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I have heard all the wonderful things about the discipline of the Jackie Robinson West Little League Team… I have been a baseball fan all of my life. What brought me to tears that my “Grandfather” who was a serious baseball fanatic isn’t alive to see this history…He also  introduced his sons to “Little League Baseball this wasn’t foreign to me. I think what helped me was to see children be children again!!! Please let this be one of the focal points for change within our community.

I volunteered in these programs over the years and I thank God I lived to see it for my “Granddad”… If you saw so many post about these children it’s because this is dear to my heart.  We talked about solving the violence… Did you not see the remnant of what is to come…  LET US PRAY!  

God, I thank you, I lift you up …and I magnify your name… I ask God that you dispatch your angels north, south, east and west! God keep them and let them grow up and mature to mighty men of God!

I thank God for the people who have influenced these gifted and bright young men. Right now,,, I would like to cover these children, parents,coaches , and founder and all mentors in their lives with a prayer of protection, prosperity in every area of their lives… We ask in the name of Jesus…that you keep them God, that them well respect, well educated, and let them keep you first in their lives. 

I ask that the blood of Jesus cover these young men and all of our children who participate in any positive programs across this city… and nation! I bind every demonic entity that comes against them…

Angels of the Lord, keep them from all hurt, harm or dangers! Let them continue to connect only those people who are connected to their destiny! give them divine favor, guidance, Godly direction and wisdom…  We ask them in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit …Amen…