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Another weekend in Chicago full of violence…. And I will “warn”. Without God first… we can do nothing.  

God uses people as his conduits to … Whatever goes on in heaven comes to the earth”.   Unfortunately many problems that were “systemic” from generations to come.  Nothing could be worse than when we don’t confront now, we will be confronted with later.  

Personally, I have lost so many in my family to  “gun violence”. I had no idea that I’d  be writing about it and or speaking about it. But  its time we confront the “generational demons” that are coming for us full throttle!  

Yet, I have enough courage to say… If we don’t start confronting the monsters the monsters will continue to return “stronger”. Everyone, I am sure of it… are tired of hearing about how many died…instead of how many of us remained unharmed!

I like to remind God’s people of the power that they possess and it’s not in the “eyes” of any man but GOD.  Of course, and I am almost sure many might not understand where I’m  going with this. But please pay close attention! It’s dangerous when one continues to execute matters out of emotions, personal hangups,and foolishness.

Dynamic leadership, takes careful precision but God trains him or her to be process into the greater.  And the only way to be great is when we learn that it’s God’s wisdom that keeps us from a whole lot of manure! Out of the manure things tend to grow and the wisdom is that we can conquer many things, if we only practice what God has written and keep it one hundred percent!  

I have to go here because our nation is in some huge messes and it will take the “wisdom of God” to navigate us out of many of the messes in this world.  Anyone that can’t practice sheer self-control and some wisdom will always have this nation in a world of hurt.  Making personal choices for short-term will hinder the progress … but its making wise choices now to see any situation through.  As much as many would like to play the blame game… I want all us to make honest assessment and ask …

What is your house, community, family, church, job or organization that you need to come clean on? People “please” exercise some common sense and stop allowing everyone to bend your ears on dumb stuff!  Violence didn’t start last night but it was a seed that was planted and never halted!  For many with the poor parenting skills… If there are struggles are preexisting the “wisdom” would be not to bring anyone else along side the madness!

Chicago isn’t getting a lot of straight talk… because too many are in bed with other people pocketbooks or political agendas.  Matter of fact… many are afraid of exposing the heads of the snakes.

 And I also “warn”… All because they  pretending to be down for the people… It might last only for a mere second” …

The minute a lot of janky politicians take office… They forget who the people really are  and the real masks then come off… And let me be very clear… I don’t “endorse” anyone without knowing who they are and what they are about even if you attend my church. Criminals minds go to church too… And don’t let me get started with  the power-hungry, desperate and stupid.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED! Satan loves to go to church!

I know that many of you should know  by now that we must be very careful of the people we “think” we know to get the job done! There is danger everywhere and the church is no exception! 

 Satan makes a nest in our heads without  the wisdom of God. We continue to lie to “ourselves” how we want to make this better by  blindly co-signing on our personal picks and choices. Which are no more than  more train wrecks!th (4)

How can we make this better without properly assessing any situation without the truth “especially” in faith-based organizations?  There is a serious “tendency”  for the church to ignore what is obvious in our face.  Some deliberately avoid testing the spirit because it might be a more painful than one realize!

I suggest you “test” it anyway!  ( Hint) Sometimes we “think” we know better and we don’t!

For whatever reason, many continue to go along to get along. Not my issue!  If you are a liar, messy and a manipulator before getting in office… I know what the deal will be later.  You don’t need “JESUS”  to explain that one!

Illinois  has  so many messes because like all of before  who had taken offices inherited someone else’s mess.  When I hear campaign promises.  How can you make them when you don’t really  know exactly what you’d be facing?  You can only “use” the word” try”. Too many are vying for positions …they are not experienced nor qualified for. Being “aggressive”  doesn’t makes you never better qualified than if you are a pacifist.  

Some career politicians eat the good of the land doing “absolutely” nothing. And who bothers them?

Yet, when someone meet the problems head on and be confrontational with the truth… Foolish responses like “they need to be fired”… or they are called “Anti” something… Get real! How are we really going to eradicate the violence or put a slow down mechanism on the matter without some “sheer common sense”? 

Okay… Did you take a stand before it got this  bad? What corner where you nestled in when the violence was at its peak?

No…Because it seems like many “folks” in Chi-Town didn’t care it wasn’t their problem at the moment.  And for some they were  swimming in “murky swaps” already!  Are we going to be honest or continue with the same scapegoats of excuses?  

The solutions please! Basic answers to the violence will start in our homes with us! When we take back our families with the knowledge of knowing the truth. I do understand we need more solutions.  But if we learn to nip the nonsense in the bud before it gets too be even more explosive.  I am not in denial… I have seen the real “eye sores” in Chicago.  We can continue to act like we can’t see what the problems really are!

If we are going to collect resignations… I want a head count on those who should have gotten fired but stayed and made a bigger mess anyway.  

For the oddest reasons people don’t want to face the truth but will dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.