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Growing up I have heard the comments of what men think about women and what women think about men.  If you prefer to set Venus and Mars apart… Okay!  

Yet, I  believe many women do a disservice to  males that are in their lives by what one choose to be  called a real “man”.  

As I’d  begin my quest before “ANY” ministry has given me the experience. I learned some difficult challenges to what we believe is a man and what others “perception” of having a great man in their lives.

What do I mean?  

Biblically  the bible doesn’t undercut the man…God makes him to  BE… 

1) RESPONSIBLE….A man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife    (Genesis 2:24)   It goes beyond shaving and the ultimate disturbing “girl watching”.   When we set our MINDS to actually believing that the extension of who he is starts with a body part , what he drives and how much money he makes. THE MAN…does himself a great disservice. God called him to be more than this!

One of the biggest misconceptions… I am going to have to dispel today is…

JERKS…come with money and without money… Educated and Uneducated. When a “female” has or  had  a proper covering she can then make sound choices on what is real and what is fantasy.  We are living  and learning the  power of a  Father or strong male presence. The female  discerns that our  society today  goes for anything that self gratifies and never productive! If  it looks good …marry it, sleep with it…  and then get rid of it once  you are bored with it!

Girls who are taught the power of self respect… Standards are much higher! Women will make more sound decisions on what is love and what isn’t. Who will make a  great husband material. I don’t advocate a bouquet of  ” baby daddies”.  I do understand there are exceptions.  

When a female decides she will be doing all the choosing… she has already downplaying the power of being chosen by a male suitor. You are not to chase a man. A man obtains the favor of God…When he selects the “right” woman in his life. (Proverbs 18:22) Side Bar… Disgusting enough… We have women to do all she can to gain the attention of a man. Not discerning if she continues in this manner she will initially draw the wrong attention. Finding herself in worse situation, only to start the “stupidity” all over again.

Mother’s … watch when your sons are attracted to  “silly women”.  Silly women are laden with sin…and will chose anything and allow to be chosen by any male! ( 2  Timothy 3:6) They find  gullible folks to deceive and lead them by their shortcomings. In other words… Some women can spot “stupid” men and women knowing that they are weak and help them to bring discord and havoc on their own lives!

The woman isn’t suppose  to not take  anything less than… The red flag is thrown on the play. There is a problem!  

Another misconception… All because a man is in the home he is a father… Wrong!  You can be absent living in the home. Space Invaders give us human form only. There is no form of communication or caring. There is no real proof of anything that looks remotely like you… but it spread the seeds of aloofness and uncaring.  Love is only surface and it shows. Its bad when you  are the parent and you NEED TO GROW UP.

I understand that man must maintain his family but many get fooled with building their “own” egos and forgetting the family desires his time more than HIS  money.  

Understandably he must do we he has to do to maintain. But at what point does he risk it all for the sake of a career, and making more money and losing his family?  More and more ministers are losing their spouses on straight foolishness and sheer selfishness… How many times I tell men and women…GO HOME!

Many Pastors have lied on God so much because of selfish and personal agendas… It looks good  and it sounds good…so lets play along with it! Don’t fall for this trick… If you spouse is spending more time “hovering ” his or her parishioners… Don’t be surprised with surmounted marital problems… and or divorce! God didn’t make you God… but a little lower than a angel… God doesn’t advocate marriage and the family …And then the “ultimate lie”…and then tell you to  neglect them!

2)THE HUNTER… ( 1 Timothy 5:8)He is the provider besides money! A hunter makes sure the family has enough including the basic necessities of life. He makes sure the family can sustain… Even in his absence  while he  hunts! We got a lot of people lying about what God old them… and fail to take care of their own families. This actually angers God besides being a unbeliever!

3)PROTECTOR…  ( Ephesians 3: 14-20) You want to nip violence in the gut… Start being a man and stand according to God’s  word and his promises…. I  am not speaking of the biological term “sperm donor”… As simple as this might sound… Protection is what a child suppose to have. Today we don’t care who cares or is in the presence of our children. We lend them to everyone but fail often time to protect them.  I will continue to say this… and personally… I don’t care who it offends… We have too much baby making but not enough strong parenting. Angry children … you will find a “jacked up adult in their lives… or some difficult challenges in the home.  If you are already struggling to make ends meet.  Continued bad choices will not promote a productive household. I chose just these three because as simple as it might sound they are powerful essentials to building a strong foundation in the homes.  

I tell men all the time… If we teach our sons… to be disrespectful then what are you exactly looking for. My sons are not looked upon as being “weak” because they respect their mother as a Queen… and its automatic… Acting like thirsty jackals… in front of j our sons make them out to be hypocritical and liars already! What do I mean? Children know when Father’s are disrespectful toward women. Its not apart of coming of age to advocate negative thoughts toward women. We are not sex objects but to be look upon with respect.  There are some women who like a immature men, filthy men! tumblr_ma0ai6uNCT1qcxmtpo1_500

If I were to  catch any male teaching my sons how to disrespect… I  will address it! Being a man isn’t teaching my sons to watch women in lustful manners or salivating like alley dogs!

I can spot a disrespectful man in  a heart beat because I was taught who I was suppose to be as a woman. There were things that were instilled in me not to accept. Every now and then the tares ride along with the wheat and before you know it the real HIM COMES OUT! I warn women be mindful of any man is he who can’t practice some manners and self control! He isn’t a stud he is a farce…  This is not the King.of a man this is someone who perpetrates on what a true man really is.

This is NOT MY OPINION. I dare you to get the courage to ask you children what they dislike about a man’s attitude toward their mother or sisters?… Look out…They might floor you with… what they find offensive!

Our Westernize society has the wrong attitude about how much respect can carry you.   Real men cover their females in their lives.. They wont stop at their own but will plant the seeds of maintaining the class of being a woman! When I see men who fail to practice any of the three… You find he function of the home in dis-ray! Messy people bring even more dysfunction to the home.   When a man can bring the best out of anyone you will then see  a positive results from his house and it spills into our communities. …

Get the message   on today on this coming Father’s Day… Expressing that you are Father… and failing to put productive time in… will result in a world full of chaos and mayhem.

The power of an All True Man… will stop the violence and end world hunger. We underestimate just how powerful real men are… It has nothing to do with pride and ego…and the appearance of being King… 

Its about as male who understand who he is and expressing that through his DNA…in the physical as well  in the spiritual.

Real Men… Advocate natural beauty not adore  the facades of it! He isn’t perfect but will acknowledge his mistakes and learn from them!  For the strangest reason… we have forgotten why the man is important. God made him the head and never the tail. Although  many will prefer being a tail today or chasing one!

Real Men … respect who God taken  from his side while he sleeps.A Real Man… understand the power of building his house and or how is destroying it!

I think what leaves a terrible taste in the mouth of seasoned women… when a young fool is still a old fool… believes that he is respected but only tolerated!