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Before there was Rosa Parks…existed Irene Morgan. Born April 9, 1917 died August 10, 2007.





During 1944,  27-year-old, Irene Morgan ,Middlesex County,Virginia. Traveling to Baltimore and refuse to sit in the segregated seats on the Greyhound Bus.th (1)

The bus stopped in Virginia,although the interstate  transportation, was supposed to desegregate… the bus driver summons the Sheriff that he had a problem.

When they tried to arrest her… Mrs. Irene Morgan-Kirkaldy, torn up the arrest warrant… and kick the Sheriff in the groin, and fought a deputy.

She pleaded guilty to resisting arrest… but she refused to plead guilty to Virginia Segregation. Her case  was appealed but exhausted in state courts . She then took her case to the Federal Courts and even further to the Supreme Court.  Her case was then argued by William Hastie, Thurgood Marshall was co counsel… who later became a Supreme Court Justice…

Also during this time… this inspired the 1947  “Journey of Reconciliation” in which some Activists from Chicago Congress of Racial Equality… they divided and disguise themselves to examine the laws… on the Trailways and Greyhound buses.

A very 24 troubling test,12 were violent rides  to Virginia.  In which Bayard Rustin was arrested in North Carolina during the travels.

Needless to say a landmark ruling in 1946 that Virginia Segregation Laws on the interstate  buses were illegal!  

I found her story to be more than interesting because she really fought back. You hear very little about her.. but she paved the way in our history in a powerful way! 

Long before Rosa Park’s history existed Irene fought a serious battle! To my belief,  Irene name is faintly mentioned during the Civil Rights Movement! Irene Morgan- Kirkaldy, Feisty Lady with a lot of heart and soul!