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When I was growing up…

I loved Mr. Magoo…th (1)

You see, Mr.Quincy Magoo was a short man in stature, who was quite wealthy who suffered “greatly” with nearsightedness.

Most people thought that Mr. Magoo was strange and a bit odd! He always seem to get himself in hard press situations because of his ability not to see things clearly, and consequently things worked out for him during every episode.

And to make it all even more hilarious! He often confused animals with people, or people with animals.

He never thought he was wrong or seem to realize all the damaged he had caused… because the situations turned out alright.  

So, Mr. Magoo, never got the help he needed. How many times have people who crossed their fingers and their toes hoping and praying the situations will work itself out?

A few times it might just work itself out and others times… Mr. Magoo’s in the spirit had “never assessed” all the damaged he caused although it might appeared that it worked out.

I can  recall a situation when a woman who told me she drank Martell all during her pregnancy that is why she named her son “Martell”.  She went to explain that when her son grows up he can smoke  pot with her… She just went on with her ignorant rantings about she is going to be this” cool parent”.

All the while I’m thinking…Okay, I knew that her lack of insight to what was coming next  was so limited that she came off nuts. Although she wanted her son, to have this dynamic relationship with her. I understood that clearly but I had enough insight to ask …What’s wrong with him now?

Let me tell you the short version… Not only has the child have mental problems. He is and was the only child I know  to this day… That got kicked out Pre-School for starts by trying to push himself on a girl at the age of 4.  

He went on to become have more behavior disorders than ever that he became so problematic that he was taken to all boys school… It still didn’t help!  His behavior got so far out of control… she became abusive.  Needless to say, he then became a ward of the state.  Neither one ever recovered!  

I remembered how she bragged. I thought she was nuts then and I think about how mentally she never recovered that she lost her son based on what she thought a “cool” parent was.

She was educated enough to know better but she challenge her body to believe that drinking and smoking pot wouldn’t harm her baby… But it did! When I saw him last… He been sexual abused a lot in the all boys home… and today was very much a deviant himself.  

My point is this… When people make “bad decisions” praying and wishing it all will turn out… there are only so many times you will duck the backlash. Yet, sooner or later you be confronted with the damages although it appear everything is alright.

Mr. Magoo had writers… but I am speaking REAL LIFE!

Sometimes we all make bad decisions that lead to that strain or a situations that appear to be smooth out but only you know what the “real repercussion” were! I don’t know about you but I have some people in my life..who I have warned over and over again… but think they can come to luck of the draw with God.

God knows you might not pay now…but you might have to pay later! Mr. Magoo made bad choices all the time because he never thought that he was the one with the problem.

Often times being in consecrated ministries we have to deal with deviants in our day. We have people who think they have this monopoly on God but ain’t got a lick of basic common sense.  When I decided to get in this arena… it wasn’t because I was loving ministry. I despise it because I always saw passed the masks.

I saw surface relationships  with God. I saw people who bind up the devil in public and resurrect him in private! 

It was this kind of nonsense that made me want to responsible and transparent when it came to really being a Christian.  I had to learn that God is love and not stupid! I had to learn that true deliverance will come through denying myself and facing the truth about what I am and what I am capable of.  

Everyone can’t take me for being who God has called me to be.  I thank God I am delivered from what others might think of me. I don’t have to ride the “backside” of any tainted ministry to make my name Great!

I thank God I don’t have to kiss tail to get a job opportunity, or speaking engagements. Abased or abound, I owe no man nothing but to love him.  

Mr. Magoo’s today in ministry are people who are so careless and negligent. People watch who you are, what you are even when you think they aren’t looking.  I am not sold on every ministry or church. I know the real deal and I pray to God that I am not duped on any of my watches!  

Sadly, Mr. Magoo’s in our world… Never bother with  a serious eye exam too much, too see about who they are… so they avoid them. They never connect with people who would make them grown but surround themselves with more self inflicted ignorance to keep their world blindly together.  

Why even bother  with the proper spiritual check up to correct their  impairments.  Mr. Magoo’s are full pride and dine on ego.

Mr. Magoo’s might have had vision challenges but it affected so many other arenas of their lives. All the while asking God to cover them knowing they are in the wrong place,space or time.

What made him appear crazy was the fact that he didn’t even know he had ‘BAD EYES”… He only saw what his perception! Mr. Magoo bought into his nearsightedness!

One might believe that he really didn’t know but I beg the differ! Was he asked about his impairments? 

Although people who were around Mr. Magoo… never loved him enough or bothered to correct him because they thought he was no more than an old lunatic! Unfortunately, when the “vision of God” is missing you will appear as if your mind gone. Although they think God’s people are strange… yet people know when people are being genuine and not a cheap carbon copy!

Mr. Magoo story lines turn out favorable every time… But in reality all of us have some Mr. Magoo’s in our lives. It’s that situation that we see but fail to execute on truthfully and properly. 

The truth is about most Christian and churches. They use God as if he is a drug but forgetting he is about LOVE AND THE TRUTH. What I know to be true is that God HATES LIARS! Whatever color you decide to paint your lie… It’s still a lie!

And sadly, when you lie to yourself those are the ones that do the most damage.

God isn’t going to work anything out until you first … confront what you fail to see!