their homes before it hits the streets.  Our best becomes more productive  when we stop being so sensitive in nature about the nonsense that many face in their homes. No one should feel even embarrassed if you allowed something to get out of control. But should be comfortable enough to ask for help.

All of us is dealing with some kind of negative behavior  in our lives. Whether its us or someone us. Violence is getting worse each day and Chicago hasn’t even touched the surface on what to do next.  What is obvious in our faces and many continue to ignore it.   Nipping crime in the bud starts in your homes, on your blocks and in your community. What seems like one of many  “simple” solutions its ignored.

If we continue to have a person  shooting just because….Just think what could happen if we  approach and arm ourselves with the truth of what is going on in our homes?…  

Also note… Growing up in upstanding neighborhoods won’t exempt you from the “terrors” of violence coming to your door. Rich folks have some troubled children   as well… They cover their mess with money!  What has been more prevalent than ever its no more evil than it is in any class of life…Rich or poor! Chicago isn’t the only one  dealing with this kind of evil. Indianapolis, Indiana… hit their high this weekend with more murders than ever!Having the money and the means to cover your trouble and labeling it mental illness…

Evil doesn’t ride special labels… this is the Fool’s paradise…It doesn’t happen in my neighborhood… Oh yeah it does…

What is suppose  to be that ray of light is now the biggest money-maker! Care comes in many ways…Showcasing and fronting “Chicago Has Talent” isn’t going to resolve violence no more than anyone playing it safe. We must do more than march the streets…

1) We  have to  get our communities back… block by block, city by city…. By first being quite confrontational at what happened on our watches and make “honest” assessment. We live in a “sugar-coated tell all the lies you can society”.

2) Awaken from the giants of being in a stupor. Violence can be stopped and or contained!

3) Check your agenda… Don’t let marching in the streets and getting on television and with the media be your main objective… I recently checked  the survey… Marching hasn’t decreased violence not one bit… It is truly becoming more and more stereotypical of how we are handling it. Although, I believe marching indicates that we the people are aware… but if they city continues to march divided…Then what?

DISCERN THE TIME …Cold blooded killers are not afraid of anyone marching …Real solutions takes more thought provoking, personal soul-searching , and even turning the ”sword of truth” on our personal lives an cutting this off at its roots.  

Where are the strategies of rebuilding the true family structure?  Don’t think for one minute that people  wont get offended because you ask them to raise their children with some decency and  self-respect. But I am even more offended when I see a body lying out in the middle of the streets as if this crap is normal!

 God is going to all hold all parents accountable to what we have fail to do.  We need more of  than a moral compass… How  about some sheer common sense!

4) Chicago has enough media on the gun violence…What more light can one shed? We need more demanding and some STRONG STREET WARRIORS!  Too many are in the city streets marching for attention! Body bags are everywhere in the streets of Chicago and we are dealing with community rape and exhibitionism! 

If you think gun violence is expensive… try  the cost of consistency in denial and IGNORANCE!