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Okay… People where is the “outrage” here?  As much as we like to change our interactions and relationship with the “Police”…One might find it quite difficult when you are beating up on women and shooting children.

I think the Police Departments all around this country need a serious dose of reality. The interpersonal skills… are getting more and more deviant and quite disturbing.

Everyone that  is arrested by the “Police”… isn’t necessarily guilty.  We have many men and women today who are in the prison systems across this country for being wrongly accused.

Chicago has and will take more economical beatings from previous watches from what happened within “Big Dogs” of authority.  If we don’t start to get rid of the filth that is their departments and some live quite large on their pensions for taking a N…. by the toe!

Some of you know about the code for arresting and murdering Afro Americans.  Mike-Brown-St-Louis-Teen-StraightFromTheA

Americans has made so many excuses about authority that is abused on our watch. What’s happening all around America is nothing more than that mentality of the “dirty cops”…Of either arresting, maiming or murdering… especially if he or she is black or brown.  This horrific mindset didn’t just stop regular citizens we know that it sits in high place and places of authority.

Racism… has never buried its ugly head. We still have racism every aspect of our daily lives many are afraid to speak on it… and some are in serious denial about it.

 I am a little taken back with “some” of our leaders who “talk loud” and do nothing.  There are too many dirty cops that roam cities across America. There should be stiffer punishments for those who take their quarter inch authority and abuse the people. 

We have some questionable methods in policing across this country. What has happen to many people especially Afro Americans. Racism exist more than ever!

Police brutality isn’t anything new!  We have seen so many cover ups in the city of Chicago with different cops.

Yes! They exist! How does a cop beat the crap out of petite female caught on tape and he is acts like he is the victim? Its called your …SICK!

I can recall when I recently encountered a situation in Evergreen Park… when they wanted my “Afro American” relative out of the city and chose some “choice” words for her. I wasn’t taken back but I was so angry! It was right then, at this point in my life in the 21st century I couldn’t go everywhere with her and she couldn’t go everywhere with me.

I guess I was safe  to say…By the grace of God, since I was considered the Spanish lady that was the only reason nothing happened to us that day besides God was with us! I had never experience that level of racism but I did! This is my reality today!

This is the craziness that has been so out of control for years! The prejudices that still exist strongly in police departments throughout the United States. Chicago isn’t the exception either!

Lets me honest… our law enforcement needs prayer and lots of counseling. They see  a lot and experience a lot which in more than understandable…

And yet, we get a few that slip through the crack… Many people who have high stress level jobs of this nature… need more than a hobby but must learn relaxation methods and get a little more Jesus! 

You can’t ride the lines of being too “prideful and tough”… Being a police officer is a dangerous job but its even more dangerous when the officer is racist and abusive.

Don’t get this twisted… I respect … respectable police officers but I loathe the “dirty cops” that seem to maintain employment even after a history of being abusive.   I can’t  judge situations and say base all the bad behavior comes from the  cops… but we know we have some that have some serious issues.with those who love to abuse the people…  

There  is nothing new here… that some are domestically inclined and there are quite a few who struggle depression, or  with alcohol abuse. And why are we shock when we find a “police” that is loves to whip his spouse? The pressure of the job might end with him or her committing suicide and not that uncommon for them to take the “whole” family.  

What I am saying ?  We understand your job might entail a lot but the screening must get better with your police officers.  Relationships with the police is on a slow decline but I pray many good cops will change the this.

Too many are dying from “their so called protecting and serving”. There is just too much hatred within people who say they want to serve the community. Too much blood cries from the streets at the hands of “dirty cops”!

What has happened too many Afro Americans abused by the individual that suppose to protect and serve.

Policemen in the word of God serves as ministers. I think its awfully bad when a “minister “is killing our people for no apparent reason! What’s the difference today than yesterday… They still have the “BIG DOGS”!