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Please don’t get it “twisted” some of the meanest people in the world are sometimes in your place of worship or might be your family!   When you encounter anything evil, maniacal and say “Jesus Got Their Backs” … Its a lie! There is no excuse for why some people are wicked and label “themselves” Christian..


What a shock for some but biblically there is no such thing as a Christian. We have taken on the term being called a Christian as a being Christ-like. Which is a good thing but I am now afraid of being called a Christians because there is no “influence” of Christ like behavior!

Unless we get  a clear understanding on what “our” influences, moral standards should be. God help us… but the world has infiltrated the church that is why it’s no longer respected…  How we behave in a cave is one thing… but it’s getting pretty “freaky”.

Why is everyone confused about”true Christianity? Christ like isn’t demonic influences and smörgåsbord sins.  You know… you might not be adulterer but a full pledge liar! Or stealing from the offering bucket… wouldn’t hurt the church because you are lacking funds. People make up this crap as they go…I’m sick of looking at the hypocrisy!

Yet, when man influences us to believe that being a Christian is…

1) Borderline Deviant Socio-path… That’s not a Christian!

2) It’s NOT okay… to rape and molest children as a leader or any individual.

3)  Mary, was cool… But she didn’t die for me! Christ is better!

4) When you have no respect for God and his place of worship…guess what you are … A ever flowing member of the Anti-Christ

5) When demonic influences run the church more than God… Guess what ? Make sure to check the back of their heads and the mark of the beast isn’t present… 666

6) Jesus doesn’t play on the emotions of people…but tell the truth so they can grow up!

7) When people rather follow man more than Christ …Guess what they are called?…An occult

8) Where there is no correction or rebuking… they wont be called Christians but “Children of the Corn”…Rebellious!

9) Christians are not making excuses for being mean-spirited but grows up “SPIRITUALLY” FOR REAL!

10) Christians don’t rob, abuse or maim…God’s people even with their “tongues”.  This is not to be mistaken for a cruel Christian… There is no such thing… but carnal might strike a bell!

11) Christians are not confusing a bad day and wickedness

12) When your leaders or yourself is on the “throne” more than God…It’s called idolatry!

13) Lastly… when people can’t see the God in you…

Guess what you are NOT? A CHRISTIAN…  

I had to put this out there! Christians are not perfect people but want to “perfect”  at least sensible Christ abilities… What does that mean? If there are no “fruits of the Spirit”. All you have is a bunch of noisy church folks… talking loud and being nothing!

Guess what this means?  

God has been working on some of you from conception and still no change in your bad behavior! Stop giving those who want more from God a bad blemish!

If someone see your “jacked up witness …Please tell me why would they want your “janky Jesus?