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I didn’t have to be in ministry to be told. To have the right(POSITIVE) mental attitude.

My mother told me that the world was bigger than my brothers and myself. Everyone isn’t going to love on you like I do.

In other words, my Mom, expressed that she might go the extra mile but no one else has to.  

When we fail to address bad attitudes even in the days of youth, you are asking for trouble as an adult. Even in my own personal square… I don’t deal with any individuals with bad attitudes family, friend on being indifferent. That’s not going to be something I  or spend a lot of time DEALING WITH!

 As much as we like to say “violence” stems from this or that.  I know that having a positive disposition and  positive reinforcement can set many things in motion for promotion AND A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!

There is a huge difference in reality and perception. Your perception might be…It’s not that bad… Yet, the reality is… IT’S WORSE!

Negative speech and actions can impact your world. Actions might speak louder than words… But I know that power of life and death is in our mouth. Words have more impact on our lives than you think…They can either build or destroy because they have power!  

So, let’s go here!

Having bad dispositions effects your overall health…Mentally, Physically and Spiritually! Being firm and fair is one thing but being cruel is something totally different. Being nasty and thinking you are tough and whipping people with your mouth and actions is no benefit for God let alone especially a place of business and even a church.  Pretty soon, you meet your match!

I would like for certain individuals and communities to stop getting “offended” when people will go way across town for comfort and pay for it! What blows my mind… is that we love to decorate funk!  No one wants to live, shop, dine or affiliate with nasty individuals! Simple as that. No matter what “race” you are.  I will pay for order and a nice personality!

This is something that was instilled in me.


Unfortunately, it’s a sad day in America… when we have to beg for integrity, character, respect and order from individuals. I don’t care how bad your day was… I don’t care about what is going on in your life… There is no need for a bad attitude towards anyone!

First of all, what  is  a continuous  slap in the face is  to encounter some of the nastiest people who are working in a Christian environment with a bad attitude! There is some part as a Christianity that needs to be refined.

Making excuses why a person is even employed, or on a ministry staff… and God knows why are they in ministry to begin with? Being nasty is deal breaker for me. Messy folks and troublemakers forget it! Its a crying shame we need an interpersonal class on how to act and be loving toward people and  you call yourselves Christians! 

I honestly believe that the church babysit and incubate too much nonsense and cripple a lot of people from truly growing up mentally and spiritually. OPEN REBUKE IS BETTER THAN SECRET LOVE!

I don’t care about titles and or positions. Some people have no business employed or otherwise with bad attitudes.

I do understand why the church is such a joke to the world… because of the mindset of the people who is running it! I don’t cut corners to make the “devil’s foot soldiers” comfortable. There are too many “bulls in the China Shop”.

 There are too many people in church running things that should be put out the door. Don’t tell me God doesn’t evict folks because he does…Satan was his first official eviction! 

God had a set of rules and they have yet to be followed especially in the church.  I on the other hand don’t promote foolishness nor do I keep troublemakers in my midst! A lack of pruning means a lack of true progress The only thing that will multiply will be the manure.

For all of you who think you are running a Christian Hospital… make sure it isn’t the Christian Psyche Ward!

There are places we can heal.. and no one  heals without being confrontational with things we better nip it in the bud! When the truth is spoken, offenses will come! The truth is a double edge sword.  The worse thing in the world to duped is about who you are and what you stand for.  Let me also add… why would I patronage businesses and people who no deserving of my time, talent or  money? One of the saddest reasons in the world why many can’t see promotion from God …. ARE BAD DISPOSITIONS!

Bad disposition doesn’t necessarily mean just nasty actions… What about a negative tongue?  

Fueling gossip and negative speech among the “Judas Goats” We don’t have to look far to bring correction. Lets start at our own front doors before we try to bring order to the world.

The church isn’t going to do it… It will take the Kingdom of God… that’s another level of being mature that church isn’t establishing strong enough or stay unified long enough to accomplish the things of God!  

Hindrances  and curses are often brought upon the very people who are stirring up trouble in the first place.  Cruelty not only comes in the mouth but your stand as well.   No matter what arena you are in …including marriages!  

I am one that is up for the challenge… I check and prune rude behavior.

If I am having a bad day that still doesn’t  give me any reason to be  nasty or cruel to anyone…For the oddest reasons  people continue to make bad choices when it comes to dealing with people who have trouble being loving or nice.

I know that the love of God sometimes starts with me.  Sorry, leaders there are some bad seeds… I don’t ignore those kind of people because they can negatively impact my place of business or even my home not to mention give ministries bad reputations!

And guess what church?  We better be first in line… to get some serious attitude adjustments!

Understand  the “devil will out match your devil”… meaning Satan will always send someone with an attitude worse than yours and make your life just as miserable as you have has made life  to others”!