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If you haven’t heard a violent night on the Chicago’s West-Side… Another child is killed one month shy of being 13 years old… Senselessly and 7 more shot.

What does this means? It means the violence in Chicago goes far beyond being out of hand. Unfortunately too  many times we hear they “are not gang members” but on the other side many of them are affiliated with gangs.   That doesn’t necessarily mean…Many that are the shooters… are  black and brown  are gang members, but we better weigh the facts… compare it with the truth and face the music.

The “delusions or illusions of grandeur” continues …my “son” wouldn’t do this! Which ever you might prefer! Often times not only did you son do it…  Could someone please “answer” How is the Mayor alone going to stop the violence in Chicago?

Are you serious?  

I am sick and tired of listening to the blame game. Yet, we still hold dear” the NO SNITCHING RULE”… Honestly, which way do you really want it?  The Mayor of Chicago didn’t have your children nor his responsible for the “heathens” which many are so out of control…  Being impoverished shouldn’t mean a life is of less value.  People have this odd way of distorting what is obvious in our face.  Placing a “band-aid” is not getting to to root of the problems.  

Criminal have jobs! And for some blind reason… People still tend to think it is up to the Mayor, or law enforcement to fix… our communities.  Thank God for everyone who is used as a conduit to curb the violence. Yet, the real skinny on being skinny… Many lack some serious parenting skills… and the lack of discipline in our community is unbelievable.  

Too many play “Chicken Little” when it comes to being confrontational with the ignorance and the foolishness that flourish inside these communities.  Its difficult when you have “urban terrorists” living in your community and you are trying to raise your son and daughter correctly!  Everyone can find the “trouble” on their blocks if they decide to come out of their homes.

If we really want to be technical… What can anyone do about the violence if we don’t take control of our personal surroundings first.  Many things people know are inadequate and it seems  easier to blame the Police.  

Even If there  was some kind of strong economic development what good will it be if we don’t change heart of our people? Stereotypical statements are rendered from man arenas even those who meant better.

So, let me continue to bursts some old “urban myths”…All gang members are not unemployed? All gang members are not as uneducated as you might believe? With the same old mindset that you believe all they do is drink and get high…Many killed today … Just because!  

That’s  a harsh reality for many to grasp. My belief is to rid of the “ignorances and the myths”…

Poverty doesn’t make you a “cold-blooded killer” … No more than rich people don’t go to jail…Its time we take inventory of our family structure…We must add community surrogates with “genuine love and concern”… Not show boating time or the personal “ego” contest.

Loving on people take some patience and a whole lot of God’s instructions.  We are now being confronted with many things we should have been nipped in the bud.  There has to be many solutions “right now” because many things have gone well and beyond out of control! A little prevention could have gone a long way… If my people will just get out of denial!

Taking “pot shots” at other people isn’t going to fix what is flourishing inside these homes.  Everyone needs to do their part including state officials and world-wide governments.   People are trying to escape because the “community cancers” are trying to out number us.  We annihilate the plans of the enemy by first arming ourselves with some self examinations… before getting to the streets.  

Many of these cold blood killers don’t have the mindset of first being educated or attempting to look for a job.  The fact is that many of them could careless about being employed. When the heart if contaminated with other filthy.. a job or education isn’t going to fix this problem.  

All of us as unity… must get into our combat gear and take back our cities with first being armed with some wisdom and a lot of truth! We can then  assess the matter and take this spirit of violence down on its belly and put our foot on its ugly neck.  If we don’t get a honest grasp on this … No matter what season it is … winter, spring, summer or fall…Violence will continue grow out of hand! 

I will take the survey again… Illinois hold as the winner for more corrupted elected officials… with educational  degrees I like to add.

So, my point lets be careful when we look for “scape goats” about why violence come to be. Remember all of the madness didn’t start in the streets  visit nor in the homes! It is a mindset!