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Here are my book selections …

Someone else’s life testimony will set many of the captives free! Sometimes we have this mindset that these people who everyone “worship” don’t battle with generational demons and or curses!  

There are some who have the courage to tell just how “janky and jacked up” family life really was.  On a real note… these are the people I take a double interest in.  The candidness to share that imperfect life.  As much as many “adore” status… I know that  It comes with a price!  

I think that many people want to live vicariously through others “especially” celebrities… I haven’t quite figure that one out… There bodily functions all work the same way and yet they are still human beings.  People worship status… without knowing what the real price  is and to what extent!  

I find myself attracted to people who can “reach” deeper places so that the healing process can begin. Fake folks can’t heal anyone… it’s superficial.  They can only handle what they see and only the surface.  Many like that are too embarrassed to share because they want you to “believe” their home life was superior!  I have learned just from being in ministry of Deliverance, that many can’t get healed because many continue to lie to themselves!  Healing starts with a level of maturity and confrontation about what is and what can be a possibility of what is ruling and reigning in your life or your “closet”,

 I am speaking about when someone can tell you…it’s not all what you think it is. In today’s society, many “might” believe that the code of silence started in the streets but it was in many dysfunctional homes!

If you came from perfection these books are not for you and  God Bless You!

There are many of us, who are unequivocally have a story to tell, life was downright difficult!

Thank God for the selective few that have enough  courage to let you know about the “monsters” that were under their bed and in their homes!  

Lets share the read!

ROSIE PEREZ… HANDBOOK FOR UNPREDICTABLE LIFE…Tells the test and trials of reaching success, child of an extramarital affair, and the challenges of living with her mentally ill mother.handbook-3d1

YAMMA BROWN…COLD SWEAT AND MY FATHER JAMES BROWN AND ME…  Shares her  life and relationship with her father, and childhood abuse…