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Of course, it has happened again… Where are the lights, cameras … action? Please… another drive-by shooting in Chicago last evening!

Going to prison is the “ignorant’ sign of status in the hood! I appreciate everyone who has contributed to saving communities, … I am only speaking in terms of “sincerity”… Being in the public is the new fancy for the ambulance  chasers and blood thirsty fools that love the camera.

Oh yeah, some   are make a living out of the violence and use this as a way of advancing  for being in the know “especially” in Chicago… It’s not that hard to believe that some fake it… private agendas for being posted up.

Did  I also share that many of them wont show up unless they have “audience participation”?  Many people are shot, maimed or murdered why some get the “attention” and others do not … All life is precious and a gift from God. I can’t understand it. When you lose your loved one or someone is in dire straits because of the urban terrorists… you want answers and you want someone to brought to justice. Where is the justice when many are killed and there  is no coverage?    I am not a novice on pulling out all of the stops when it comes to injustices! No more than  bringing awareness… It’s time for solutions, solutions, solutions!  

I do understand the purpose of claiming territory and standing victoriously even when there seems to be no way or alternative solutions!  How can we continue to “ignore” that people know what’s in their homes with illegal activity and guns?  People get angry when people can’t understand whats the problem… But I do understand when people ask… what’s going on in the black and brown community. We must address and hit all fronts. People are not snitching on their family members and yet, they want to make every responsible for their private screw ups…  I came from that foolish generation of covering up the truth because you don’t want folks to know just how bad it really is.  

And I must go here! I have to ask…what’s going on in this particular generation that hasn’t happen prior? We must take responsibility for what we  have in our homes, neighborhood, work place and even our places of worship.  We have to tell people stand up and stop the violence first where you are!   We want to address every injustice in America except the real injustices that starts within our communities and our homes!  The big pay back can happen to anyone being at the wrong place at the wrong time! Some “fool” wants revenge… and you can be coming out of the grocery store, the bank anyplace when some idiot decides he will get the juice and gun down just because it’s Tuesday… God helps us! They don’t need a reason to gun down our people!

There is one easy solution that can be addressed immediately… govern our homes correctly and this wouldn’t bleed into something even more fierce. Some people still dismiss “gun violence” as if it will never come across your door.  No one is exempt from this madness affecting your lives! Should no one have to beg  you to put your “illegal” guns down! 

When we stop coddling and making excuses for the foolishness that go on during our watches!  Yes, guns are coming in… but do you have to pull the trigger! Do you have to fire within crowds? What’s the point in gunning down your own people?

People you must realize some of these “monsters” are just wired wrong and programmed to kill! If  you can understand what is digested in our communities then this shouldn’t  be a hard pill to swallow! I do understand the purpose of marching in the streets but however, I understand the point in confronted deeper issues within our homes and among the people. Sadly, more Police won’t bring protection  or rectify what is missing in the homes today… like you want to believe…Band -aiding the problem will not solidify definite solutions that are much needed! Ignoring the “war cry” will not resolve the “ignorance either!  

Do not allow satan to play bounty with our people… by “allowing” gun violence to become the norm in our country, cities or communities!  Stop “allowing” our lives to be the gun range for the inexperienced, illegal gun- totters!