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For all people who have the ostrich syndrome… I will be the one who will be very open about the foolishness that goes on “especially” in the church house.  

If this is a shock … I want to add that “Satan attends “church” and faithfully”.   I was like many of you…I was geared in the arena of attending church  Jesus was supposed to be there” instead we saw evil and lots of it!

But I had  parents  that was so straight-up about  people in general and cut absolutely no corners.   My parents reared me on staying grounded and being aware of what “truly” existed in life “especially” in church.

You see, in church people have distorted sense of God and run on fumes when it comes to being a Christian for real.

For those of you who were allowed to fantasies about a ” Jesus” you hardly ever saw in people… God Bless you… and thank you for reading the post today.  

Some of us have run into some lions, tigers and bears!

And some witches and warlocks I should add!

Yet, for the serious folks who are on the “front lines” FOR REAL! We see the demons and devils and lots of them…

And guess what?  They are definitely in a church near you!  People wake up…Satan may be the best church goer on the planet. He is there to set his plans in motions…yet again, with the “special needs programs” in church.  

What do I mean?  

Leaders all over this United States… Get a grip!   Ignoring bad members and staff isn’t going to make the problem cease.  All it takes is one devil to match your devil…

Who wants to come to church to be badgered and on the shake down?   I don’t care who you are. God isn’t on a hustle and  he doesn’t allow mean-spirited people to be in ministry. For all the so-called “bible thumpers”.  Rudeness is something God gets all of us together about.   People with bad attitudes will limit the God in them and that surrounds others.

You cannot be in ministry… full of HELL! 

People are sincerely tired of the nonsense. Maybe we need to protest against the ignorance, compromise and the welcome evil that sit in our pews and in our pulpits!

Many play the game and make excuses for bad behavior… I don’t and I wont.  Yes, all of us have bad days… but never should there be a day when you have to be absolutely rude to anyone.   When I don’t want to be bothered… I honestly try to keep that all under control and not make myself readily available and talk even less…Common sense…

I know that many of you asked…

What about when you encounter someone who you think should know better? 

My answer is GOD IS NOT IN THEM! All because you see people in  church and some faithfully. Doesn’t make them Christians and or true to God. There is not “one” new member class that can prepare you for what you will encounter in any church experiences.

Christians behaving badly has nothing to do with God and I loathe any “rogue” that say God is excusing the nonsense this includes criminal, and or perverted behavior. I just want to know…Does the No Snitching Rule Applies In Church too?

 I have warned countless times to any leader or churches… Please don’t let  me encounter a rude staff member, laymen or someone whose mentally ill evil. because I will be the one who addresses it!

We must be accountable for the atmosphere and presence that we set when someone enters the  House of God. ( I guess that’s what it is?)  I say that because there is a level of concentrated evil now days in church that many leaders coward out on instead of being confrontational!

 I am a petite woman physically and I encounter a lot of big  bullies in the court and outside the court.Even in my small stature… I am not taking any prisoners!

There is still a way we respond to people. You have no business in ANY ministry with bad or criminal demeanor. There should be… A level character and integrity, sharp and persistent interpersonal skills,  self-respect and discipline.

God help us!  Some actually believe God has this consistent pardon system and allow other people to get beat up with the cruelty of others… with actions or their mouths! I will take the challenge today!

I want people to start being very open and vocal about the messy, trouble makers and the downright cruel people in your places of worship!   IT IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE CONTINUALLY PRUNED FROM OUR PLACES OF WORSHIP AND INCLUDING THE PULPIT.

I do not tolerate this kind of behavior anyplace.  It’s a crying shame and a disgrace before God to encounter some of the most “hateful” people in church. I make no darn exceptions… I get them together and I ask what’s the problem.

Until we learn to exercise some good Godly sense the enemy will continue to walk the face of God’s people… but not mines! I am embarrassed for anyone  “especially” anyone who is in any leadership or church staff… who acts  in this manner and claim to love God and is hateful as all get out!  


You know that we are in the last days when people get “angry  and jealous” when you show love and demonstrate your real inner witness.  It doesn’t take much to clock all the cruelty in the HOUSE OF GOD … out of all places.

Who wants to get dressed and go anyplace and be confronted with nasty dispositions?  Sadly the same cruel people are allowed to behave in this  manner.

How much Jesus can you be getting when you have to  take  kick boxing  lessons and argue with people who know better and refuse to do better! 

Please “stop” claiming” to be  a Christian at least or something you’re not trying to be… Cruelty is no excuse whether you are under any ‘GODLY CONSTRUCTION” or not. It’s never warranted to be cruel in spirit or in your “nasty mouth”.  Its time for these so-called Christians to get a sincere “attitude adjustment… No one wants YOUR MEAN JESUS!