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What fuels me more during times of protest the few ignorant  people who get off on other folks misfortune or miseries. What also unnerves me is that instead of some people coming together and standing strong and unified.  There those who band together like thieves to bring even more disruption and discord within their own communities. Yes, often times people who don’t even belong in your community is bringing the trouble. How dare you tear down what others may have sacrificed to build! APTOPIX_Police_Shooting_Missouri-0adff_image_982w

Why in the world would you destroy your cities knowing that you will need these businesses for stronger foundational, and economic structures? What’s the matter with anyone who decides that burning buildings and stealing is the answer? I pray that every last one of these individuals are hauled off to the nearest jail! What a disgrace you are to God and everyone else… knowing that in the midst of heartache and turmoil …here comes the idiots!

We know that the people who are doing this are using the terrible tragedy of Michael Brown to … pursue their “own” criminal interest.

I bet most of them are not even registered voters or complain that they can’t find a job.  It only take a few “rebels without a cause “to stir up more discord.

If there are any racial tensions or civil unrest guess what burning buildings are going to do for your community? The silliness and the mindset of these animals… take me there! What movements and what commitments are you making to make sure  that people like Michael Brown are not lying in a street near you? What do you stand to gain… standing for tearing down your own city and  your own people? If this isn’t ignorant enough!  081114-National-St-Louis-Riots-After-Police-Shoot-Unarmed-Teen

Some people could care-less that a young man laid in the streets for 4 hours like  highway decay!  Let me explain to many why we always have the “clown show” of others during time of distress. They are not civilized human beings. Do you have to wonder why people are concerned when we want to live in gated communities? Let’s keep it all the 100 percent! 

As much as I am told about the many churches that are in  Ferguson, where are you to speak  and pray with the people? Strong leadership takes some heavy hits but where are the strong warnings about some of the troubles and behaviors in America? Every ounce of prevention helps! People who destroy things don’t care about Michael Brown, and any other black male that lie in the streets for all the world to see.  As a mother this grieves my spirit. mike-brown2

But I want the ignoramuses to know … to please stop using “tragic situations” to suit what’s in  you to begin with…NOTHING!  

I am truly  and deeply sadden…when see  I the mentality of our people being shown openly as bunch of “wild boars”…

I don’t care how angry anyone gets…two wrongs has never made it right! God help us but many of our priorities are confusing and befuddled…. Stop complaining if you are apart of the problem….and never the solution! There are so many ways to pursue injustices but destruction is never one of them!