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How many times have I been asked this?

Personally, as far as Christians doing all this dating… it really confuses what you stand for in the first place. When you are being bombarded about why you are single in the first place, makes people uncomfortable with their own identity especially sexuality.

I whole heartedly believe in being celibate until marriage…. If people understood the blood covenant that takes place when a man and man consummate a marriage. A blood covenant is then made. Unfortunately,  many super deep Christians make the dating thing spooky and it doesn’t have to be and fail to explain love and marriage with simplicity. 

Many people are worried about what others think…Your first problem is to get delivered from what others think. When Christians set themselves up for dating you open yourselves up for more unhealthy soul ties to be created which might complicate things further.

When people are mature enough…If you are getting to know each other… I don’t see why a coffee-house would hurt anyone, yet, meeting in dark secluded corner wont build your case but it might lead to precarious situations.

However, getting to know someone you don’t need a crowd, you need quiet time and space. Grown folks should know how to conduct themselves because I have learned that people are going to do what they want anyway! More mature adults know that  dinner might be pleasurable, concerts  and things of that nature wont hurt!  

Although many might disagree and that’s okay… Because all situations are not the same and we have to be careful always assessing everything as evil or sin. Adults really know what’s too much… and don’t need the bible to warn that sitting in your bedroom discussing how to get to know each… isn’t a right choice!

If you continue this cycle of continual dating I honestly believe when the real one really comes you will be too jacked up from previous let down, hurt and or disappointments. So exercise some common sense On-line or in public. 

“When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing and obtain FAVOR FROM THE LORD”…(Proverbs 18:22) Christian women quote this but let’s keep it real… THEY DON’T BUY IT!  If God did a survey and post what people really think when it comes to love and marriage. I think many would faint because everyone that goes to church doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in relationship with God  or try this… They don’t believe in the word of God!  Too many “singles” wilding out… on looking for a man and wont give a man to find them. Some women  have no idea about how sometimes just waiting for the right man for her not the the perfect man… but the right man for her would save her a lot of heartache. Many times when you are alone you make foolish choices out of emotions.  Trust me what God puts together nothing wont separate it… It doesn’t excuse that you must still work the faith… by putting in some action. Relationships needs action…too many are waiting on God to fix things in their personal lives when you are in charge of your “own deliverance”…  Stop deceiving yourselves … laziness is also a marriage killer!

Dating for singles can get a little sticky…  and we are suppose have another standard for living and marriage but lately it doesn’t seem that way!  I believe when you really meet the right person… it doesn’t take all that  frills and thrills … Just be yourself.  I am not  totally against dating it depends on the individual! Some people need not to marry ever! And I strongly believe in dating only with the intent of marriage is pending!

Too many  marry too quickly someone they are not equally yoked with… and all because you are both Christians doesn’t necessarily mean you are equally yoked!  Christians need to practice what they preach.  I believe you first need to know where you are before bringing someone into your world… that needs to become one. Most marriages end quickly today for one reason… selfishness!  Bringing two lives together to be one… you got to work together to stand the test of time… 

People go nuts feeling they will be in this lifetime  category of being single. A lot of people believe in spreading their love around and few other things. Yet, there should be a standard for Christians.  

Too many women are desperate… and wont allow God to bring the man to them. Women choosing men is something we weren’t allowed to Christians or not in my day of growing up! As a woman we are to conduct ourselves in a manner in which God approves in our “waiting season”…. Lord, today we need “divine intervention”… Some women would marry anything and will pay for it greatly coming the long run… There is a pattern God sets in place for marriage. Today women would run a man down and somebody else’s  man down as well just to say they are with someone.

The lack of self-respect  and discipline is off the meter! Now, as far as Christian dating websites… Honestly we really need to be careful about who we are entertaining on the web. Chat rooms are dangers zone… especially for the “Hot Natured”… (hint)  

There is a way we should conduct ourselves in the dating arena period. Strange people are everywhere and this Internet business is no joke! Women have been raped and murdered meeting people on the Internet. 

Christian websites or not… There are some dangerous people who will juggle your heart and your pocketbook…Remember… “wolves “place themselves anywhere they think they might find prey!  And please don’t think you can’t publicly find idiots in church as well. Many men and women play games in church.  I do not advocate taking your guards down all because you are in church… that is where you better really stay on alert! People are often wounded  the most believing the church is safe… NOT !!!!

I don’t limit God to where you might find that special someone even i! Position yourselves first to be ladies and gentleman and not to be confused with Players of L.A… or anything from Atlanta. Christians have gotten a bad reputation and understandably why… Conduct yourselves first… with some Godly respect… I believe that when two people are destined to be together  by God… love finds the way!