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Nero, reigned … 13 October 54 to 9  June 68…

He was considered one of the most “demonic and ruthless,Emperors  leaders in Rome’s  history.  He became “Emperor at 17 years of age…He had to be 51 years of age, and he was only a teenager.


Most of Rome had burned during the Great Fire Of Rome in 64 A.D.  In which Romans believed he started the fire in order to clear land for his palatial complex. He was known for his countless executions of others, to burn Christians at night in his garden  for light at night and even murdered his own mother having been rumored he also has sexual relations with her.


He would “sing” in public to gain popularity!  “Nuttier than a Froot Loop”!

When I was in my 20’s my thinking was a bit strange because I had discovered everything wasn’t always black and white  but sometimes shades of gray. Life didn’t turn out picture perfect according to  the way it is played out for myself.

Although, I had my life out planned out down to living as a prominent lawyer in New York who catered wonderful dinner parties on the weekend. I had been writing all my life I never even phantom myself becoming a professional writer! The passion ensued me to think of it as just therapy but it was must more than that.  

During this time of discovering who I was… and still is…It was difficult.. I had to realize that “wicked people” existed in every arena of life… including in Church!  I had so many ideas to do wonderful things in life  but… Life happened! I was always thinking “outside” of my box, so I was already rightfully considered to some a “strange bird”.

What did I care? Maturity was coming a little bit different than most. My mother died very young,… I was left do it on my own… as a teenager!

I was quiet in nature and I always had this sense of hating to see people suffer, in need or any kind of pain, that disturbed me. Although this might have been a strong suit for me … it was also a danger zone. Meaning what can be a strength can also be a weakness.And because I felt sorry for everyone… I had positioned “myself” to also be abused by people who thought my caring heart was a stupid heart.  

If  I could take care of the world I believe I would… But let’s keep it real!  I was already before my time in my way of thinking.  I started to see “snakes when they weren’t under rocks”.

Both of my parents had strong six sense. It was hard to ignore what I was born to do and that was strong discernment. Some might call it a “gut feeling”… but that’s a God feeling! We are trained to ignore that supernatural spot to detect things!  

My gift grew in leap and  bounds. I gained a reputation for not cutting corners and being straight up! Even in ministry it can be a lonely place especially when you’re  gifted in things people can’t quite grasp especially in the church house!  There are blind spots but I had to learn to ask God to show me what I can’t see.

When your “heart is open” so are the attacks! My theme for the week were about  “Children”.  

So, many children have come through my doors for  help. Most are doing exceptionally well and there are those few who I can’t believe how captivated they have become at being evil.  What is even more disturbing how more and more children have no problem “murdering” their parents.  

Years ago, what a “taboo” for this to occur within your family dynamics.  You should see how people react when  you call a child ” a monster” …Some things are born bad and children are not the exception!

I keep it no secret of the situations I had with my  own. I would scream it to the roof top… Please do not “ignore” when you see that your child possess  another  level of evil. What parents  don’t want to believe that they have something that  is disturbing inside their homes. Sometimes it’s not our faults but sometimes we can contribute to the problems.

Nothing disturbs me more  than to hear a woman tell of a friends struggle with a trouble son who had broken both of  her legs…. Like in recent headlines with children violently murdering a parent or parents.  People, it’s no longer heard of … but its common place!

What’s happening?

When I heard of a recent headline with another child “allegedly” murdering her mom. The first defense of our mental safety is that you don’t want anyone to know if you might be harboring something evil in your house.  So, you can’t believe it because it might mirror what you have in your own homes.

I might have a “mother’s love” but I can’t afford to ignore when a child is awfully hateful towards you. Some want to believe it’s  a phase. You might have to ask… Is it a phase when they are past a certain age? 

When someone threatens to use the word…” I will kill you”… I think, when words like that are exchange. You don’t need a Dr. Phil…moment …Too see how it’s working for you.

I have seen some children’s behavior when they are little people and parents foolishly stroke the bad behavior with  more materialistic things, instead of placing a boundary.  I want to give you some insight on babysitting ill people and ill behavior.  

You can’t perfume something that gives off a “foul” odor. The more you try to sanitize the smell the more pungent it gets.  Although, many would like to “nourish” that poverty is one of the major onset of violence… I disagree. Poverty might be a precursor and we use “poverty” as an excuse for barbaric behavior.  Rich or poor violence can occur! Many love to ignore that the family unit has been destroyed by a weaken value system… and babies having babies.  

When a child can kill without sense of feeling… we are definitely in trouble. As it has been proven many children that was born and raised in wealthy environments will commit heinous crimes!  

Our westernize customs loves to comfort ignorance with some foolish excuses.  We need to nip many things in the bud. These situations are only going to get worse…no matter what race you are… what your status is… how educated you are. It’s in our nature to put things in a category… but as me mature we must stop compartmentalizing people based on what “we” think is a norm or okay… The mindset today is this generation is frightening!  We thought that disrespect was low on the totem pole.

Our grandparents and great-parent has some sense of values and instilling them inside of us.  Have you seen this new influx of “younger grand parenting”?

You don’t have to wonder why the value system is this new  generational septic tanks! We have to come to some serious realizations… We have broken so many “moral fibers” in our world until anything that is presented to us without true wisdom has been gobbled up by the masses with the excuse that is just the way it is…

I beg the differ!  Don’t get to comfortable with rude behavior even if its’ in our own circle. Confronting the ills and getting the help that we need even if its simple exposure. Yes, it takes courage and some supernatural strength to say… you have a problem child!  But what can be most life  altering is that the sooner you become confrontational with the problem… you can be more armed with the truth of the matter. And in many cases…”troubled children” will have the capabilities of bringing hurt, harm and danger to you or anyone that gets in his or her way!

Please don’t ignore … that the snakes might not be under a rock but right in your household!

 REMEMBER THIS… Nero, fiddled while Rome burned!