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During this year alone…Chicago has  lost almost  several iconic bookstores not to  mention  major bookstore chains.  For bookstore lovers like myself. I  am definitely starting to feel that sense of loss more than ever.  

Although, I  understand why many may feel the need for me to get over my “stone aged” mentality for loving paper… its hard to say good-bye!

Things might be apparently changing totally digital, there is still something about a paper trail.

I still see the “economy” struggling.  I have heard that statistics crap and yet,I see the subtle decline in education for our children.

Computers and cell phones aren’t cheap. If  anyone is  facing financial hardships closing everything that are tools to educate us is getting worse.  While ancillary things are on the rise.

To use the public  library is no longer free there are required fees  various areas in Illinois, to even sit on the computer to offset cost.

On today another great book store sent me a letter telling  of his struggling bookstore due to the economy and some other factors.  I am personally going way across town to do purchases because a lack of options. People must understand the more we get into finer technology the need for what use to be is getting to be more and less than!  Families can’t always afford all the new technology to children afloat in education. People are barely making ends met…and now we must be introduced  to the Joneses whether we like it or not.

Isn’t it amazing how they without for the tools for stronger education?  First, having our bookstores and keeping public school thriving! Bookstores is therapy for those of us who can live inside them for hours!  I am getting concerned, however because there is an another attack on education.  

Bookstores, public schools  and libraries are beyond being staples in our community they are our  valuable educational tools to stabilizing our communities! Why we can’t understand the rise in violence and other nonsense. No is feeling quite the loss because many think we are on the upgrade. I beg the differ!  We are definitely becoming a society that is becoming more disconnected.  Some Public schools are closing in the city of Chicago along with Landmark bookstores! Which makes me wonder… just how affordable life seems to be.