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We thank you, we lift you up and MAGNIFY YOUR NAME…touch everywhere, heal, and deliver and set free. Save the unsaved.  Where the SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS,  There is LIBERTY! We pray for this country, our President, send wise AND GODLY counsel in times of decision making, distress and despair. 

We ask in the matchless Name of Jesus…That you saturate us in your miracle working powers, cover  our  families, children, loved ones, and those who have watch over us with the blood of Jesus!

We bind every demonic force  every hinder spirits that come against… our lives, family, and..finances.  I decree another level of power on each and everyone of us to take to our homes, workplace and even to the streets.  

Take us through every test and every trial.  Some comfort to those who are grieving… I release  a level of God’s protection over the land. Keep us strong, send encouragement… I bind up the spirit of murder and mayhem… and I loose the peace of God and his wholeness.  We speak peace over this nation… today… in troubled areas in the land… We pray for every city including …city of Chicago, New York, Florida, St. Louis and California! I DECREE PEACE TO EVERY WIND…NORTH, SOUTH, EAST AND WEST… I DECREE DIVINE FAVOR… NORTH, SOUTH, EAST AND WEST. I DEMAND HEALING…IN EVERY ARENA OF OUR LIVES… 

I decree supernatural boldness,signs and wonders, courage,wisdom, and strength…in such perilous times. I dispatch the Angels of the Lord to hearken to every word that is spoken don’t allow one word to hit the ground but proceed up to the heavens.

Keep us safe, healthy in mind, body and in YOUR SPIRIT… IN JESUS NAME…AMEN… In the Father, Amen, in the Son, Amen…in the HOLY SPIRIT!