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For the last few days nothing “disturbed” me more during my time in prayer was all the unrest in the land before, during and after the Michael Brown  tragedy… The potential threat of more race riots. and what seem to overwhelm me even more was the beheading of Jim Foley…And now… A  9-year-old child being shot multiple times in his chest here in  Chicago!

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My heart is aching in another way because  people can’t seem to grasp that this is truly falling apart.  There is no place off-limits if evil is turned loose. Some to believe that it’s going to get better on its own but it’s not! The children hasn’t started school and what parent wants their children really going to school with the consistent violence “everywhere”?  

chi-antonio-smith-20140821On yesterday Antonio Smith, a 9-year-old in the Grand Crossing neighborhood in Chicago was murdered! I have to ask what kind of comfort that you can give someone who has lost a loved one to violence no matter who they are even if they are across the globe… Chicago continues to keep the “tally” marks of the dead… But what will be the “solutions” for those who remain. Death is painful do doubt it… sickness, tragedy, or gun violence…

Maybe the “death angel”  hasn’t hit your door in this manner…  What can be devastating to those who has experienced this kind of pain…when people lives are being taken senselessly by another who could care less…through gun violence. I can’t deal with this kind of nonsense…and I refused to be held mentally hostage by cowards with guns! Something has gone terribly awry with our society as well as justice system!  I am grieved because yet again, parents have bury their children… young or old….


I HAVE TO ASK…… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT AS A UNIFIED EFFORT? We have some two legged demons that could care less about the value of human life including their own. I can no longer be “outraged” that might have happened the last few hundreds that we buried in Chicago…

At this very moment… I AM DOWNRIGHT FURIOUS!