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People are amazed and always expect their “magic” tricks when it comes to the supernatural. The move of God is certain and it’s real. It’s not up to me “convert” anyone but to give testimony to it…and release the blood from my hands!

Yes, there are other people like myself… that are on the front lines, in the trenches, and help more people than they care to broadcast.

False Prophets are in the land no doubt about it!  Yet, we must be responsible for what others try to digest inside us .  Educating yourselves by first being armed with the word of God… Sitting in church doesn’t automatically make you a poster child for God… We wont receive the Judaic star all because you are working in the vineyards.  We are living in time when you must be aware of who labor with you! I am not impressed with works neither is God…if we want the truth to told… People do things all time for the love of money, just for show… and to get brownie points with the masses… Times are going to get more difficult and no one wants someone playing Russian Roulette with their souls!

If God shares something with me through vision, dreams or speaks to me like a natural man… or whatever conduits he sees fit then I share.

Years ago, I shared about the sink holes… I shared about when I saw Martial Law being implemented. Coincidentally… I think not! The gift of foresight, is a gift but sometimes feels like a curse. When you become seasoned in your delivery of what to say to people… People like myself are not on display because the consequences can be complicated and dangerous!  We are supernatural people but if what we were born to do are not tapped into…  you spend  your like not knowing what the will of God is for your life… The five fold ministry need each other…Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher… Count your fingers… then ball them up… that makes a FIST… The disease of ignorance continue to spread among God’s people…

Unfortunately so many things block the supernatural vision and insight! It’s amazing we love magic… but can’t believe God moves in the supernatural! And the enemy knows that this works against you!  

Many are afraid of God and people like myself who was born with this gift of foresight, inner vision, or one might say… A SIX SENSE…That was instilled in my family for many centuries and generations! When storms are sitting on the ocean… one must be careful not to believe that the storm can’t come to your door… Satan loves ignorance… he loves when you disregard the Creator!  He then places himself in people , places and things!

The threat to this country is not one to be taken lightly… We wont fear but we must be armed! I challenge people to give their lives to Christ… it can make the difference!  You are never too far that God can’t reach you, no matter who you are and what you have done…

People never share that salvation is made public but it can be personal… Find time to pray,.. with children or even read a scripture card or place something on the refrigerator! We make God so complicated…  People make “Jesus” either too fluffy or too stuffy! God loves you no matter what… he isn’t impressed with your sin…