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The month of August  2014,…has something interesting going on…

First and foremost  there are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays… Wow… It happens every 823 years!  Which the Chinese call “Silver Pockets Full”…Means this transfer of money or wealth… 

I don’t think everything is coincidental…God wrote a whole book on “Numbers”… I know that often “prophetic signs” are given and our way of compartmentalizing things seems to register more than the supernatural! People have a tendency to make the word “JESUS” AND “GOD” to be “spooky”…CASUDI-Silver-pockets-1024x768

Nope, it won’t be any chain letters from  those of us who are Christians… and we are to hold fast to the covenant of God! Money is apart of the covenant of God. I don’t need  “any luck”… I have a promise!

Favor has never been fair…There are seasons in which God will produce what he wants to whom he wants to give it to. I won’t get so superstitious… But I will pay attention!

The number 5 represents…God’s grace, goodness and favor. Favor toward people are mentioned in the bible 318 times. Man has five fingers, five toes…and five senses!

There are five books of the law in the   bible… Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers., and Deuteronomy.   Five major wounds to the Body of Christ, 1)Right  Hand  2) Left Hand 3) Right Foot 4)  Left Foot 5)And his side…He was wearing five garments (John 19:23. The name of JESUS has 5 letters!

Yet, just like the many different signs with the moon… We will never see this again our lives…Just think about that!