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The Michael Brown situation is having some “serious” ramification but at the expense of will be so many. Many I believe could have cease and desist matters quite differently but it is ..what it is. To destroy the town of Ferguson, Missouri is simply sheer ignorance…Violence is being met with violence!  

The foolish barbaric behavior of some is only setting this country up for more unneeded expenses and the people will be put to blame. Some way some how the tax payer are going to pay greatly… just wait and see. And when you are dealing with  people who live with no hope or purpose violence and destruction seems to be their only option.  Ignorant people like this  will tear up a town for any reason that they “believe” is their due or their time for payback!

I can understand the outrage but “really”… why are people coming down to Ferguson  is what I ask? Unless you advocating “peace for change”… your visits and speeches are fruitless!

On all seriousness… I  don’t  need all the  exhibitionist talking heads in America…vying for the camera and more opportunities  to seem important all the while their agenda  is not that far behind!  Violence is exploited enough! Some people in this country blow my mind… when they use tragedy for public gain. Why some people listen to some of “Crisco Slick” opportunist amazes me!

Do you realize that many of our urban cities are in a state of emergencies?  It’s always been “big “. To me to see any human being lying in the streets while his or her blood flows through  the gutter is more than newsworthy. No matter who you are ,especially when there were questionably murders or abuse of power of any kind! I guess it’s even larger because the whole world is watching how Americans can’t keep a lid on their own homegrown terrorists!

When this is all over… how much of the outrage will be risen then?  When Chicago children have been gun down like they are prey  for the urban terrorist”

What is so difficult for me is when I see through some the agenda of some of the media heads.  Ferguson isn’t new on the map because of abuse of authority… this has been happening for years all across this country!

It angers me when idiots take advantage of such a horrific situation to express themselves and slide in their “Messiah” attitude and then do nothing!

If our people  are already at economical disadvantages tearing the city apart is creating more troubles for struggling residence in the future.  For those who feels so strongly on your “Black Power”…I want to see your black power next time a child is gun down in the streets of Chicago.  What I have come to realize about the hypocrites of Chicago…they show up only when it is deemed necessary….

How many people have been murdered by members of the same racer or the police?  Is it taken to the streets … Yes and No…I think what hurts and disturbs me deeply is that…We can’t seem to get this thing right!  

How  some cater to certain things only when it’s convenient for them. How many still are the morgue due to injustices? If some of “top dogs” in media heard… they would do nothing!  I think I have seen enough among my people to see the all the dirty marbles in the jar!  As much as people get angry about the media… Don’t you find it strange they always seem to be choking on the lenses of the camera… getting the better side of their homemade selfie for the future and popularity?

Honestly, the masses wont take us seriously until “pain” thrust us forward and then you wouldn’t want  a camera in your face because it will hurt too bad! So just imagine when you lose your love one and everyone wants a piece of the story for their selfish agendas and destroying property! Schools are delayed opening due to the threat of violence. Many things are affected because of the seriousness of the situation.  You would think the National Guard would be the first clue!

My point is…

I’m careful not to create this “anarchy” based on the alleged abuse of power within the police departments all across the county. When we do get some decent men and women of blue…they are brutalize with ignorance rantings with the haters.

That is why we need some honest, vibrant generals of the law on the front lines. If I can get at least half of the support when it comes to standing up for “social justice” before these horrible things occur we can see many victories within our “jacked-up  justice system!

There are some dirty, lazy and greedy politicians who sit in their comfortable , paying non working positions and do nothing until it hits home!  Needless to say… I already have a major list of males who were gunned down in my family… and maybe a few had questionable history but not all!  Another statistic to some but nonetheless they were my family members!

I hope America is paying attention … this is what ignoring problems do for you. Whether you are in love with any race of people.

                                                “JUSTICE  NOT ONLY  HAS CATARACT PROBLEMS, SHE                                                        NEEDS SOME SERIOUS CORRECTIVE EYE SURGERY”

Rest assured that most of the people who are violent protesters might not be registered voters, And if they are I pray, that their fight for injustice don’t start and stop every time a man of color is lying in the  middle of the streets for all the world to see! And use their heads for more than a hat rack!

If this is a black-eye to some… So be it!  We can put an end to violence if we can’t stop having eye trouble ourselves!Ron Johnson