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There is nothing worse than doing the right thing and finding out that you have a thievery and betrayal inside  your camp…it can happen if you are “sleeping” on the job.

 I sincerely pray that this particular situation doesn’t get worse. Greed and opportunists play games with the people.  And I will comment on this horrendous situation.

I too have worked with an non-profit organization  only to find out that money was not only misappropriated but… the head of the organization has  a terrible “drug” problem and many of the staff  were stealing and could care less about the people. For the strangest reason… many can’t handle the fact that you can encounter and lot of murky business dealings especially in Chicago! 

Same as today…there is always someone who has the spoil it for the entire community and for those who sincerely work well with such a program… I have the seen the sloppiness of those who are suppose to make sure that they are running a top ship. For some odd reason… Many people choose people run and operate things that they are not qualified to do. Mismanagement goes on a lot especially with some of the oil slick people in Chicago politicians.

My pray is … If anyone is abusing his or her authority with the like of stealing… I pray that anyone involved is brought not only to judgment but to an open shame! 

Emails subpoenaed in federal probe of Quinn anti-violence program – Chicago Sun-Times.